255. (1) tsunami                                vulnerable (Adj.) : weak and eas-         orbit (N.) : a curved path followed
     tsunami (N.) : an extremely large          ily hurt physically/ emotionally          by a planet or an object as it moves
     wave in the sea caused by an               flexible (Adj.) : able to change          around another planet, star, moon,
     earthquake ; tidal wave                    to suit new conditions/ situa-            etc.
     tornado (N.) : a violent storm             tions                                     solar system (N.) : the sun and
     with very strong winds which               delicate (Adj.) : fragile; easily         all the planets that move around
     move in a circle                           damaged or broken                         it
     hurricane (N.) : a violent storm      260. (4) choir                                 comet (N.) : a mass of ice and
     with very strong winds, especially         choir (N.) : a group of people who        dust that moves around the sun
     in the western Atlantic Ocean              sing together (in church servic-          and looks like a bright star with
     cyclone (N.) : A violent tropical          es/ public performances)                  a tail
     storm in which strong winds                coir (N.) : rough material made      265. (3) temporary
     move in a circle                           from the shells of coconuts, used         temporary (Adj.) : lasting or in-
256. (1) contagious                             for making ropes, for covering            tended to last or be used only
     contagious (Adj.) : easily spread          flowers, etc.                             for a short time ; not permanent
     from one person to another (dis-           quorum (N.) : the smallest num-           transparent (Adj.) : allowing you
     ease)                                      ber of people who must be at a            to see through it (glass etc.)
     infectious (Adj.) : easily spread ;        meeting before it can begin/ de-
                                                                                          temporal (Adj.) : connected with
     caused by infection                        cisions can be made
                                                                                          the real physical world, not spir-
     epidemic (N.) : a large number             quire (N.) : four sheets of paper
                                                                                          itual matters ; connected with or
     of cases of a particular disease           folded to make eight leaves
                                                                                          limited by time
     happening at the same time in a       261. (3) homicide
                                                                                          temperate (Adj.) : having a mind
     particular community                       homicide (N.) : the crime of kill-
                                                                                          temperature without extremes of
                                                ing somebody deliberately ; mur-
     endemic (Adj.) : regularly found                                                     heat/cold
     in a particular place or among a                                                266. (4) panacea
     particular group of people and             regicide (N.) : the crime of kill-
                                                ing a king/queen                          panacea (N.) : something that
     difficult to get rid of.
                                                fratricide (N.) : the crime of kill-      will solve all the problems of a
257. (4) archaeology                                                                      particular situation
                                                ing your brother/sister
     archaeology (N.) : the study of                                                      narcotic (N.) : a powerful illegal
     cultures of the past, and of peri-         genocide (N.) : the murder of a
                                                whole race or group of people             drug that affects the mind in a
     ods of history by examining the                                                      harmful way
     remains of buildings and objects      262. (1) coercion
                                                coercion (N.) : the action of mak-        antiseptic (N.) : disinfectant ; a
     found in the ground
                                                ing somebody do something that            substance that helps to prevent
     history (N.) : all the events that
                                                he does not want to do, using             infection in wounds by killing
     happened in the past
                                                force or threatening                      bacteria
     anthropology (N.) : the study of
                                                conviction (N.) : the act of find-        tonic (N.) : a medicine that
     human race, its origin, develop-
                                                ing somebody guilty of a crime            makes you feel stronger and
     ment, customs and beliefs
                                                in court                                  healthier, taken when you feel
     ethnology (N.) : the scientific
                                                confession (N.) : a statement             tired
     study and comparison of human
                                                that a person makes admiting         267. (1) genocide
                                                that he is guilty of a crime              genocide (N.) : the murder of a
258. (1) fable
                                                cajolement (N.) : making some-            whole race or a group of people
     fable (N.) : a traditional short sto-
                                                body do something by talking to           germicide (N.) : a substance
     ry that teaches a moral lesson
                                                him and being very nice to him;           which destroys bacteria, etc.
                                                coaxing                                   patricide (N.) : the crime of kill-
     tale (N.) : a story created using     263. (2) herbivorous                           ing your father
     the imagination, especially one
                                                herbivorous (Adj.) : animals that         suicide (N.) : the act of killing
     that is full of actions and adven-
                                                feed on plants
     ture                                                                                 yourself deliberately
                                                carnivorous (Adj.) : animals that
     anecdote (N.) : a short, inter-                                                 268. (2) flora
                                                feed on other animals
     esting or amusing story about a                                                      flora (N.) : the plants of a par-
                                                insectivorous (Adj.) : animals
     real person or an event                                                              ticular area, type of environment
                                                that feed on insects
     parable (N.) : a short story that                                                    or period of time
                                                graminivorous (Adj.) : animals
     teaches a moral/ spiritual lesson                                                    fauna (N.) : the animals living in
                                                that feed on grasses
     (told by Jesus as recorded in the                                                    an area or in a particular period
     Bible)                                264. (2) constellation
                                                                                          of history
259. (3) brittle                                constellation (N.) : a group of
                                                                                          landscape (N.) : everything you
     brittle (Adj.) : hard but easily           stars that forms a shape in the
                                                sky and has a name                        can see when you look across a
     broken                                                                               large area of land