ception of something not present     610. (2) mediate                              indifferent (Adj.) : having/show-
     somniloquism (N.) : talking in       611. (1) moor                                 ing no interest
     sleep                                     moor (V.) : to attach a boat, ship,      indisposed (Adj.) : unwell
604. (4) modus operandi                        etc. to a fixed object/to the land       indigent (Adj.) : very poor
     modus operandi (N.) : a partic-           with a rope/anchor it               617. (1) somnambulism
     ular way/ method of doing some-           moot (V.) : propose ; put for-           somnambulism (N.) : the act of
     thing                                     ward                                     walking around while you are
     methodology (N.) : a system of            morose (Adj.) : unhappy, bad-            asleep
     methods used in a particular              tempered and not talking very            insomnia (N.) : the condition of
     area of study/ activity                   much                                     being unable to sleep
     knack (N.) : an acquired/ natu-           moose (N.) : a large deer (N.            somnolence (N.) : the state of
     ral skill at doing something              America)                                 being almost asleep
     fruiterer (N.) : a                   612. (2) acquit                               sleepy head (N.) : a way of ad-
605. (1) sonnet                                acquit (V.) : to decide and state        dressing somebody who is not
     sonnet (N.) : a poem that has             officially in court that somebody        completely awake
     14 lines, each containing 10 syl-         is not guilty of a crime            618. (1) rendition
     lables, and a fixed pattern of            acquaint (V.) : to make some-            rendition (N.) : the performance
     rhyme                                     body/yourself familiar with/             of something (a song, a piece of
     lyric (Adj.) : expressing a per-          aware of something                       music) ; inter pretation
     son’s feelings and thoughts (po-          acquiesce (V.) : to accept some-         reparation (N.) : the act of giv-
     etry)                                     thing without arguing                    ing something to somebody/do-
     ballad (N.) : a song/poem that       613. (4) misanthrope                          ing something for them in order
     tells a story                             misanthrope (N.) : a person who          to show that you are sorry for
      ode (N.) : a poem that speaks            hates and avoids other people            suffering that you have caused
     to a person/thing/celebrates a            philanthropist (N.) : a rich per-   619. (4) inevitable
     special event                             son who helps the poor and               inevitable (Adj.) : that you can-
606. (2) flora                                 those in need (money)                    not avoid/prevent
     flora (N.) : the plants of a par-         misogynist (N.) : a man who              infallible (Adj.) : never making
     ticular area, type of environment         hates women                              mistakes
     or period of time                         humanitarian (N.) : a person             inestimable (Adj.) : too great to
     fauna (N.) : the animals living in        who is concerned with reducing           calculate
     an area or in a particular period         suffering and improving the con-         indifferent (Adj.) : having/show-
     of history                                ditions that people live in              ing no interest in somebody/
     landscape (N.) : everything you      614. (3) constrained                          something
     can see when you look across a            constrained (Adj.) : not natural;   620. (1) emigrant
     large area of land                        forced/too controlled                    emigrant (N.) : a person who
     environment (N.) : the condi-             constipated (Adj.) : unable to get       leaves their country to live in
     tions that affect the behaviour           rid of waste material from the           another
     and development of somebody/              bowels easily                            refugee (N.) : a person who has
     something                                 construed (Adj.) : to understand         been forced to leave their coun-
607. (4) perseverance                          the meaning of a word, a sen-            try/home, because there is a
     perseverance (N.) : the quality           tence or an action in a particular       war/for political, religious/social
     of continuing to try to achieve a         way                                      reasons
     particular aim despite difficulties  615. (2) flip side                            immigrant (N.) : a person who
     attempt (N.) : an act of trying to        flip side (N.) : different and less      has come to live permanently in
     do something                              welcome aspects of an idea, ar-          a country that is not their own
608. (4) absurd                                gument/action                            expatriate (N.) : living in a coun-
     absurd (Adj.) : completely ridic-         flippant (Adj.) : showing that you       try that is not your own
     ulous                                     do not take something as seri-      621. (1) strict
     abject (Adj.) : terrible and with-        ously as other people think you          crude (Adj.) : simple and not
     out hope                                  should                                   very accurate but giving a gen-
     adept (N.) : a person who is good         flip-flop (N.) : a type of footwear      eral idea of something
     at doing something that is quite          flintlock (N.) : a gun used in the       prim (Adj.) : formal and neat
     difficult                                 past                                622. (2) itinerary
     arid (Adj.) : having little/no rain; 616. (3) indignant                            itinerary (N.) : a plan of a jour-
     very dry                                  indignant (Adj.) : feeling/show-         ney, including the route and the
609. (1) scintillating                         ing anger and surprise because           places that you visit
     scintillating (Adj.) : very clev-         you think that you have been             iterate (V.) : to repeat a mathe-
     er, amusing and interesting               treated unfairly                         matical/computing process/set