sexual relationships with many            agnostic (N.) : a person who             epic (N.) : a long narrative poem
     different women                           doubts truth of religion                 telling of a hero’s deeds
     philanthropist (N.) : a rich per-         sceptic (N.) : someone who ha-           sonnet (N.) : a verse form con-
     son who helps the poor and                bitually doubts accepted beliefs         sisting of 14 lines with a fixed
     those in need, especially by giv-         misogynist (N.) : someone who            rhyme scheme
     ing money                                 dislikes women                      599. (2) mosaic
     Don Juan Casanova (N.) : a man      591. (2) virtuoso                              mosaic (N.) : art consisting of a
     who loves and has sex with many           virtuoso (N.) : someone who is           design made of small pieces of
     women                                     dazzlingly skilled in any field; a       coloured stone/ glass
     philatelist (N.) : a person who           musician who is a master of              tracery (N.) : decoration consist-
     collects/ studies stamps                  technique and artistry                   ing of an open pattern of inter-
585. (1) chauffeur                             artiste (N.) : a public performer        lacing ribs
586. (2) nostalgia                             (dancer/ singer)                         relief (N.) : sculpture consisting
     nostalgia (N.) : a feeling of sad-        diva (N.) : a distinguished female       of shapes carved on a surface
     ness mixed with pleasure and              operatic singer                          so as to stand out from the sur-
     affection when you think of hap-    592. (4) parboil                               rounding background
     py times in the past                      parboil : cook briefly (vegeta-          oleograph (N.) : a print textured
     reminiscence (N.) : a spoken/             bles)                                    to resemble an oil painting
     written description of something          saute (V.) : fry briefly over high  600. (3) claustrophobia
     that somebody remembers about             heat                                     claustrophobia (N.) : fear of
     their past life                     593. (1) avant - garde                         being closed in a confined space
     wistfulness (N.) : sad thought            avant-garde (N.) : artists/ writ-        xenophobia (N.) : fear of strang-
     about something that you would            ers whose ideas are ahead of             ers/ foreigners
     like to have, especially something        their time                               acrophobia (N.) : fear of great
     in the past that you can no long-         iconoclast (N.) : someone who            heights
     er have                                   tries to destroy traditional ideas/      pyrophobia (N.) : fear of fire
587. (2) laxative                              institutions
                                                                                   601. (1) mythophobia
     antacid (N.) : a medicine that            nerd (N.) : a student who stud-
     prevents/ corrects acidity (in the                                                 mythophobia (N.) : fear of
                                               ies excessively
     stomach)                                                                           myths, stories/ making false
                                         594. (1) benefactor
     laxative (N.) : a medicine, food/         benefactor (N.) : a person who
     drink that makes somebody emp-                                                     legendary (Adj.) : remarkable
                                               helps people/ institutions
     ty their bowels easily                                                             enough to be famous ; very well-
                                               beneficiary (N.) : the recipient
588. (1) pantheism                             of funds/ other benefits
                                                                                        lyophobia (N.) : (in chemistry)
     pantheism (N.) : belief in many/          tycoon (N.) : a very wealthy/
                                                                                        having little attraction between
     all Gods                                  powerful businessman
                                                                                        particles and the medium of dis-
     monotheism (N.) : belief in only    595. (3) apartheid
     one God                                   apartheid (N.) : the former offi-
                                                                                        (4) oratory (N.) : skill in public
     polytheism (N.) : belief that             cial policy of racial segregation
     there is more than one God                (in South Africa)
                                               charvinism (N.) : fanatical pa-     602. (2) chauffeur
     atheism (N.) : the belief that God
     does not exist                            triotism                                 chauffeur (N.) : a person em-
                                               theism (N.) : the belief that God        ployed to drive a private/ hired
589. (2) inflorescence
                                               exists                                   car
     inflorescence (N.) : the flower-
                                               partisan (N.) : an ardent and            claustrophobia (N.) : fear of
     ing part of a plant/ arrangement
                                               enthusiastic supporter of some           being closed in a confined space
     of flowers on a stalk
                                               person/ activity                         cabby (N.) : a taxi driver
     bouquet (N.) : a bunch of flow-
     ers arranged in an attractive way   596. (1) eternal                               cavalier (N.) : a courtly gentle
     so that it can be carried in a cer-       eternal (Adj.) : continuing for-         man, especially one acting as a
     emony/presented as a gift                 ever; everlasting                        lady’s escort
     wreath (N.) : an arrangement of           mortal (Adj.) : subject to death         wagoner (N.) : one who drives a
     flowers and leaves (in a circle)          infallible (Adj.) : incapable of         wagon
     placed on graves, worn on head/           failure/error                       603. (3) somnambulism
     hung on doors as christmas dec-     597. (1) itinerary                             somnambulism (N.) : walking in
     oration.                            598. (3) ballad                                sleep
     incandescence (N.) : being very           ballad (N.) : a narrative poem of        obsession (N.) : an idea/ thought
     bright                                    popular origin                           that continually preoccupies/
590. (2) cynic                                 ballet (N.) : a theatrical repre-        intrudes on a person’s mind
     cynic (N.) : someone who is crit-         sentation of a story performed           hallucination (N.) : an experi-
     ical of the motives of others             to music by ballet dancers               ence involving the apparent per-