368. (3) catalogue                          polarism (N.) : the theory/ act     378. (1) postmortem
     catalogue (N.) : a complete list       of dividing or separating into two       post mortem (N.) : autopsy ; a
     of items with enumeration (num-        groups with opposite opinions            medical examination of the body
     bering)                           373. (1) sericulture                          of a dead person in order to find
     epilogue (N.) : a speech at the        sericulture (N.) : raising silk-         out how he died
     end of a book/ play/movie, that        worms in order to obtain raw silk        obituary (N.) : an article about
     acts as a conclusion                   seroculture (N.) : a bacterial cul-      some body’s life and achieve-
     dialogue (N.) : the conversation       ture on blood serum (watery flu-         ments, that is printed in a news-
     in a book/play/movie                   id of the blood)                         paper soon after he has died
     prologue (N.) : a speech at the   374. (4) rhetoric                             homage (N.) : something that is
     beginning of a book/play/mov-          rhetoric (N.) : speech/writing           said/done to show respect for
     ie, that introduces it                 that is intended to influence peo-       somebody
369. (2) credulous                          ple, but that is not completely          mortuary (N.) : morgue ; a
     credulous (Adj.) : too ready to        honest/sincere                           place/room/building in which
     believe things and therefore easy      orator (N.) : a person who is            dead bodies are kept before they
                                            good at public speaking                  are buried/cremated
     to trick
     credible (Adj.) : that can be be-      public speaking (N.) : deliver-     379. (2) opaque
     lieved/ trusted                        ing an address speech to a pub-          opaque (Adj.) : not clear enough
     sensitive (Adj.) : aware of and        lic audience                             to see through/ allow light
     able to understand other people        verbalization (N.) : expressing          through ; difficult to understand
                                            something in words                       (speech/writing) ; impenetrable
     and their feelings
                                       375. (2) triennial                            oblique (Adj.) : not expressed/
     sensible (Adj.) : able to make                                                  done in a direct way ; indirect ;
     good judgements`                       Triennial (Adj.) : happening ev-
                                                                                     sloping at an angle (line); an an-
370. (1) notorious                          ery three years
                                                                                     gle that is not of 90°
     notorious (Adj.) : well-known in  376. (1) condominium
                                                                                     optique (Adj.) : Optic ; relating
     a bad way ; having an exceed-          condominium (N.) : an apart-
                                                                                     to the eye/vision
     ingly bad reputation                   ment building/ group of houses
                                            in which each flat/ apartment/           pulent (Adj.) : luxurious ;
     malicious (Adj.) : having/show-                                                 wealthy; decorated using expen-
                                            house is owned by a person liv-
     ing hatred and a desire to harm/                                                sive materials
                                            ing in it but the shared areas are
     hurt the feelings of somebody                                              380. (2) taxonomy
                                            owned by everyone together
     magnanimous (Adj.) : kind, gen-                                                 taxonomy (N.) : to scientific pro-
     erous and forgiving towards an         multiplex (N.) : a large cinema/
                                            movie theatre with several sepa-         cess of classifying things
     enemy or a rival                                                                taxidermy (N.) : the art of stuff-
                                            rate rooms with screens
     dubious (Adj.) : doubtful ; sus-       duplex (N.) : a flat with rooms          ing dead animals, birds and fish
     picious                                on two floors                            with a special material so that
371. (1) samaritan                                                                   they may look like living ones and
                                            caravan (N.) : a road vehicle
     samaritan (N.) : a person who                                                   can be displayed
                                            without an engine that is pulled
     gives help and sympathy to the         by a car, designed for people to         toxicology (N.) : the scientific
     people who need it                     live and sleep in, especially when       study of poisons
     altruist (N.) : someone who            they are on a holiday/ vacation ;   381. (4) demagogue
     makes charitable donations in-         a group of people with vehicles/         demagogue (N.) : a political lead-
     tended to increase human well-         animals who are travelling to-           er who tries to win support by
     being                                  gether, especially across the            using arguments based on emo-
     philanthropist (N.) : a person         desert                                   tion rather than reason
     who helps the poor and the        377. (4) triumvirate                          dictator (N.) : a person who be-
     needy, especially with money           triumvirate (N.) : a group of            haves as if he had complete pow-
     beneficiary (N.) : a person who        three powerful people                    er over other people, and tells
     gains as a result of something         trio (N.) : a group of three peo-        them what to do
372. (2) nepotism                           ple/ things/ musicians ; a piece         tyrant (N.) : dictator ; a person
     nepotism (N.) : giving unfair ad-      of music for three musicians/            who has complete power in a
     vantages to your own family if         singers                                  country and uses it in a cruel
     you are in a position of power         tritium (N.) : of hydrogen with          and unfair way
     pluralism (N.) : the existence of      a mass that is three times that          popularist (N.) : a person who
     many different groups of people        of the isotope (one or two/more          fights for the common man
     in one society                         atoms with the same atomic num-          against the elite class of people
     idealism (N.) : the theory that        ber but with different numbers      382. (3) claustrophobia
     there are two opposite principle       of neutrons)                             claustrophobia (N.) : an extreme
     in everything                          trieu (N.) : a metal stand that          fear of being in a small confined
                                            you can put a hot dish, etc. on          place.