383. (3) amnesty                           388. (3) plagiarism                      392. (2) kleptomania
     amnesty (N.) : an official state-          plagiarism (N.) : an act of copy-        kleptomania (N.) : a mental
     ment that allows people who                ing another person’s i deas,             illness in which somebody has a
     have been put in prison for                words/work and pretend that              strong desire, which he cannot
     crimes against the state to go free        they are your own                        control, to steal things
     excuse (V.) : to forgive ; to justify      scepticism (N.) : an attitude of    393. (1) contraband
     honesty (N.) : the quality of be-          doubting that claims or state-           contraband (N.) : goods that are
     ing honest                                 ments are true or that something         illegally taken into or out of a
     pardon (N.) : forgiveness ; excuse         will happen                              country
384. (4) misogynist                             mesmerism (N.) : the act of in-          smuggled (N.) : contraband;
     misogynist (N.) : a person who             ducing hypnosis (an unconscious          distributed/sold illicity
     hates women                                state in which somebody can still        counterfeit (Adj.) : fake made
     misogamist (N.) : a person who             see and hear and be influenced           to look exactly like something in
     hates marriage                             to follow commands or answer             order to trick people into thinking
     ambivert (N.) : a person who is            questions )                              that they are getting the real thing
     both an introvert and an extro-            autism (N.) : a mental condition         forged (Adj.) : reproduced
     vert                                       in which a person finds it very          fraudulently (illegally)
     misanthrope (N.) : a person who            difficult to communicate/form
                                                                                    394. (2) genocide
     hates and avoids other people              relationships with others
                                                                                         genocide (N.) : the crime of killing
385. (1) incorrigible                      389. (4) cannibal
                                                                                         a complete race/group
     incorrigible (Adj.) : incurable ;          cannibal (N.) : a person who eats        regicide (N.) : the crime of killing
     having bad habits which cannot             human flesh                              a king/queen
     be changed or improved                     savage (Adj.) : aggressive and
                                                                                         homicide (N.) : the crime of
     hardened (V.) : to become/make             violent ; causing great harm ;
                                                                                         killing somebody deliberately;
     something become firm, stiff or            brutal
     solid                                      captor (N.) : a person who cap-
                                                                                         fratricide (N.) : the crime of
     invulnerable (Adj.) : that can-            tures a person/ an animal and
                                                                                         killing your brother/sister
     not be harmed/defeated ; safe              keeps him/it as a prisoner
                                                carnivore (N.) : animal that eats   395. (2) escort
     incurable (Adj.) : incorrigible ;
     that cannot be cured                       the flesh of other animals               escort (N.) : a person/group of
                                                                                         people/vehicles that travels with
386. (2) truant                            390. (4) stoic
                                                                                         somebody/something in order to
     truant (N.) : a child who stays            stoic (N.) : a person who is able
                                                                                         protect/guard him
     away from school without per-              to suffer pain/ trouble without
                                                                                         navigator (N.) : a person who
     mission                                    complaining or showing what he
                                                                                         finds the position of a ship, plane,
     sycophant (N.) : a person who              is feeling
                                                                                         car, etc.
     praises important or powerful              tolerant (Adj.) : able to accept
     people too much and in a way               what other people say or do even         outrider (N.) : a person who
     that is not sincere, especially in         if you do not agree to it                rides a motorcycle/ a horse in
     order to get something from                                                         front of or beside the vehicle of
                                                resigned (Adj.) : being willing to
     them                                                                                an important person in order to
                                                clearly accept something un-
     martinet (N.) : a very strict per-                                                  give protection
                                                pleasant or difficult that you can-
     son who demands that other                 not change                               security (N.) : the activites
     people obey orders or rules com-           passive (Adj.) : accepting what          involved in protecting a country,
     pletely                                    happens or what people do with-          building or person against attack,
     defeatist (N.) : a person expect-          out trying to change anything or         danger, etc.
     ing not to succeed, and showing            oppose them                         396. (3) numismatist
     it in a particular situation          391. (3) venerable                            numismatist (N.) : a person who
387. (3) itinerary                              venerable (Adj.) : impressive by         collects/studies coins/medals
     itinerary (N.) : a plan of a jour-         reason of age; profoundly                medalist (N.) : a person who has
     ney, including the route and the           honoured                                 received a medal, usually for
     place that you visit                       veracious (Adj.) : habitually            winning a competition in a sport
     travel kit (N.) : a kit for carry-         speaking the truth; precisely            numerist (N.) : a person who
     ing toilet articles while travelling       accurate                                 deals in numbers
     schedule (N.) : a time table ; a           vulnerable (Adj.) : weak and        397. (3) hijack
     plan that lists all the work you           easily hurt physically/emotionally       hijack (V.) : to use violence or
     have to do and when you must                                                        threats to take control of a vehicle
                                                verger (N.) : an official whose job
     do each thing                                                                       (plane)
                                                is to take care of the inside of a
     travelogue (N.) : a film/movie,            church and to perform some               hostage (N.) : captured and held
     broadcast or piece of waiting              simple duties during church              prisoner by a person or group,
     about travel                               services                                 and who may be injured/killed