mercenary (N.) : a soldier who       246. (2) opinionated                           contempt (N.) : the feeling that
     will fight for any country or group       opinionated (Adj.) : having very          somebody/ something is without
     that offers payment                       strong opinions that you are not          value and deserves no respect
242. (1) corroborate                           willing to change                         at all
     corroborate (V.) : confirm ; to           plaintive (Adj.) : sounding sad ;    251. (2) delegate
     provide evidence/ information             mournful                                  delegate (V.) : to give part of your
     that supports a statement                 undoubtable (Adj.) : incapable            work, power or authority to
     implicate (V.) : to show/ sug-            of being doubted ; unquestion-            somebody in a lower position than
     gest that somebody is involved            able                                      you
     in something bad/ criminal ; in-          secular (Adj.) : not connected            assign (V.) : to give somebody
     criminate                                 with spiritual/ religious matters         something that he can use, or
     designate (V.) : to say officially   247. (2) phobia                                some work or responsibility
     that somebody/ something has              phobia (N.) : a strong unreason-          represent (V.) : to give, show/
     a particular character/ name ;            able fear/ hatred                         send something again, especially
     to describe in a particular way           horror (N.) : a feeling of great          a cheque, bill, etc. that has not
                                               shock, fear or disgust                    been paid
     extricate (V.) : to escape/ en-
     able to escape from a difficult sit-      fright (N.) : a feeling of fear           designate (V.) : to say officially
     uation                                                                              that somebody/ something has
                                               scare (N.) : a sudden feeling of
243. (3) introspection                                                                   a particular character/ name
     introspection (N.) : the careful                                               252. (2) intermediary
                                          248. (3) fanatical
     examination of your own                   fanatical (Adj.) : marked by ex-          intermediary (Adj.) : mediator ;
     thoughts , feelings and reason            treme enthusiasm ; over-zealous           a person/ organisation that
     for behaving in a particular way                                                    helps other people/ organisation
                                               spirited (Adj.) : full of energy,
                                                                                         to make an agreement by being
     observation (N.) : the act of             determination or courage
                                                                                         a means of communication be-
     watching carefully, for a period          interested (Adj.) : showing in-           tween them
     of time                                   terest and finding something ex-          neutral (Adj.) : Impartial ; unbi-
     examination (N.) : test; inspec-          citing                                    ased
     tion ; scrutiny                           despotic (N.) : a ruler with great        judge (Adj.) : a person who de-
     introvert (N.) : a quiet person           power, especially one who uses            cides who has won a competi-
     who is more interested in his own         it in a cruel way                         tion
     thoughts and feelings than in        249. (2) ceasefire
                                                                                         connoisseur (N.) : an expert on
     spending time with other people           ceasefire (N.) : a time when en-          matters involving the judgement
244. (3) bigot                                 emies agree to stop fighting ;            of beauty, quality or skill in art,
     bigot (Adj.) : a person who has           truce                                     food/music
     very strong, unreasonable be-             compromise (N.) : an agreement       253. (4) anarchy
     liefs or opinions about race, reli-       made between two people or
                                                                                         anarchy (N.) : a situation in a
     gion/ politics and who will not           groups in which each side gives
                                                                                         country, an organisation, etc. in
     listen to/ accept the opinions of         up some of the things it wants
                                                                                         which there is no government,
     anyone who disagrees                      so that both sides may be happy
                                                                                         order or control
     religious (Adj.) : connected with         outpost (N.) : a small military           rebellion (N.) : an attempt by
     religion                                  camp away from the main army,
                                                                                         some of the people in a country
                                               used for watching an enemy’s              to charge their government us-
     fanatic (Adj.) : a person who is          movements
     extremely enthusiastic ; enthu-                                                     ing violence
                                               protocol (N.) : a system of fixed         mutiny (N.) : the act of refusing
                                               rules and formal behaviour used
     god-fearing (Adj.) : living a moral                                                 to obey the orders of somebody
                                               at official meetings                      in authority, especially by sol-
     life based on religious principles
                                          250. (2) ridicule                              diers/ sailors
245. (3) ambiguous
                                               ridicule (N.) : mockery ; unkind          revolt (N.) : a protest against au-
     ambiguous (Adj.) : that can be            remarks that make fun of some-            thority
     understood in more than one               body/ something or make him/
     way; having different meanings                                                 254. (4) inaudible
                                               it look silly
     confusing (Adj.) : not clear; dif-                                                  inaudible (Adj.) : that you can-
                                               discrimination (N.) : the prac-
     ficult to understand                                                                not hear
                                               tice of treating somebody or a
                                                                                         unheard (Adj.) : that no body
     unclear (Adj.) : not clear, not def-      particular group in society less
                                                                                         pays attention to
     inite; difficult to understand or         fairly than other
     be sure about                             satire (N.) : a way of criticizing a      faint (Adj.) : that cannot be
                                               person, an idea or an institution         clearly seen, heard/ smelt
     ambivert (Adj.) : a person who
                                               in which you use humour to show           audible (Adj.) : that can be
     is both an introvert and an ex-
                                               his/its faults/ weaknesses                heard clearly