532. (4) famine                              incorrigible (Adj.) : having bad   543. (1) camouflage
     famine (N.) : a lack of food dur-       habits which canno t be                 camouflage (N.) : disguise ; con-
     ing a long period of time in a re-      changed/improved                        cealment ; pretence ; cover-up
     gion                                    unbeatable (Adj.) : impossible to       infallible (Adj.) : never wrong
     drought (N.) : a long period of         defeat                             544. (3) protocol
     time when there is little or no    538. (1) credulous                           protocol (N.) : a system of fixed
     rain                                    credulous (Adj.) : ready to be-         rules and formal behaviour used
     poverty (N.) : the state of being       lieve things and therefore easy         at official meetings, usually be-
     poor                                    to trick ; gullible                     tween governments
533. (2) gingivitis                          credible (Adj.) : that can be be-       formality (N.) : a thing that you
     gingivitis (N.) : a condition in        lieved/trusted                          must do as a formal/official part
     which the gums arround the              creditable (Adj.) : admirable;          of a legal process, a social situa-
     teeth become painful, red and           praiseworthy                            tion, etc.
     swollen                                 credential (N.) : the qualities/        statesmanship (N.) : skill in
     gangrene (N.) : the decay that          training/experience that make           managing state affairs
     takes place in a part of the body       you suitable to do something            hierarchy (N.) : a system, in a
     when the blood to it has been      539. (1) alimony                             society/an organisation, in which
     stopped because of an illness/                                                  people are organised into differ-
                                             alimony (N.) : the money that a
     injury                                                                          ent levels of importance from
                                             court orders somebody to pay to         highest to lowest
     conjunctivitis (N.) : an infec-         his former wife or husband when
     tious eye disease that causes                                              545. (4) cosmopolitan
                                             the marriage is ended
     pain and swelling in part of the                                                cosmopolitan (Adj.) : contain-
                                             parsimony (N.) : the fact of be-
     eye                                                                             ing people of different types/from
                                             ing extremely unwilling to spend        different countries, and influ-
     orchitis (N.) : inflammation            money
     (swelling) of one or both testes                                                enced by their culture
                                             matrimony (N.) : marriage               cosmocrat (N.) : ruler/leader of
534. (1) anonymous                           honoraium (N.) : a payment              the whole world ; cosmocrator
     anonymous (Adj.) : with a name          made for somebody’s profession-         cosmesis (N.) : the preservation,
     that is not known/or that is not        al services                             restoration or bestowing of bodily
     made public                        540. (2) fantasy                             beauty
     acrimonious (Adj.) : angry and          fantasy (N.) : a pleasant situa-        cosmetician (N.) : one whose
     full of strong bitter feelings and      tion that you imagine but that is       occupation is manufacturing,
     words                                   unlikely to happen                      selling or applying cosmetics.
     audacious (Adj.) : willing to take      whim (N.) : a sudden wish to       546. (2) nomads
     risks/to do something shocking          do/have something, especially           nomads (N.) : community that
     assiduous (Adj.) : working very         when it is something unusual/           moves with its animals from
     hard and taking great care that         unnecessary                             place to place
     everything is done as well as it        fancy (N.) : fantasy ; whim             barbarians (N.) : people who do
     can be                                                                          not belong to one of the great
                                             memory (N.) : your ability to
535. (2) disaster                            remember things                         civilizations (Greek, Romar,
536. (3) incorrigible                                                                Christian)
                                        541. (3) sonnet
     incorrigible (Adj.) : having bad                                                vagabonds (N.) : people who
                                             sonnet (N.) : a poem that has
     habits whi ch canno t be                                                        have no home/job and who trav-
                                             14 lines, each containing 10 syl-
     changed/improved                                                                el from place to place
                                             lables, and a fixed pattern of
     inveterate (Adj.) : done/felt for                                          547. (2) chauffeur
     a long time and unlikely to                                                     chauffeur (N.) : a person whose
                                             ballad (N.) : a song/poem that
     change (bad feeling/habit)                                                      job is to drive a car, especially
                                             tells a story                           for somebody rich/important
     glib (Adj.) : using words that are      psalm (N.) : a song/poem/
     clever, but are not sincere, and                                                driver (N.) : a person who drives
                                             prayer that praises God, espe-          a vehicle
     do not show much thought                cially one in the Bible            548. (2) reminded
     (speakers and speech)
                                             carol (N.) : a Christian religious      reminded (V.) : to help somebody
     incongruous (Adj.) : strange,           song sung at Christmas                  remember something
     and not suitable in a particular
                                        542. (2) unanimously                         remembered (V.) : to have/keep
                                             unanimously (Adv.) : by every-          an image in your memory of an
537. (4) infallible                                                                  event, a place, a person, etc.
                                             one in a particular group
     infallible (Adj.) : never wrong;                                                from the past
                                             equivocally (Adv.) : in an un-
     never making mistakes                                                           reminisced (V.) : to think, talk/
                                             clear/underfined manner
     erroneous (Adj.) : not correct ;                                                write about a happy time in your
                                             vehemently (Adv.) : forcefully
     based on wrong information                                                      past