of instructions again and again,          orthopaedics (N.) : medical              by saying/writing bad/false
     each time applying it to the re-          study of disorders/deformities of        things about him
     sult of the previous stage                the spine and joints                     orchestration (N.) : the act of
     itinerant (Adj.) : travelling from        endocrinology (N.) : medical             organizing a complicated plan/
     place to place, especially to find        study of endocrine system and            event very carefully/secretly
     work                                      hormones                                 aberration (N.) : a fact, an action
     isolate (V.) : to separate some-          gynaecology (N.) : medical study         or a way of behaving that is not
     body/something physically/so-             of diseases in women, especially         usual , and it may be
     cially from other people/things           of the reproductive organs               unacceptable
623. (2) a mercenary                      628. (4) red-tapism                           mi srepresentation (N.) : a
     a mercenary (N.) : a soldier who          red-tapism (N.) : the practice of        misleading falsehood
     will fight for any country/group          requiring excessive paper work      633. (2) fable
     that offers payment                       and tedious procedures before            fable (N.) : a traditional short
     a samaritan (N.) : a person who           official action can be considered/       story that teaches a moral lesson,
     gives help and sympathy to peo-           completed                                especially one with animals as
     ple who need it                           nepotism (N.) : giving unfair            characters
     a stoic (N.) : a person who is            advantages to your own family if         legend (N.) : a story from ancient
     able to suffer pain/trouble with-         you are in a position of power,          times about people and events,
     out complaining/showing what              especially by giving them jobs           that may/may not be true
     they are feeling                          diplomacy (N.) : skill in dealing        parable (N.) : a short story that
     an altruist (N.) : someone who            with people in difficult situations      teaches a spi ritual lesson,
     makes charitable donations in-            without upsetting/offending              especially one of those told by
     tended to increase human well-            them ; tact                              Jesus as recorded in the Bible
     being                                     bureaucracy (N.) : a system of           allegory (N.) : a story, play,
624. (2) momentous                             government in which there are a          pi cture, etc. in which each
     momentous (Adj.) : very impor-            large number of state officials          character/event is a symbol
     tant/serious, especially because          who are not elected                      representing an idea/a quality,
     there may be important results       629. (3) intruder                             such as truth, evil, death, etc.
     maiden (Adj.) : first
                                               intruder (N.) : a person who        634. (1) atheist
     monumental (Adj.) : historic ;            enters a building /an area
     major                                                                              atheist (N.) : someone who does
                                               illegally/where he is not wanted         not believe in the existence of God
     momentary (Adj.) : lasting for a
                                               vandal (N.) : a person who               theist (N.) : one who believes in
     very short time ; brief
                                               deliberately destroys/damages            the existence of God/gods
625. (3) perpetual
                                               public property                          mystic (N.) : someo ne who
     perpetual (Adj.) : continuous ;
                                               burglar (N.) : a thief/robber who        believes in the existence of
     continuing for a long period of
                                               enters a building with the inten-        realities     beyond       human
     time without interruption
                                               tion to steal                            comprehension (understanding)
     continuum (N.) : a series of sim-
                                          630. (4) inedible                             cynic (N.) : someone who is
     ilar items in which each is almost
     the same as the ones next to it           inedible (Adj.) : not suitable for       critical of the motives of others
     but the last is very different from       eating                              635. (4) exonerate
     the first                                 spicy (Adj.) : (of food) having a        exonerate (V.) : pronounce not
     recurring (V.) : to happen again          strong taste because spices have         guilty of criminal charges
     and again                                 been used for flavouring it              cosolidate (V.) : unite into one
     frequenting (Adj.) : happening/           edible (Adj.) : fit/suitable to be       fling (V.) : throw with force/
     doing something often                     eaten                                    recklessness
626. (2) a ranconteur                     631. (1) kleptomania                          forbid (V.) : prohibit ; to order
     a raconteur (N.) : a person who           kleptomania (N.) : a mental              somebody not to do something
     is good at telling stories in an          illness in which somebody has a     636. (2) indelible
     interesting and amusing way               strong desire, which he cannot           indelible (Adj.) : that cannot be
     a compositor (N.) : a person who          control, to steal things                 removed/erased
     arranges text on a page before            pneumonia (N.) : a serious               effaced (V.) : remove completely
     printing                                  illness affecting one/both lungs         from recognition/memory ;
     a vocalist (N.) : a singer, espe-         that makes breathing difficult           remove by or as if by rubbing /
     cially in a pop, rock/jazz band           insomnia (N.) : inability to sleep       erasing
     a narrator (N.) : a person who            Nymphomania (N.) : the                   illegible (Adj.) : that cannot be
     tells a story, especially in a book,      behaviour of a woman who has             read
     play/film                                 or wants to have sex very often          invincible (Adj.) : incapable of
627. (2) dermatology                      632. (1) defamation                           being overcome
     dermatalogy (N.) : medical study          defamation (N.) : the act of             affable (Adj.) : pleasant, friendly
     of skin and its diseases                  damaging somebody’s reputation           and easy to talk to