424. (1) oculist                              researcher (N.) : a scientist who   432. (1) claustrophobia
     oculist (N.) : a doctor who              devotes himself to doing research        claustrophobia (N.) : an extreme
     examines and treats people’s        428. (1) statute                              fear of being in a small confined
     eyes                                     statute (N.) : a law that is             place
     optimist (N.) : a person who             passed by a parliament, council,         aquaphobia (N.) : an extreme
     always expects good things to            etc. and formally written down           fear of drowning
     happen/ things to be successful          stature (N.) : the importance and        botanophobia (N.) : a fear of
     obstetrician (N.) : a doctor who         respect that a person has                plants
     is trained in the branch of              because of hi s ability and              kleptomania (N.) : a mental
     medicine concerned with the              achievements; a person’s height          illness in which someone has a
     birth of children                        static (Adj.) : not mo ving,             strong desire, which he cannot
     optician (N.) : a person who             changing or developing                   control, to steal things
     examines people’s eyes and               statue (N.) : a figure of a person/ 433. (3) epitaph
     recommends and sells glasses             an animal in stone, metal, etc.,         epitaph (N.) : words written/
425. (2) entomology                           usually the same size as in real         said about a dead person, on a
     entomology (N.) : the scientific         life or larger                           tomb/ gravestone
     study of insects/worms              429. (2) prop                                 epigraph (N.) : a line of writing,
     taxidermy (N.) : the art of              prop (N.) : a piece of wood,             short phrase, etc. on a building/
     stuffing dead animals, birds and         metal, etc. used for supporting          statue, or as an introduction to
     fish with a special material so          something or keepi ng i t i n            part of a book
     that they may look like living ones      position                                 epilogue (N.) : a speech at the
     and can be displayed                     scaffold (N.) : a platform used          end of a play, book/film that
     ornithology (N.) : the scientific        while executing criminals by             comments on what has happened
     study of birds                           cutting off their heads or hanging       etymology (N.) : the study of the
                                              them from a rope                         origin and history of words and
     paleontology (N.) : the study of
                                              lean-to (N.) : a small building          their meanings
     fossils (the remains of animals
                                              with its roof leaning against the   434. (1) illegible
     or plants in rocks)
                                              side of a large building, wall or        illegible (Adj.) : difficult/
426. (1) altruist
                                              fence                                    impossible to read
     altruist (N.) : someone who
                                              rafter (N.) : one of the sloping         inedible (Adj.) : that cannot be
     makes charitable donations
                                              pieces of wood that support a            eaten because it is of poor quality/
     intended to increase human well-
                                              roof                                     poisonous
                                                                                       illegal (Adj.) : not allowed by the
     hermit (N.) : a person who,         430. (2) horticulturist
     usually for religious reasons,           horticulturist (N.) : an expert
                                                                                       illicit (Adj.) : not allowed by law;
     lives a very simple life alone and       in the science of cultivating
     does not meet or talk to other           plants (fruits, flowers, vegetables
                                                                                  435. (3) horizon
     people                                   or ornamental plants)
                                                                                       horizon (N.) : the furthest you
     volunteer (N.) : a person who            agriculturist (N.) : an expert in
                                                                                       can see, where the sky seems
     does a job without being paid for        agriculture (practice of farming)
                                                                                       to meet the land/the sea
     it; a person who offers to do            who gives advice to farmers
                                                                                       atmosphere (N.) : the mixture
     something without being forced           gardener (N.) : someone who              of gases that surrounds the earth
     to do it                                 takes care of a garden                   milky way (N.) : the Galaxy
     martyr (N.) : a person who               botanist (N.) : a scientist who          (contains any of the system of
     suffers very much or is killed           studies about plants and their           stars, etc.) in outer space
     because of his religious/ political      structure                                distant land (N.) : far-away land
     beliefs                             431. (2) panacea                         436. (1) waybill
427. (1) pedant                               panacea (N.) : something that            waybill (N.) : a receipt from the
     pedant (N.) : a person who makes         will solve all the problems of a         carrier for the good s being
     an excessive/in appropriate              particular situation                     shipped; bill of lading ; a list of
     display of learning and is too           cough syrup (N.) : a liquid              passengers/ goods being carried
     concerned with small details or          medicine that you take for a             on a vehicle
     rules, expecially while learning         cough                                    wagon (N.) : a railway/ rail road
     or teaching                              medicine (N.) : a substance              truck for carrying goods
     educationist (N.) : a person             taken to cure an illness                 wirepuller (N.) : a person who
     (specialist) in theories and             inhaler (N.) : a small device            is able to control or influence
     methods of teaching                      containing medicine that you             events without realizing it
     exhibitor (N.) : a person/               breathe in through your mouth,           whist (N.) : a card game for two
     company that shows his/its               used by people who have                  pairs of players in which each
     work/ products to the public             problems with breathing                  pair tries to win the most cards