352. (3) aquatic                               martyr (N.) :a person who suf-        363. (3) blasphemy
     aquatic (Adj.) : animals living in        fers very much or is killed be-            blasphemy (N.) : behaviour/ lan-
     water                                     cause of his religious/ political          guage that insults/ shows a lack
     wild (Adj.) : plants/animal liv-          beliefs                                    of respect for God/ religion
     ing in natural conditions                 alien (Adj.) : strange and fright-         heresy (N.) : a belief or an opin-
     domestic (Adj.) : animals kept            ening ; hostile                            ion that is against the principle
     on farms or as pets                       atheist (N.) : a person who be-            of a particular religion
     barren (Adj.) : infertile ; land not      lieves that God does not exist             atheism (N.) : the belief that God
     good enough to grow plants on it     358. (2) ornithology                            does not exist
353. (2) botany                                ornithology (N.) : the study of            apostasy (N.) : the state of hav-
     botany (N.) : the study of plant          birds                                      ing rejected your religious beliefs
     life                                      zoology (N.) : the study of ani-           or your political party or a cause
     zoology (N.) : the study of ani-          mals                                  364. (3) contemporary
     mal life                                  physiology (N.) : the study of             contemporary (Adj.) : belonging
     geography (N.) : the study of             the normal functions of living             to the same time ; modern
     earth’s surface, physical fea-            things                                     recent (Adj.) : that happened or
     tures, divisions, products popu-          anthropology (N.) : the study of           began only a short time ago
     lation, etc.                              human race; its origin, develop-           modern (Adj.) : of the present
     geology (N.) : the study of earth,        ment, customs and beliefs                  times; contemporary
     including the origin and history     359. (1) insomnia                               compatriot (N.) : countryman ;
     of the rocks and soil of which            insomnia (N.) : lack of sleep              a person who was born in, as a
     the earth is made                         slumber (N.) : a time when                 citizen of, the same country as
354. (1) glutton                               somebody is asleep                         somebody else
     glutton (N.) : a person who eats          lassitude (N.) : lack of energy       365. (2) martyr
     too much                                  sleeping sickness (N.) : a tropical        martyr (N.) : a person who suf-
     obese (Adj.) : very fat, in a way         disease carried by the Tsetse fly          fers very much or is killed be-
     that is not healthy                       that causes a feeling of waiting           cause of his religious/ political
     overweight (Adj.) : too heavy             to go to sleep and usually causes          beliefs
     and fat                                   death                                      prophet (N.) : a person sent by
     greedy (Adj.) : wanting more                                                         God to teach the people and give
                                          360. (3) omniscient
     money, power, food etc. that you                                                     them messages from God
                                               omniscient (Adj.) : knowing ev-
     really need                               erything                                   seer (N.) : prophet
355. (1) imaginary                             omnipresent (Adj.) : present ev-           mystic (N.) : a person who tries
     imaginary (Adj.) : existing in            erywhere                                   to beco me united with God
     your mind                                                                            through prayer and meditation
                                               omnipotent (Adj.) : able to do
     fallacy (Adj.) : a false idea that                                                   and so understand important
                                               any thing
     many people believe is true                                                          things that are beyond normal
                                               almighty (Adj.) : having com-              human understanding
     gamble (V.) : to risk money on a          plete power; God
     card game, horse race, etc.                                                     366. (3) bibliography
                                          361. (3) carnivorous                            bibliography (N.) : a list of
     missionary (N.) : a person who            carnivorous (Adj.) : animals that          books/ articles on a particular
     is sent to a foreign country to           eat the flesh of other animals             subject or of a particular author
     teach people about Christianity           herbivorous (Adj.) : animal that           biography (N.) : story of one’s
356. (1) enviable                              eats plants                                life written by somebody else
     enviable (Adj.) : causing jealousy
                                               omnivorous (Adj.) : animal that            lithography (N.) : the process
     economical (Adj.) : providing             eats plants and meat (flesh of             of printing from a smooth sur-
     good service/ value in relation           other animals)                             face
     to the amount of time or money            aquatic (Adj.) : plants/ animals
     spent                                                                                orthography (N.) : the system
                                               living in water                            of spellings in a language
     envious (Adj.) : wanting to be
                                          362. (3) illegible                         367. (3) anniversary
     in the same position as somebody
                                               illegible (Adj.) : difficult or im-        anniversary (N.) : the date on
                                               possible to read                           which an event happened in
     jealous (Adj.) : feeling angry/
                                               illegitimate (Adj.) : born to par-         some previous year
     unhappy because you wish you
                                               ents who are not married to each           birthday (N.) : the date on which
     had something that somebody
                                               other                                      one is born
     else has ; envious
                                               illicit (Adj.) : not allowed by law ;      jubilee (N.) : a special anniver-
357. (1) patriot
                                               illegal                                    sary of an event
     patriot (N.) : a person who loves
     his country and who is ready to           illusive (Adj.) : not real although        centenary (N.) : the 100th anni-
     defend it against an enemy                seeming to be                              versary of an event