indispensable (Adj.) : essential,           athlete (N.) : a person who com-     334. (2) maiden speech
     too important to be without                 petes in sports - running, jump-          maiden speech (N.) : the first
325. (3) sanatorium                              ing, physical exercises, etc.             speech made by a person
     sanatorium (N.) : a place like a            juggler (N.) : a person who juggles       introductory speech (N.) : said
     hospital where patients who have            - to throw a set of three or more         at the beginning of something as
     a lasting illness or who are get-           objects in air and catch and              an introduction to what follows
     ting better after an illness are            throw them again quickly, one at          concluding speech (N.) : said at
     treated                                     a time; an entertainer                    the end of something as a con-
     hospital (N.) : a large building            conjuror (N.) : a person who per-         clusion to what happend
     where people who are ill/sick/              forms magic tricks which seem             initial speech (N.) : said at the
     injured are given medical treat-            to make things appear or disap-           beginning
     ment and care                               pear
                                                                                      335. (4) ornithologist
     asylum (N.) : a hospital where         330. (2) sinecure
                                                                                           ornithologist (N.) : a person who
     people who were mentally ill could          sinecure (Adj.) : a job you are           studies birds
     be cared for, often for a long time         paid for even though it involves
                                                                                           orthopaedic (N.) : the doctor con-
     retreat (V.) : to move away from            little or no work
                                                                                           cerned with injuries and diseas-
     a place ; to recede ; to back off ; to      -honorary (Adj.) : given as an
                                                                                           es of the bones/ muscles
     retire                                      honour ; not paid
                                                                                           indispensable (N.) : a dentist
326. (4) gnaw                                    insolvent (Adj.) : not having             who treats problems concerning
                                                 enough money to pay what you              the position of the teeth and jaws
     gnaw (V.) : to keep biting/ chew-
     ing hard                                                                         336. (1) figment
     chew (V.) : to bite continuously            sinuous (Adj.) : turning while
                                                                                           figment (N.) : something that is
                                                 moving, in an elegant way ; hav-          imagined but does not exist
     cut (V.) : to make an opening ;
                                                 ing many curves
     to divide with a knife                                                                inevitable (Adj.) : that is sure
                                            331. (2) numismatics
     split (V.) : to divide ; to tear ; to                                                 to happen
     leave somebody and stop having              numismatics (N.) : the study of           mirage (N.) : Illusion ; an effect
     a relationship with him                     coins and medals
                                                                                           caused by hot air in deserts/ on
                                                 nymphomania (N.) : abnormally             roads, that makes you think you
327. (2) pedantic
                                                 intense sexual desire in women            can see something, such as wa-
     pedantic (Adj.) : too worried
                                                 numerology (N.) : the use of              ter which is not there
     about small details or rules
                                                 numbers to try to tell somebody
     ornate (Adj.) : covered with a                                                        shadow (N.) : shade within clear
                                                 what will happen in the future
     lot of decoration                                                                     boundaries
                                                 numeric (N.) : relating to num-      337. (1) versatile
     artificial (Adj.) : not real ; made
                                                 bers ; expressed in numbers
     or produced to copy something                                                         versatile (Adj.) : able to do many
                                            332. (1) misogynist                            different things
     showy (Adj.) : so brightly co-              misogynist (N.) : a man who
     loured, large/ exaggerated that                                                       projectile (Adj.) : very fast and
                                                 hates women
     it attracts a lot of attention                                                        with a lot of force
                                                 misanthrope (N.) : a person who           cyclostyle (Adj.) : print with a
328. (1 ) catalogue
                                                 hates and avoids other people             cyclostyle - a writing implement
     catalogue (N.) : a complete list
                                                 feminist (N.) : a person who sup-         with a small toothed wheel that
     of items ; a book/ pamphlet con-
                                                 ports the belief that women               cuts small holes in a stencil
     taining an examination (a num-
                                                 should have the same rights and
     bered list) of things                                                                 anglophile (N.) : a person who
                                                 opportunities as men
     bibliography (N.) : books/ arti-                                                      is not British but who likes Brit-
                                                 effeminate (N.) : looking, behav-         ain things very much
     cles about a particular subject/            ing or sounding like a woman or
     author                                                                           338. (2) confiscate
     backlist (N.) : the list of books                                                     confiscate (V.) : to officially take
                                            333. (3) brunette                              something away from somebody
     that have been published by a
                                                 brunette (N.) : a white–skinned           offer (V.) : to say that you are
     company in the past and are still
                                                 woman with dark brown hair                willing to do something
                                                 blonde (N.) : (of hair) pale gold         annex (V.) : to occupy ; to take
     index (N.) : a list of names/top-           in colour
     ics that are referred to in a book                                                    control of a country, region, etc.
                                                 philogynist (N.) : one who es-            especially by force
329. (3) acrobat
                                                 teems women as the higher type            hijack (V.) : to use violence or
     acrobat (N.) : an entertainer who
                                                 of humanity                               threats to take control of a vehi-
     performs difficult acts such as
                                                 dotard (N.) : someone whose               cle (plane) in order to force it to
     balancing on high ropes (at a cir-
                                                 age has impaired (diminished in           travel to a different place/ to
     cus) ; an athlete who performs
                                                 strength, quality or utility) intel-      demand something from a gov-
     acts that need skill, agility and
                                                 lect                                      ernment