if people do not do what the             asylum (N.) : a hospital where          precarious (Adj.) : not safe/
     person/group is asking                   people who were mentally ill            certain; dangerous
     abduct (V.) : to kidnap; to take         could be cared for, for a long     407. (3) intestate
     somebody away ill egally,                time; protection given to people        intestate (Adj.) : having made
     especially using force                   who have left their country,            no legal will
     kidnap (V.) : to abduct; to seize;       because they were in danger for         intaglio (N.) : depressed/
     to take somebody away illegally          political reasons                       sunken carvings/ engravings on
     and keep him as a prisoner, in           refuge (N.) : shelter/ protection       precious stones
     order to get money/something             from danger, trouble, etc.              inveterate (Adj.) : always doing
     else for returning him                   emigrate (V.) : to leave your own       something or enjoying something
398. (1) omnipotent                           country to go and li ve                 and unlikely to stop (a bad habit)
     Omnipotent (N.) : able to do             permanently in another country          insolvent (Adj.) : not having
     anything; having total power        403. (2) effeminate                          enough money to repay the debt;
     Omn iscient (N.) : knowi ng              effeminate (Adj.) : looking,            bankrupt
     everything                               behaving or sounding like a        408. (1) masochist
     absol ute (N.) : one who is              woman or a girl (of a man/boy)          masochi st (N.) : a person
     perfect/co mpl ete/free from             unmanly (Adj.) : not having the         enjoying something that most
     imperfection                             qual ities that are admi red/           people find unpleasant or painful
     almighty (N.) : having complete          expected in a man                       (sexual enjoyment)
     power; God                               womanish (Adj.) : behaving in a         nihilist (N.) : a person who
399. (2) incredible                           way that is more suitable for a         believes that nothing has any
     incredible (Adj.) : unbeliveable;        woman (of a man)                        value, especially religious and
     impossible/difficult to believe          delicate (Adj.) : fragile; easily       moral principles
     inaudible (Adj.) : that y ou             damaged/broken                          egoist (N.) : a person who thinks
     cannot hear                         404. (3) illegible                           that he/she is better than other
     invincible (Adj.) : too strong to        illegible (Adj.) : impossible/          people and who thinks and talks
                                              difficult to read                       too much about himself/ herself
     be defeated/changed; uncon-
     querable                                 unintelligible (Adj.) : impossible      sadist (N.) : a person who gets
                                              to understand                           pleasure from hurting other
     indivisible (Adj.) : that cannot
                                              eligible (Adj.) : a person who is       people (sexual)
     be divided into separate parts
                                              able to have/do something be-      409. (1) fratricide
400. (3) democracy
                                              cause he has the right qualifica-       fratricide (N.) : the crime of
     democracy (N.) : a system of
                                              tions, is the right age, etc.           killing your brother/sister
     government by the people, for
                                                                                      patricide (N.) : the crime of
     the people and of the people             illogical (Adj.) : not sensible/
                                                                                      killing your father
     monarchy (N.) : a system of              thought out in a sensible way
     government by a king/a queen        405. (4) act                                 regicide (N.) : the crime of killing
                                                                                      a king/queen
     oligarchy (N.) : a form of               act (V.) : to do something; to
     government in which only a small                                                 homicide (N.) : murder; the
                                              behave in a particular way; to
     group of people hold all the power                                               crime of killing somebody
                                              perform a part in a play/film/
     bureaucracy (N.) : a system of           function
                                              imitate (V.) : to copy somebody/   410. (2) psychology
     government in which there are a
     large number of state officials          something                               psychology (N.) : the scientific
     who are not elected                                                              study of the human mind and
                                              pretend (V.) : to believe in a
                                                                                      how it influences behaviour
401. (1) fauna                                particular way, in order to make
                                                                                      physiology (N.) : the scientific
     fauna (N.) : all the animals living      other people believe something
                                                                                      study of the normal functions of
     in an area/ in a particular period       that is not true
                                                                                      living things
     of history                               impersonate (V.) : to pretend
                                                                                      sociology (N.) : the study and
     widlife (N.) : animals, birds,           to be somebody else in order to
                                                                                      classification of human societies
     insects, etc. that are wild and          trick people or to entertain them
     live in a natural environment                                                    philology (N.) : the scientific
                                         406. (1) fastidious
                                                                                      study of the development of
     native (Adj.) : connected with           fastidious (Adj.) : being careful
                                                                                      languag e or of a particul ar
     the place you were born                  that every detail of something is       language
     beast (N.) : a large/dangerous           correct; meticulous
                                                                                 411. (2) trilogy
     animal; a person who is cruel and        maiden (Adj.) : being the first         trilogy (N.) : a group of three
     whose behaviour is uncontrolled          of its kind (speech, journey by a       books/ films, etc. that have the
402. (3) repatriate                           plane/ship), etc.                       same subject/ characters
     repatriate (V.) : to send/ bring         medieval (Adj.) : connected with        topology (N.) : the way the parts
     somebody back to his own                 the Middle Ages (about AD 1000          of something are arranged and
     country                                  - AD 1450)                              related