obscure (Adj.) : unknown ; dif-      314. (3) extravagant                         uneducated (Adj.) : showing a
     ficult to understand                      extravagant (Adj.) : spending a         lack of education, having had lit-
     conspicuous (Adj.) : easy to see/         lot more money than is neces-           tle or no formal education at
     notice ; likely to attract attention      sary                                    school
     ethical (Adj.) : connected with           extempore (Adj.) : spoken with-         ignorant (Adj.) : lacking knowl-
     beliefs and principles about what         out any previous preparation            edge/ information
     is right and wrong ; morally cor-         thrifty (Adj.) : careful about          oblivious (Adj.) : not aware of
     rect/ acceptable                          spending money and not wast-            something
310. (3) pseudonym                             ing things                         320. (4) cannibal
     pseudonym (N.) : a name used by      315. (4) bald                                cannibal (N.) : a person who eats
     a writer instead of his real name         bald (Adj.) : having little or no       human flesh
     anonymous (Adj.) : with a name            hair on the head                        carnivore (N.) : eats the flesh of
     that is not known/ that is not            hoary (Adj.) : very old and well-       other animals (animal)
     made public                               known and therefore no longer           herbivore (N.) : eats only plants
     biography (N.) : story of a per-          interesting                             (animal)
     son’s life written by somebody                                                    glutton (N.) : a person who eats
                                               gaudy (Adj.) : too brightly co-
     else                                                                              too much
                                               loured in a way that lacks taste
     masquerade (N.) : a way of be-            naked (Adj.) : not wearing any     321. (2) brittle
     having that hides the truth or a          clothes ; bare                          brittle (Adj.) : hard but easily
     person’s true feelings
                                          316. (1) mutiny                              broken
311. (4) opaque                                                                        weak (Adj.) : not strong
                                               mutiny (N.) : the act of refusing
     opaque (Adj.) : not clear enough                                                  thin (Adj.) : not fat
                                               to obey the orders of somebody
     to see through/ allow light
                                               in authority                            hard (Adj.) : not soft
     lucid (Adj.) : clearly expressed;         coup (N.) : a sudden change of     322. (1) anarchist
     easy to understand ; clear ; able         government that is illegal and          anarchist (N.) : a person who be-
     to think clearly                          often violent                           lieves that laws and governments
     transparent (Adj.) : allowing you         revolution (N.) : an attempt, by        are not necessary
     to see through ; obvious                  a large number of people, to            villain (N.) : a person who is
     hazy (Adj.) : not clear because           change the government of a              morally bad/responsible for
     of haze                                   country, by violent action              causing personal trouble
312. (1) defame                                dissidence (N.) : disagreement,         criminal (N.) : connected with
     defame (V.) : to harm somebody            especially with the government          crime
     by saying/ writing bad/ false        317. (3) cavalry                             enemy (N.) : a person who hates
     things about him                          cavalry (N.) : the part of the          somebody/ something or who
     ridicule (V.) : to mock ; to make         army that fought on horses (in          acts or speaks against some-
     unkind comments that make fun             the past) ; the part of the mod-        body/something
     of somebody/ something or                 ern army that uses armoured ve-    323. (3) philanthropist
     make him look silly                       hicles                                  philanthropist (N.) : a rich per-
     mock (V.) : to laugh at some-             infantry (N.) : soldiers who fight      son who helps the poor and
     body/ something in an unkind              on foot                                 those in need
     way ; make fun of                         artillery (N.) : large, heavy guns      philologist (N.) : a person who
     agitate (V.) : to argue strongly          which are often moved on wheels         studies about the development
     for something you want ; to make          armoured (N.) : protected by met-       of a language
     somebody feel angry, anxious/             al covers (military vehicles)           philosopher (N.) : a person who
     nervous                              318. (1) spokesman                           studies/ writes about the nature
313. (3) octagon                               spokesman (N.) : a person who           and meaning of the universe and
     octagon (N.) : a flat shape with          speaks on behalf of a group or          human life
     eight straight sides and eight            an organisation                         philatelist (N.) : a person who
     angles                                                                            collects/ studies stamps
                                               leader (N.) : a person who leads
     polygon (N.) : a flat shape with                                             324. (4) infallible
                                               a group of people
     at least three straight sides and                                                 infallible (Adj.) : never making
                                               supporter (N.) : a person who
     three angles, and usually five or                                                 mistakes
                                               supports a political party, an
                                               idea, etc.                              inexplicable (Adj.) : that cannot
     hexagon (N.) : a flat shape with                                                  be understood/explained ; in-
     six straight sides and six angles         naming (N.) : inclined to or serv-
                                               ing for the giving of names             comprehensible
     pentagon (N.) : a flat shape with                                                 inevitable (Adj.) : that cannot
     five straight sides and five an-     319. (2) illiterate
                                                                                       be avoided; prevented ; unavoid-
     gles                                      illiterate (Adj.) : not knowing
                                               how to read/ write