environment (N.) : the condi-            with a special material so that          will look or work by making
     tions that affect the behaviour          they may look like living ones and       drawings, plans/ patterns
     and development of somebody/             can be displayed                         architect (N.) : a person whose
     something                                taxonomy (N.) : the scientific           job is designing buildings, etc.
269. (3) unanimous                            process of classifying things -     278. (3) richter
     unanimous (Adj.) : in complete           arranging them into groups               richter (N.) : a system for mea-
     agreement ; acting together as a         topology (N.) : the way the parts        suring how strong an earthquake
     single undiversified whole               of something are arranged and            is
     unaware (N.) : not knowing/ re-          related                                  celsius (N.) : using a scale of
     alizing that something is happen-        seismology (N.) : the scientific         temperature in which water
     ing or that something exists             study of earthquakes                     freezes at 0° and boils at 100°
     verdict (N.) : a decision that is   274. (3) lunar                                newtons (Adj.) : of newton an
     made by a jury in a court                lunar (N.) : related to the moon         english mathematician and phys-
     spontaneous (Adj.) : do ing              solar (N.) : related to the sun          icist
     things without planning ; done           moonlit (N.) : lit by the moon-          linear (Adj.) : of or in lines, of
     naturally, without being forced          light                                    length
     or practised                             honeymoon (N.) : a holiday/ va-     279. (2) souvenir
270. (2) antipathy                            cation taken by a couple who             souvenir (N.) : a thing that you
     antipathy (N.) : a strong feeling        have just got married                    buy and/ or keep to remind your-
     of dislike; hostility               275. (1) flora                                self of a place, an occasion or a
     aversion (N.) : a strong feeling         flora (N.) : the plants of a par-        holiday/vacation ; memento
     of not liking somebody/ some-            ticular area, type of environment        trophy (N.) : an award for suc-
     thing                                    or period of time                        cess in war/ hunting ; some-
     apathy (N.) : the feeling of not         fauna (N.) : the animals living in       thing given as a token of victory
     being interested in or enthusi-          an area or in a particular period        prize (N.) : an award given for
     astic                                    of history                               victory or for a piece of good
     despair (N.) : the feeling of hav-       landscape (N.) : everything you          work done
     ing lost all hope                        can see when you look across a           antique (N.) : old and valuable
271. (4) brewery                              large area of land                  280. (2) universal
     brewery (N.) : a factory where           environment (N.) : the condi-            universal (Adj.) : involving all the
     beer is made                             tions that affect the behaviour          people in the world
     bakery (N.) : a place where bread        and development of somebody/             international (Adj.) : connected
     and cakes are made and/or sold           something                                with two or more countries
     cloakroom (N.) : a room in a        276. (2) amnesty                              regional (Adj.) : relating to a re-
     public building where people can         amnesty (N.) : an official state-        gion
     leave coats, bags, etc. for a time       ment that allows people who              provincial (Adj.) : connected
     tannery (N.) : a place where an-         have been put in prison for              with one of the large areas that
     imal skins are tanned and made           crimes against the state to go free      the same countries are divided
     into leather                             parley (N.) : a discussion be-           into, with its own local government
272. (3) manuscript                           tween enemies or people who dis-    281. (1) hoard
     manuscript (N.) : a copy of a            agree, in order to try and find a
                                                                                       hoard (V.) : to collect money,
     book, piece of music, etc. before        way of solving a problem
                                                                                       food, valuables objects, etc. on
     it has been printed ; handwrit-          parole (N.) : permission that is         a secret place so that other peo-
     ten look/ document                       given to a prisoner to leave pris-       ple may not find or steal them
     handicraft (N.) : activities such        on before the end of his sentence
                                                                                       store (N.) :a place where goods
     as sewing and making cloth that          on condition that he behaves well
                                                                                       are sold/ kept
     use skill with your hands and            acquittal (N.) : an official deci-       hide (V.) : to conceal ; to put/
     artistic ability to make things          sion in court that a person is not       keep in place which cannot be
     handiwork (N.) : work that you           guilty of a crime                        seen/found
     do, or something that you have      277. (2) artist
                                                                                       aboard (N.) : on board ; on or
     made, especially using your ar-          artist (N.) : a person who cre-          onto a ship, plane, bus or train
     tistic skill                             ates works of art, paintings/
                                                                                  282. (1) histrionic
     thesis (N.) : a long piece of writ-      drawings
                                                                                       histrionic (Adj.) : very emotional
     ing completed by a student as a          painter (N.) : a person whose job        behaviour, intended to attract
     part of a university degree, based       is painting buildings, walls, etc.;      attention in a way that does not
     on his own research                      an artist who paints pictures            seem sincere
273. (2) taxidermy                            designer (N.) : a person whose
                                                                                       Hippocratic (Adj.) : of or relat-
     taxidermy (N.) : the art of stuff-       job is to decide how things such
                                                                                       ing to Hippocrates or the school
     ing dead animals, birds and fish         as clothes, furniture, tools, etc.
                                                                                       of medicine that took his name