564. (3) extravagant                          morphology (N.) : the form and          untiring (Adj.) : continuing to do
     extravagant (Adj.) : spending a          structure of animals and plants,        something for a long period of
     lot of more money/using a lot            studied as a science (biology) ;        time with a lot of efforts and/or
     more of something that you can           the forms of words, studied as a        enthusiasm ; tireless
     afford or than is necessary              branch of linguistics.             576. (4) widow
     luxuriant (Adj.) : growing thickly  570. (2) plutocracy                     577. (3) vegetarian
     and strongly in a way that is at-        plutocracy (N.) : government of    578. (4) polygamist
     tractive ; rich in something that        a country by the richest people         polygamist (N.) : a person hav-
     is pleasant/beautiful                    of the country                          ing more than one wife at the
     stingy (Adj.) : not generous,            plutocracy (N.) : government of         same time
     especially with money                    a country by the richest people         celibate (N.) : a person who has
     luxurious (Adj.) : very comfort-         of the country                          chosen not to marry
     able ; containing expensive and          theocracy (N.) : government of
                                                                                      bigamist (N.) : a person who
     enjoyable things                         a country by religious leaders
                                                                                      commits the crime of marrying
565. (4) is worth eating                      bureaucracy (N.) : a system of a        somebody when you are still le-
566. (1) manifesto                            government in which there are a         gally married to some body else
     manifesto (N.) : a written state-        large number of state officials
                                                                                      misogamist (N.) : a man who
     ment in which a group of peo-            who are not elected
                                                                                      hates marriage
     ple, especially a political party,       aristocracy (N.) : people born in
                                              the highest social class, who have 579. (3) A florist
     explains their beliefs and says,
                                              special titles ; nobility               florist (N.) : a person who deals
     what they will do if they win an
                                         571. (3) congregation                        in flowers
                                              congregation (N.) : a group of          drover (N.) : a person who moves
     affidavit (N.) : a written state-
                                              people who are gathered togeth-         groups of cows/ sheep from one
     ment that you swear is true, and                                                 place to another, especially to
     that can be used as evidence in          er in a church to worship God
                                              rabble (N.) : a large group of          market
                                              noisy people who are/may be-            brazier (N.) : a large metal con-
     dossier (N.) : a collection of doc-
                                              come violent ; mob                      tainer that holds a fire and is
     uments that contain information
                                         572. (2) philatelist                         used to keep people warm when
     about a person, an event or a
                                              philatelist (N.) : a person who         they are outside
     subject ; file
                                              collects/studies stamps                 fruiterer (N.) : a person who
567. (3) meticulous
                                              pioneer (N.) : a person who is          owns/ manages a shop/store
     meticulous (Adj.) : paying care-
                                              the first to study and develop a        selling fruit
     ful attention to every detail
                                              particular area of knowledge,      580. (3) caravan
     fastidious (Adj.) : meticulous;
                                              culture, etc. that other people         caravan (N.) : a covered vehicle,
     being careful that every detail of
                                              then continue to develop                used for living by gypsies
     something is correct
                                              pianist (N.) : a person who plays       wigwam (N.) : a type of tent used
     tempestuous (Adj.) : full of ex-
                                              the piano                               by Native Americans (in the past)
     treme emotions
                                              philanthropist (N.) : a rich per-       chalet (N.) : a wooden house with
     carefree (Adj.) : having no wor-
                                              son who helps the poor and              a sloping roof, usually built in
                                              those in need, especially by giv-       mountain areas, in Switzerland
568. (1) heed                                 ing money
     heed (V.) : notice ; to pay care-                                                igloo (N.) : a small round house/
                                         573. (2) that which cannot be reached        shelter built from blocks of hard
     ful attention to somebody’s ad-          inaccessible (Adj.) : difficult/
     vice/warning                                                                     snow by the Inuit people of
                                              impossible to reach/ to get             northern N. America
     glance at (Phr. V.) : to look
                                         574. (3) culpable                       581. (1) emigrant
     through reading matter casually
                                              culpable (Adj.) : responsible and  582. (3) accomplice
     overlook (V.) : to fail to see/no-
                                              deserving blame for having done
     tice something ; miss                                                       583. (3) occidental
                                              something wrong
569. (3) pediatrics                           daring (Adj.) : brave                   occidental (Adj.) : connected
     pediatrics (N.) : (North Ameri-                                                  with western part of the world
                                              suspicious (Adj.) : feeling that
     can English)                                                                     (Europe and America)
                                              somebody has done something
     paediatrics (British English): the       wrong; illegal/dishonest, without       oriental (Adj.) : connected with
     branch of medicine concerned             having any proof                        eastern part of the world (China
     with children and their diseases                                                 and Japan)
                                              ruthless (Adj.) : hard and cruel
     cardiology (N.) : the study and     575. (1) indefatigable                       hellenistic (Adj.) : connected
     treatment of heart diseases              indefatigable (Adj.) : never giv-       with ancient/modern Greece
     osteopathy (N.) : the treatment          ing up/getting tired of doing           platonic (Adj.) : friendly but not
     of some diseases and physical            something                               involving sex
     problems by pressing and mov-            invincible (Adj.) : too strong to  584. (3) philanderer
     ing the bones and muscles                be defeated/changed                     philanderer (N.) : a man who has