437. (1) fastidious                          legend (N.) : a story from ancient          manager (N.) : a person who is
     fastidious (Adj.) : meticulous;         times about people and events,              in charge of running a business,
     being careful that every detail of      that may or may not be true; myth           a sho p/ store or a si mil ar
     something is correct; hard to           fable (N.) : a traditional short story      organisation
     please                                  that teaches a moral lesson,                warder (N.) : a person who is
     callous (Adj.) : cruel; unfeeling;      especially one with animals as              responsible for taking care of a
     not caring about other people’s         characters                                  particular place and making sure
     feelings or suffering                   parable (N.) : a short story that           that the rules are obeyed
     sadist (N.) : a person who gets         teaches a moral/ spiritual lesson           beadle (N.) : a minor parish
     pleasure from hurting other        442. (4) alumnus                                 (church) official who serves as
     people (sexual)                         alumnus (N.) : a former male                an usher (a person who shows
     ferocious (Adj.) : very strong;         student of a school, college/               people where to sit) and keeps
     savage; very aggressive/ violent        university                                  order at services
438. (1) calligraphy                         genius (Adj.) : unusually great        447. (1) versatile
     calligraphy (N.) : beautiful            intelligence, skill/artistic ability        versatile (Adj.) : able to do
     writing using a special pen/            scho lar (N.): a person who                 many different things
     brush                                   knows a lot about a particular              unique (Adj.) : being the only one
     manuscript (N.) : a copy of a           subject                                     of its kind
     book, piece of music, etc. before       learner (N.) : a peson who is               dexterous (Adj.) : skilful with
     it has been printed                     finding about a subject or how              your hands; skilfully done
     inscription : words written in          to do someting                              (4) attractive (Adj.) : pleasant
     the front of a book or cut in      443. (4) hangar                                  to look at; appealing
     stone/ metal                            hangar (N.) : a large building in      448. (4) itinerary
     hagiography : a book about the          which aircraft is kept                      itinerary (N.) : a plan of a jour-
     life of a person that praises him       granary (N.) : a building where             ney, including the route and the
     too much                                grain is stored                             place that you visit
439. (1) invincible                          dockyard (N.) : an area with docks          itinerary (N.) : a plan of a jour-
     invincible (Adj.) : too strong to       (the place where ships are loaded           ney, including the route and the
     be defeated/ changed; uncon-            and unloaded in a port) and                 place that you visit
     querable                                equipment for building and                  travel kit (N.) : a kit for carry-
     invulnerable (Adj.) : that cannot       repairing ships                             ing toilet articles while travelling
     be harmed/ defeated; safe               garage (N.) : a building for keeping        schedule (N.) : a time table ; a
     infallible (Adj.) : never wrong;        one/ more cars or other vehicles            plan that lists all the work you
     never making mistakes; that             in                                          have to do and when you must
     never fails                        444. (2) usurer                                  do each thing
     indictable (Adj.) : (of a crime)        usurer (N.) : a person who lends            travelogue (N.) : a film/movie,
     for which you can be indicted (to       money to people at unfairly high            broadcast or piece of waiting
     officially charge somebody)             rates of interest                           about travel
                                             banker (N.) : a person who owns        449. (3) parasite
440. (2) theology
                                             a bank or has an important job
     theology (N.) : the study of                                                        parasite (N.) : a small animal/
                                             at a bank                                   plant that lives on or inside
     religion and beliefs
                                             imposter (N.) : a person who                another animal/ plant and gets
     philology (N.) : the scientific
                                             pretends to be somebody else in             its food from it; a person who
     study of the development of
                                             order to trick people                       always relies on or benefits (from
     languag e or of a particul ar
     language                                former (N.) : that used to exist            other people and gives nothing
                                             in earlier times                            back)
     humanism (N.) : a system of
                                        445. (1) inaccessible                            expatriate (N.) : a person living
     thought that considers that
                                             inaccessible (Adj.) : difficult/            in a country that is not his own
     solving human problems with
                                             impossible to reach/ to get                 pesticider (N.) : a chemical used
     the help of reason i s more
     inportant than religious beliefs.       inadmissible (Adj.) : that cannot           for killing pests, especially
     It emphasises the fact that the         be allowed/ accepted                        insects
     basic nature of humans is good          irresistible (Adj.) : so strong             refugee (N.) : a person who has
     philosophy (N.) : the study of          that it cannot be stopped; so               been forced to leave his country/
     the nature and meaning of the           attractive that you feel you must           home, because there is a war or
     universe and of the human life          have it                                     for political, religious or social
                                             illegal (Adj.) : illicit; not allowed       reasons
441. (2) anecdote
                                             by law                                 450. (3) congregation
     anecdote (N.) : a short, interest-
                                        446. (1) janitor                                 congregation (N.) : a group of
     ing or amusing story about a real
                                             janitor (N.) : someone employed             people who are gathered togeth-
     person or event
                                             to clean and maintain a building            er in a church to worship God,