recalled (V.) : to remember              those in a particular text, explain- 559. (3) potable
     something ; recollect the ability        ing their meanings                        potable (Adj.) : safe to drink
549. (2) apathy                               catalogue (N.) : a complete list          (water)
     apathy (N.) : the feeling of not         of items, for example, of things          edible (Adj.) : fit/suitable to be
     being interested in or enthusi-          that people can look at/buy               eaten
     astic about something, or things    554.(2) cellar                                 palatable (Adj.) : having a pleas-
     in general                               cellar (N.) : an underground room         ant/acceptable taste (food/drink)
     empathy (N.) : the ability to un-        often used for storing things             culpable (Adj.) : responsible and
     derstand another person’s feel-          (wine, salt, etc.)                        deserving blame for having done
     ings, experience, etc.                   attic (N.) : a room/space just            something wrong
     sympathy (N.) : the feeling of           below the roof of a house, often     560. (4) mediocre
     being sorry for somebody ; show-         used for storing things                   mediocre (Adj.) : not very good;
     ing that you understand and care    555. (3) exonerate                             of only average standard
     about somebody’s problems                exonerate (V.) : to officially state      average (Adj.) : ordinary ; not
     pity (N.) : a feeling of sympathy        that somebody is not responsi-            special
     and sadness caused by the suf-           ble for something that he has        561. (4) ascetic
     fering and troubles of others            been blamed for
550. (4) fluke                                                                          ascetic (N.) : a person who lives
                                              excuse (V.) : to forgive somebody         in a simple and strict way, with-
     fluke (N.) : a lucky/unusual             for something that he has done            out physical pleasures, especially
     thing that happens by accident,          (not being polite, making a small         for religious reasons (monks,
     not because of planning/skill            mistake, etc.)                            hermits, saints)
     serenpidity (N.) : the fact of           reprimand (V.) : to tell somebody         hedonist (N.) : a person who
     something interesting or pleas-          officially that you do not approve        believes that pleasure is the most
     ant happening by chance                  of him/his actions ; rebuke               important thing in life
551. (1) epilogue                             acquit (V.) : to decide and state
     epilogue (N.) : a speech, etc. at                                                  disciplinarian (N.) : a person who
                                              officially in court that somebody         believes in using rules and pun-
     the end of a play, book, film/           is not guilty of a crime
     movie that comments on or acts                                                     ishment for controlling people
                                         556. (2) amateur
     as a conclusion to what has hap-                                                   atheist (N.) : a person who be-
                                              amateur (N.) : a person who               lieves that God does not exist
                                              takes part in a sport or other       562. (4) altruist
     epigram (N.) : a short poem/             activity for enjoyment, not as a
     phrase that expresses an idea in                                                   altruist (N.) : someone who
     a clever/amusing way                                                               makes charitable donations in-
                                         557. (4) pioneer
     epitaph (N.) : words that are                                                      tended to increase human well-
     written/said about a dead per-           pioneer (N.) : a person who is            being
     son, especially on a gravestone          the first to study and develop a          egoist (N.) : a person who thinks
                                              particular area of knowledge,             that he/she is better than other
     epicure (N.) : a person who en-
                                              culture, etc. that other people           people and who thinks and talks
     joys food and drink of high quality
                                              then continue to develop                  too much about himself
     and knows a lot about it
                                              forerunner (N.) : a person/thing
552. (1) ecology                                                                        fatalist (N.) : a person who be-
                                              that came before and influenced
     ecology (N.) : the study of the                                                    lieves that events are decided by
                                              somebody/something else that is
     relation of plants and living crea-                                                fate and cannot be controlled
                                              similar, a sign of what is going to
     tures to each other and to their                                                   humanist (N.) : a person who
     environment                                                                        believes that solving human prob-
                                         558. (4) bureaucracy
     psychology (N.) : the scientific                                                   lems with the help of reason is
     study of the mind and how it in-         bureaucracy (N.) : a system of            more important than religious
     fluences behaviour                       government in which there are a           beliefs.
     philosophy (N.) : the study of           large number of state officials
                                                                                   563. (3) hamlet
     the nature and meaning of the            who are not elected
                                              democracy (N.) : a system of              hamlet (N.) : a very small village
     universe and of human life                                                         community (N.) : a group of
     geography (N.) : the scientific          government in which all the peo-
                                              ple of a country can vote to elect        people having common interests,
     study of the earth’s surface,                                                      living in the same locality and
     physical features, divisions,            their representatives
                                                                                        under the same government
     products, population, etc.               anarchy (N.) : a situation in a
                                              country, an organization, etc., in        settlement (N.) : the process of
553. (3) lexicon
                                              which there is no government,             people making their homes in a
     lexicon (N.) : a list of words on                                                  place
     a particular subject or in a lan-        order/control
                                              oligarchy (N.) : a form of gov-           colony (N.) : a country or an area
     guage in alphabetical order
                                              ernment in which only a small             that is governed by people from
     glossary (N.) : a list of techni-
                                              group of people hold all the power        another, more powerful, country
     cal/special words, especially