339. (2) misogynist                           revocable (Adj.) : capable of be-        postulate (V.) : to suggest/ ac-
     misogynist (N.) : a man who              ing cancelled officially so that it      cept that something is true so
     hates women                              may no longer be valid                   that it may be used on the basis
     androgynist (N.) : a person who          divisible (Adj.) : that can be di-       of a theory, etc.
     possesses the characteristics of         vided, usually with nothing re-     348. (4) cemetry
     both sexes                               maining                                  cemetery (N.) : an area of land
     misanthropist (N.) : someone        344. (2) mercenary                            used for burying dead people
     who dislikes people in general           mercenary (N.) : a soldier who           mercenary (N.) : a soldier who
     eve-teaser (N.) : a person who           will fight for any group/ country        will fight for any group/ country
     teases women/ girls                      that offers payment                      that offers payment
340. (2) malleable                            business like (N.) : working in          emissary (N.) : a person who is
     malleable (Adj.) : (a metal) that        an efficient and organized way           sent to deliver an official mes-
     can be hit/ pressed into differ-         and not wasting time or thinking         sage from one country to anoth-
     ent shapes easily without break-         about personal things                    er, or to perform a special task ;
     ing/ cracking ; (of people, ideas,       polyglot (N.) : multilingual ;           envoy
     etc.) easily influenced/ changed         knowing, using/ written in more          symmetry (N.) : the quality of
     ductile (Adj.) : (a metal) that can                                               being very similar and equal
                                              than one language
     be made into a thin wire                                                     349. (2) monopoly
                                              fastidious (N.) : being careful
     flexible (Adj.) : able to change                                                  monopoly (N.) : the complete
                                              that every detail is correct ; me-
     to suit new conditions/ situation;                                                control of trade in particular
                                              ticulous; not liking things to be
     able to bend easily without                                                       goods or the supply of a particu-
                                              dirty/ untidy
     breaking                                                                          lar service
                                         345. (3) effeminate                           monotheism (N.) : the belief that
     plasticine (Adj.) : a soft sub-
                                              effeminate (Adj.) : looking, be-         there is only one God
     stance like clay that is made in
                                              having/ sounding like women/             monism (N.) : the belief that all
     different colours, used by chil-
                                              a girl                                   things are unified and are all
     dren for making models
                                              feminine (Adj.) : having the qual-       based on one single principle or
341. (3) ransom
                                              ities/ appearance considered to          law
     ransom (N.) : money that is paid
     to kidnappers                            be typical of women ; connected          mono-mania (N.) : too much in-
                                              with women                               terest in/enthusiasm for one
     donation (N.) : something that
     is given to a person/ an organi-         feminist (N.) : a person who sup-        thing so that it may not be healthy
     sation such as a charity, in or-         ports the belief that women         350. (1) bankrupt
     der to help him/it                       should have the same rights and          bankrupt (N.) : without enough
                                              opportunities as men                     money to pay what you own ;
     honorarium (N.) : a payment
                                              womanly (Adj.) : feminine                insolvent
     made for somebody’s profession-
     al services                         346. (4) colleague                            bank roll (V.) : to support by giv-
                                                                                       ing money ; finance
     salary (N.) : money that an em-          colleague (N.) : a person that you
     ployee receives for doing his job                                                 extravagant : to spending more
                                              work with, in a profession or a
                                                                                       than is needed
342. (2) patrimony                            business
                                                                                       borrower (N.) : a person/ organ-
     patrimony (N.) : property given          companion (N.) : a person who
                                                                                       isation that borrows money from
     to somebody when his father              travels/ spends a lot of time with
                                                                                       a bank
     dies                                     you
     alimony (N.) : the money that a                                              351. (4) microscope
                                              ally (N.) : a person who helps
     court orders somebody to pay                                                      microscope (N.) : an instrument
                                              and supports somebody in a dif-          used in scientific study for mak-
     regularly to his former wife/ hus-       ficult situation
     band when the marriage is ended                                                   ing very small things look larger
                                              accomplice (N.) : a person who           so that you may examine them
     voluntary (N.) : done willingly ;        helps another to commit a crime          carefully
     doing a job without waiting to be
                                              or to do something wrong                 periscope (N.) : a device like a
                                         347. (1) irrigate                             long tube, containing mirrors
     armistice (N.) : ceasefire ; a for-                                               which enable the user to see over
                                              irrigate (V.) : to supply water to
     mal agreement during a war to                                                     the top of something
     stop fighting and discuss mak-           an area of land through pipes/
                                              channels so that crop may grow           stethoscope (N.) : an instrument
     ing peace
                                              mitigate (V.) : to make less harm-       that a doctor uses to listen to
343. (4) brittle
                                                                                       heart and breathing
     brittle (Adj.) : hard but easily         ful, serious, etc.
                                                                                       telescope (N.) : a piece of equip-
     broken                                   water gate (N.) : a political scan-
                                                                                       ment shaped like a tube contain-
     indestructible (Adj.) : that is          dal involving abuse of power and
                                                                                       ing lenses, that you look through
     very strong and cannot easily be         bribery and obstruction of jus-
                                                                                       to make objects that are far away
     destroyed                                tice
                                                                                       appear larger and nearer