not including the priest and the   455. (1) epitaph                              palaeography (N.) : the study of
     choir (group of people who sing         epitaph (N.) : words on a grave          ancient writing systems
     together)                               stone                                    metallurgy (N.) : the scientific
     configuration (N.) : an arrange-        dirge (N.) : a song sung in the          study of metals and their uses
     ment of the parts of something          past at a funeral or for a dead     461. (1) draw
     or a group of things                    person                              462. (1) tremor
     confrontation (N.) : a situation        pyre (N.) : a large pile of wood on      tremor (N.) : a shaking move-
     in which there is an angry dis-         which a dead body is placed and          ment of the earth
     agreement between people or             burned in a funeral ceremony             vibrate (V.) : to move or make
     groups who have different opin-         cenotaph (N.) : a monument built         something move from side to
     ions                                    in memory of soldiers killed in          side very quickly and with small
     conflagration (N.) : an excessive       war who are buried somewhere             movements
     fire which destroys a lot of land/      else                                     oscillate (V.) : to keep moving
     buildings                          456. (2) orphanage                            from one position to another and
451. (4) recluse                             conservatory (N.) : a room with          back again ; swing
     recluse (N.) : a person who lives       glass walls and a glass roof that   463. (2) brittle
     alone and likes to avoid other          is built on the side of a house          brittle (Adj.) : hard but eassily
     people                                  academy (N.) : a school/college          broken
     extrovert (N.) : a lively and con-      for special training                     translucent (Adj.) : allowing light
     fident person who enjoys being          asylum (N.) : protection that a          to pass through but not trans-
     with other people                       government gives to people who           parent
     prophet (N.) : a person sent by         have left their own country, usu-        opaque (Adj.) : not clear enough
     God to teach the people and give        ally because they were in dan-           to see through/allow l ight
     them messages from God                  ger for political reasons                through
     monk (N.) : a member or a reli-    457. (3) downpour                        464. (3) green house
     gious group of men who often live       downpour (N.) : a heavy fall of          green house (N.) : a building with
     apart from other people in a            rain that often starts suddenly
     monstery (a place where monks                                                    glass sides and a glass roof for
                                             drizzle (N.) : light fine rain           growing plants in
     live together) and who do not
     marry or have personal posses-          blizzard (N.) : a snowstorm with         plantation (N.) : a large area of
                                             very strong winds                        land that is planted with trees to
452. (1) antidote                            avalanche (N.) : a mass of snow,         produce wood
                                             ice and rock that falls down the         farmyard (N.) : an area that is
     antidote (N.) : a substance that
                                             side of a mountain                       surrounded by farm buildings
     controls the effects of poision/
     disease                            458. (1) centennial                           plantain (N.) : a fruit like a large
     anticlimax (N.) : a situation that      centennial (N.) : the 100th an-          banana, but less sweet, that is
     is disappointing because it hap-        niversary of an event                    cooked and eaten as a vegetable
     pens at the end of something that       centurion (N.) : an army officer    465. (4) shoal
     was much more exciting                  who commanded a 100 soldiers             shoal (N.) : a large number of
     antibody (N.) : a substance that        century (N.) : a period of a 100         fish swimming together as a
     the body produces in the blood          years                                    group
     to fight disease, or as a reaction      centenarian (N.) : a person who          troupe (N.) : a group of actors,
     when certain substances are put         is a 100 years old or more               singers, etc. who work together
     into the body                      459. (3) amphibians                           litter (N.) : a number of baby
     antigen (N.) : a substance that         amphibians (N.) : any animal             animals that one mother gives
     enters the body and starts a pro-       that can live both on land and in        birth to at the same time — pup-
     cess that can cause disease             water                                    pies
453. (2) wreath                              terrestrial (Adj.) : living on the       swarm (N.) : a large graup of
     wreath (N.) : an arrangement of         land (plants and animals)                insects (bees)
     flowers and leaves                      aquatic (Adj.) : growing/living     466. (3) agenda
     wreathe (N.) : to surround/ cov-        in, on or near water                     agenda (N.) : a list of items to be
     er something                            parasitic (Adj.) : living on an-         discussed at a meeting
     wrath (N.) : extreme anger              other animal/plant and getting its       minutes (N.) : a summary/
454. (1) notorious                           food from it                             record of what is said/decided
     notorious (Adj.) : well-known for  460. (4) cartography                          at a formal meeting
     being bad                               cartography (N.) : the art/pro-          issues (N.) : an important topic
     gracious (Adj.) : kind, polite and      cess of drawing/making maps              that people are discussing/argu-
     generous                                calligraphy (N.) : beautiful hand-       ing about
     laborious (Adj.) : taking a lot of      writing that you do with a spe-          data (N.) : facts/information,
     time and effort                         cial pen/brush                           especially when examined and