opinion, a thought, etc. about     503. (4) codicil                          509. (1) contingency
     somebody/something ; comment            codicil (N.) : an instruction that        contingency (N.) : an event that
     contract (N.) : an official writ-       is added later to a will, usually         may/may not happen
     ten agreement                           to change a part of it                    emergency (N.) : a sudden seri-
     proposition (N.) : an idea/a plan       furlough (V.) : to give somebody          ous and dangerous event/situa-
     of action that is suggested, es-        permission to leave his duties for        tion which needs immediate ac-
     pecially in business                    a period of time (soldiers, pris-         tion to deal with it
497. (3) cartography                         oners, workers)                           prophecy (N.) : a statement that
     cartography (N.) : the art/pro-         adjunct (N.) : a thing that is add-       something will happen in the fu-
     cess of drawing/making maps             ed/attached to something larg-            ture
     chirography (N.) : another name         er/more important                    510. (3) penchant
     for calligraphy                         effusion (N.) : the expression of         penchant (N.) : a special liking
     xerography (N.) : a process of          feelings in an exaggerated way            for something ; fondness
     photocopying                       504. (3) appraisal                             propensity (N.) : a tendency to
     pictography (N.) : the use of pic-      appraisal (N.) : a judgement of           a particular kind of behaviour ;
     torial symbols to communicate           the value, performance/nature of          inclination
498. (4) podium                              somebody/something                        preoccupation (N.) : a state of
     podium (N.) : a small platform          pay (N.) : salary ; wages                 thinking about something contin-
     that a person stands on, while                                                    uously
                                        505. (3) exonerate
     giving a speech/conducting an                                                511. (1) partilineal
                                             exonerate (V.) : to officially state
     orchestra, etc.                                                                   patrilineal (Adj.) : relationship
                                             that somebody is not responsi-
     pulpit (N.) : a small platform in                                                 between father and child that
                                             ble for something that he has
     a church that is like a box and is                                                continues in a family with each
                                             been blamed for
     high above the ground, where a                                                    generation
                                             let go (Id.) : to stop holding some-
     priest, etc. stands to speak to                                                   matrilineal (Adj.) : relationship
     the people                              body/something
                                                                                       between mother and child that
499. (4) apprentice                          release (V.) : set somebody/              continues in a family with each
                                             something free ; stop holding             generation
500. (1) obsolete
                                             something; free somebody from             familial (Adj.) : related to or typ-
     obsolete (Adj.) : no longer used
                                             a duty, responsibility, etc.              ical of a family
     because something new has
     been invented ; out of date        506. (4) obsolescent                      512. (3) syllable
                                             obsolescent (Adj.) : becoming             syllable (N.) : any of the units
     outdated (Adj.) : no longer useful
     because of being old-fashioned ;        old-fashioned and no longer use-          into which a word is divided,
     out of date                             ful                                       containing a vowel sound and
501. (2) nepotism                            adolescent (N.) : in the process          usually one/more consonants
                                             of developing from a child into           particle (N.) : an Adv./ a Prep.
     nepotism (N.) : giving unfair
                                             an adult                                  that can combine with a V. to
     advantages to your own family if
                                             reticent (Adj.) : unwilling to tell       make a Phr. V.       In, looked
     you are in a position of power
                                             people about things                       up, up is the Particle
     monotheism (N.) : the belief that
                                             translucent (Adj.) : allowing light       sibilant (Adj.) : making a ‘s’ or
     there is only one God
                                             to pass through but not trans-            ‘z’ sound as in – sip , zip
     hedonism (N.) : the belief that
                                             parent                               513. (2) expurgate
     pleasure is the most important
                                        507. (1) cocktail                              expurgate (V.) : to remove/leave
     thing in life
                                                                                       out parts of a piece of writing/
     red tapism (N.) : the practice of       cocktail (N.) : a drink usually
                                                                                       or a conversation, while printing/
     requiring excessive paperwork           made from a mixture of one or
                                                                                       reporting it, because you think
     and tedious procedures before           more alcoholic drinks and fruit
                                                                                       those parts could offend people
     official action can be considered/      juice
                                                                                       exterminate (V.) : to kill all the
     completed                               mock tail (N.) : a cocktail con-          members of a group of people/
502. (2) numismatist                         taining no alcohol                        animals
     numismatist (N.) : a person who         bisque (N.) : a thick soup, espe-         extirpate (V.) : to destroy/get rid
     collects/studies coins/medals           cially made from shellfish                of something that is bad/not
     ornithologist (N.) : a person who  508. (2) bovine                                wanted
     studies birds                           bovine (N.) : connected with         514. (3) ovine
     philatelist (N.) : a person who         cows                                      ovine (N.) : connected with
     collects/studies stamps                 feline (N.) : connected with an           sheep
     coin collector (N.) : a collector       animal of the cat family                  canine (N.) : connected with dogs
     and student of money – collects         ovine (N.) : connected with               bovine (N.) : connected with
     coins with the aim to complete          sheep                                     cows
     sets of coins                           vulpine (N.) : of or like a fox           feline (N.) : connected with cats