hirsute (Adj.) : having a lot of         portico (N.) : a roof that is sup- 291. (2) journalism
     hair on the face/ body ; hairy           ported by columns; one that             journalism (N.) : the work of col-
     hoary (Adj.) : very old and well-        forms the entrance to a large           lecting and writing news, stories
     known and therefore no longer            building                                for newspapers, magazines, radio
     interesting                              mezzanine (N.) : a floor that is        or television
283. (2) simile                               built between two floors of a           literature (N.) : pieces of writ-
     simile (N.) : a word or phrase           building and is smaller than the        ing that are valued as works of
     that compares something to               other floors                            art-novels, plays, poems, etc.
     something else, using the words     287. (1) immigrant                           biography (N.) : the story of a
     like or as                               immigrant (N.) : a person who           person’s life written by somebody
     metaphor (N.) : a word or phrase         has came to live permanently in         else
     used for describing somebody/            a country that is not his own           artistry (N.) : the skill of an artist
     something else, in a way that is         emigrant (N.) : a person who       292. (1) foundling
     different from its normal use, in        leaves his country to live in an-       foundling (N.) : a baby who has
     order to show that the two things        other                                   been left by its parents and who
     have the same qualities and to           alien (N.) : hostile, strange and       is found and taken care of by
     make the description more pow-           frightening ; different from what       somebody else
     erful                                    you are used to                         sibling (N.) : a brother or sister
     personification (N.) : the prac-                                                 urchin (N.) : a younger child who
                                              visitor (N.) : a person who vis-
     tice of representing objects, qual-                                              is poor and dirty, often one who
                                              its a place or a person
     ities, etc. as human in art and                                                  has no home
     literature                          288. (1) wilfully
                                                                                      orphan (N.) : a child whose par-
                                              wilfully (Adv.) : done deliber-
     alliteration (N.) : the use of the                                               ents are dead
     same letter/ sound at the begin-         ately, although the person doing
                                                                                 293. (3) hinterland
     ning of words that are close to-         it knows that it is wrong
                                                                                      hinterland (N.) : the area of a
     gether                                   obligingly (Adv.) : helpfully ;         country that is away from the
284. (1) budgeting                            very willing to help                    coast from the banks of a large
     budgeting (N.) : an itemized sum-        voluntarily (Adv.) : willingly ;        river or from the main cities
     mary of estimated expenses for           without being forced                    swamps (N.) : marsh ; an area
     a given period along with propos-        compulsorily (Adv.) : that must         of ground that is very wet or cov-
     als for financing them                   be done because of a law or a           ered with water and in which
     retrenchment (N.) : a cutting            rule                                    plants, trees, etc. are growing
     down of expenses ; a reduction      289. (4) asylum                              marshes (N.) : an area of low
     of expenses                              asylum (N.) : protection that a         land that is always soft and wet
     saving (N.) : an amount of some-         government gives to people who          because there is nowhere for the
     thing such as time or money that         have left their own country, be-        water to flow away to
     you do not need to use or spend          cause they were in danger for           isthmuses (N.) : narrow strip of
     closure (N.) : the situation when        political reasons.                      land, with water on each side,
     a factory, school, hospital, etc.                                                that joins two large pieces of land
                                              shelter (N.) : the fact of having
     shuts permanently                                                           294. (1) testimonial
                                              a place to live/stay; to give pro-
285. (2) maxim                                                                        testimonial (N.) : a formal writ-
                                              tection from rain, danger or at-
     maxim (N.) : a well-known phrase                                                 ten statement, often by a former
     that expresses something that is                                                 employer, about somebody’s abil-
     usually true or that people think        house (N.) : a place for people         ities, qualities and character
     is a rule for sensible behaviour         to live in
                                                                                      memorandum (N.) : a record of
     marxism (N.) : the political and    290. (1) punter                              a legal agreement which has not
     economic theories of Karl Marx           punter (N.) : customer ; a person       yet been formally prepared and
     (1818-83) which explain the              who buys or uses a particular           signed
     changes and developments in              product or service; someone who         certificate (N.) : an official doc-
     society as the result of opposi-         bets                                    ument that may be used for
     tion between the social classes          hacker (N.) : a person who se-          proving that the facts it states
     neologism (N.) : a new word/             cretly finds a way of looking at        are true
     expression/ a new meaning of a           and/ or changing information on         licence (N.) : an official docu-
     word                                     somebody else’s computer sys-           ment that shows that permission
     platonism (N.) : the ideas of the        tem without permission                  has been given to do, own or use
     ancient Greek philosopher, Pla-          customer (N.) : a person/an or-         something
     to and those who followed him            ganisation that buys something     295. (3) infallible
286. (2) pantry                               from a shop/ store or business          infallible (N.) : never wrong ;
     pantry (N.) : a cupboard/closet          client (N.) : a person who uses         making mistakes ; that never
     or small room in a house, used           the services/ advice of a profes-       fails ; always doing what it is
     for storing food ; larder                sional person/ organisation             supposed to do