used for finding out things/ for         Delightful and delicious            476. (1) revel
     making decisions                         Yummy treat.                             revel (V.) : to spend time enjoy-
467. (3) polygon                              homophone (N.) : a word that is          ing yourself in a noisy, enthusi-
     polygon (N.) : many angles/              pronounced like another word             astic way ; make merry
     sides                                    but has a different spelling/            uphold (V.) : to support some-
     hexagon (N.) : six angles and            meaning–sum–some, by – buy               thing that you think is right and
     sides                                    acronym (N.) : a word formed             make sure that it continues to
     octagon (N.) : eight angles and          from the first letters of the words      exist
     sides                                    that make up the name of some-           overhaul (V.) : to examine every
     pentagon (N.) : five angles and          thing —                                  part of a machine, system, etc.
     sides                                    AIDS ® Acquired Immune Defi-             and make any necessary chang-
                                              ciency Syndrome                          es/repairs
468. (1) excerpt
     excerpt (N.) : a short piece of     473. (1) egoist                          477. (3) animosity
     writing, music, film, etc. taken         egoist (N.) : a person who thinks        animosity (N.) : a strong feeling
     from a longer whole                      that he/she is better than other         of opposition, anger/hatred
     review (N.) : a report in a news-        people and who thinks and talks          reciprocity (N.) : a situation in
     paper/magazine, or on the Inter-         too much about himself/herself           which two people, countries, etc.
     net, television/radio, in which          masochist (N.) : a person who            provide the same help/advantag-
     somebody gives his opinion of a          enjoys something that most people        es to each other
     book, play, film/movie, etc.             would find unpleasant/painful            entreaty (N.) : a serious and of-
     footnote (N.) : an extra piece of        narcissist (N.) : a person who           ten emotional request
     information that is printed at the       admires himsel f/herself too             malice (N.) : a feeling of hatred
     bottom of a page in a book               much, especially his appearance          for somebody that causes a de-
                                              eccentric (N.) : a person who is         sire to harm him
     preface (N.) : an introduction to
                                              considered by other people to be    478. (2) amphibian
     a book, especially one that ex-
                                              strange/unusual                          amphibian (N.) : any animal that
     plains the author’s aims
                                         474. (4) criterion                            can live both on land and in wa-
469. (1) vegetarian
                                              criterion (N.) : a standard/prin-        ter
470. (1) advocate
                                              ciple by which something is              animate (V.) : to make something
     advocate (N.) : a person who             judged, or with the help of which
     speaks/supports in favour of                                                      more lively/full of energy
                                              a decision is made
     somebody/of a public plan/ac-                                                     aquatic (Adj.) : growing/living
                                              manifesto (N.) : a written state-        in, on/near water
     tion ; a person who defends
                                              ment in which a group of peo-
     somebody in court                                                                 ambidextrous (Adj.) : able to
                                              ple, especially a political party,
471. (2) salvo                                                                         use both hands equally well
                                              explains their beliefs and says
     salvo (N.) : the act of firing sev-      what they will do if they win an    479. (4) epic
     eral guns/at the same time to            election                                 epic (N.) : a long poem about the
     mark an occasion                         copyright (N.) : the legal right         actions of great men and wom-
     fusillade (N.) : a rapid series of       granted to an author, composer,          en/about a nation’s history
     shots fired from one/more guns;          playwright, publisher, or distrib-  480. (1) teetotaller
     a rapid series of objects that are       utor to exclusive publication,           teetotaller (N.) : a person who
     thrown                                   production, sale/distribution of         does not drink alcohol
     volley (N.) : a lot of bullets,          a literary, musical, dramatic, or        derelict (N.) : a person without
     stones, etc. that are fired/             artistic work                            a home, a job/property
     thrown at the same time                  epitome (N.) : a perfect exam-           subjunctive (N). : the form/mood
472. (4) palindrome                           ple of something                         of a verb that expresses wishes,
     palindrome (N.) : a word/           475. (3) polygamy                             possibility/uncertainity
     phrase that reads the same               polygamy (N.) : the custom of            In, I wish I were taller, were is
     backwards as forwards —                  having more than one wife at the         a Subjunctive
     MADAM                                    same time                                incriminatory (Adj.) : charging
     acrostic (N.) : a poem/other             bigamy (N.) : the crime of mar-          or suggestive of guilt/blame
     piece of writing in which partic-        rying somebody when you are         481. (3) plaintiff
     ular letters in each line, usually       still legally married to somebody
                                                                                       plaintiff (N.) : a person who
     first letters, can be read down-         else
                                                                                       makes a formal complaint
     wards to form a word/words               calligraphy (N.) : beautiful hand-       against somebody in court
     spelling out CANDY                       writing that you do with a spe-
                                                                                       charger (N.) : a horse that a sol-
                                              cial pen/brush
     Crunchy and chewy                                                                 dier rode in battle in the past
                                              polyandry (N.) : the custom of
     Awesome                                                                           suitor (N.) : a man who wants
                                              having more than one husband
     Nice and sweet                                                                    to marry a particular woman
                                              at the same time