trichology (N.) : the study of the       enthusiast (N.) : a person who        420. (1) epitaph
     hair and scalp                           is very interested in something            epitaph (N.) : words that are
     ecology (N.) : the relation of           and spends a lot of time doing it          written or said about a dead
     plants and living creatures with         optimist (N.) : a person who               person, on a gravestone/ tomb
     each other and to thei r                 always expects good things to              epitime (N.) : a perfect example
     environment                              happen/ things to be successful            of something
412. (3) choreography                    416. (2) fascimile                              epistle (N.) : a long, serious
     choreography (N.) : the act of           facsimile (N.) : an exact copy of          letter on an important subject
     designing and arranging the              something (FAX)                            epilogue (N.) : a speech at the
     steps and movements in                   original (Adj.) : existing at the          end of a book/ play/ film, that
     dances/ballets                           beginning of a particular period,          acts as a conclusion to what has
     calligraphy (N.) : beautiful             process/activity; new and                  happened
     handwriting that you do with a           interesting in a way that is          421. (1) calligraphy
     special pen/brush.                       different from anything that has           calligraphy (N.) : beautiful
     cartography (N.) : the art of            existed before                             handwriting that you do with a
     making/ drawing maps                     copy (N.) : a thing that is made           special pen/ brush
     epigraphy (N.) : the study of            to be the same as something else           stencilling (N.) : maki ng
     ancient inscriptions (words              (a document or a work of art)              letters/ a design on something
     written in the front of a book or   417. (3) phonetics                              using a stencil (a thin piece of
     cut in stone/ metal)                     phonetics (N.) : the study of              metal/ plastic or card with a
413. (1) succulent                            speech sounds and how they are             design cut out of it, that you put
                                              produced                                   onto a surface and point over so
     succulent (Adj.) : juicy; contain-
                                              stylistics (N.) : the study of style       that the design may be left on
     ing a lot of juice and tasting good
                                              and the methods used in written            the surface)
     (fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.)
                                              language                                   graphics (N.) : connected with
     translucent (Adj.) : allowing light                                                 drawings and design, especially
     to pass through but not trans-           linguistics (N.) : the study of
                                              language or of particular                  in the production of books,
     parent                                                                              magazines, etc.
     dissolvent (Adj.) : a liquid                                                        hieroglyphics (N.) : written in
     substance capable of dissolving          semantics (N.) : the study of the
                                              meanings of words and phrases              or belonging to a writing system
     other substances                                                                    using pictorial symbols
                                         418. (2) null
     dissident (Adj.) : a person who                                                422. (4) acronym
     strongly agrees with and                 null (V.) : to reduce to nothing
                                                                                         acronym (N.) : a word formed
     criticizes his government, in a          lull (V.) : to make somebody
                                                                                         from the first letters of the words
     country where this kind of action        relaxed and calm; soothe
                                                                                         that make up the name of
     is dangerous                             annul (V.) : to state officially that      something
414. (3) stoic                                something is no longer legally             abridgement (N.) : a shortened
                                              valid                                      version of a written work
     stoic (N.) : a person who is able
     to suffer pain/ trouble without          cull (V.) : to kill a particular
                                                                                         almanac (N.) : a book i s
     complaning or showing what he            number of animals of a group in
                                                                                         published every year giving
     is feeling                               order to prevent the group from
                                                                                         information for that year about a
                                              getting too large
     thespian (N.) : an actor (often                                                     particular subject/ activity
     humorous)                           419. (4) truism                                 anachronism (N.) : a person, a
                                              truism (N.) : a statement that is          custom or an idea that seems
     sadist (N.) : a person who gets
                                              clearly true and does not                  old-fashioned and does not
     pleasure from hurting others
                                              therefore       add      anything          belong to the present
                                              interesting or important to a         423. (2) parvenu
     humanitarian (Adj.) : concerned          discussion
     with reducing suffering and                                                         parvenu (N.) : a person from a
                                              syllogism (N.) : a way of arguing
     improving the conditions that                                                       low social or economic position
                                              in which two statements are
     people live in                                                                      who has suddenly become rich/
                                              used for proving that a third
415. (3) egotist                                                                         powerful
                                              statement is true
                                                                                         promiscuous (Adj.) : taken from
     egotist (N.) : a person who              iconic (Adj.) : acting as a sign           a wide range of sources, with-
     thinks that he/she is better than        or symbol of something                     out careful thought; having many
     other people and who thinks and          imagism (N.) : a movement by               sexual partners
     talks too much about himself/            American and English poets early
     herself                                                                             sumptuary (Adj.) : regulating/
                                              in the 20th century in reaction            controlling expenditure/ person-
     imposter (N.) : a person who             to victorian sentimentality                al behaviour
     pretends to be somebody else in          hackneyed (Adj.) : used too often
     order to trick people                                                               extravagant (Adj.) : spending
                                              and therefore boring                       more money than is needed