impressionist (N.) : an artist who         deprived child (N.) : a child who      237. (4) misogynist
     paints in a style developed in             is without enough food, educa-              misogynist (N.) : a man who
     France in the late 19th century            tion and all the things that are            hates women
     that uses colours to show the ef-          necessary for it to live a happy            philanthropist (N.) : a rich per-
     fects of light on things and to sug-       and comfortable life                        son who helps the poor and
     gest atmosphere rather than                waif (N.) : a thin child who doesn’t        those in need, especially by giv-
     showing exact details                      have enough to eat                          ing money
     implorer (N.) : a person who          233. (2) gesture                                 ascetic (N.) : not allowing your-
     asks somebody to do something              gesture (N.) : a movement made              self physical pleasures, especial-
     because he wants/ needs it very            with your hands, head, face to              ly for religious reasons
     much                                       show a specific meaning/feeling/            misogamist (N.) : a person who
229. (3) bottleneck                             idea                                        hates marriages
     bottleneck (N.) : a narrow or              jibe (N.) : an unkind remark           238. (4) nomenclature
     busy section of road where the             about somebody                              nomenclature (N.) : a system of
     traffic often gets slower and              pose (V.) : to create a problem,            naming things
     stops ; logjam                             to ask a question to sit/stand in           horticulture (N.) : the study/
     bypass (N.) : a road that passes           a particular position                       practice of growing flowers, fruits
     around a town/ city rather than            mimicry (N.) : the action/skill             and vegetables
     through the centre                         of being able to copy the voice,            miniature (N.) : very small;
     breach (N.) : a failure to do some-        movements of others                         much smaller than usual; a very
     thing that must be done by law        234. (2) mortgage                                small detailed painting/model
     blockhead (N.) : a very stupid             mortgage (N.) : a legal agreement           genocide (N.) : the murder of a
     person                                     by which a bank lends you mon-              whole race or group of people
230. (4) jury                                   ey to buy a house                      239. (1) walkway
     jury (N.) : a group of members             document (N.) : an official pa-             walk way (N.) : a path set aside
     of the public who listen to the            per/book that gives information             for walking
     facts of a case in a court and             lease (N.) : a legal agreement that         walk-out (N.) : to leave a meet-
     decide whether or not somebody             allows you to use a building, a             ing, performance, etc.; to stop
     is guilty of a crime                       piece of equipment or some land             working; to desert
     association (N.) : an official             for a period of time, usually in            walk-about (N.) : an occasion
     group of people who love to join           return for rent                             when an important person walks
     together for a particular purpose          invoice (N.) : a bill                       among ordinary people to meet
     council (N.) : a group of people      235. (2) dereliction                             and talk to them
     elected to govern an area such             dereliction (N.) : wilful negligence ;      walk over (N.) : to treat some-
     as a city/ country                         the fact of deliberately not doing          body badly; to defeat somebody
     bar (N.) : a room/ establishment           what you ought to do, especially            easily
     where alcoholic drinks are                 when it is part of your job            240. (2) panacea
     served over a counter                      debacle (N.) : an event/a situa-            panacea (N.) : something that
231. (4) addict                                 tion that is a complete failure and         will solve all the problems of a
     addict (N.) : a person who is very         causes embarrassment                        particular situation
     interested in something and                determination (N.) : the quality            laxative (N.) : a medicine, food/
     spends a lot of his free time in it ;                                                  drink that makes somebody emp-
                                                that makes you continue trying
     a person who is unable to stop                                                         ty his bowels easily
                                                to do something even when this
     taking harmful drugs                       is difficult                                antidote (N.) : a substance that
     criminal (N.) : connected with/                                                        controls the effects of a poison/
                                                deterrent (N.) : a thing that
     involving crime                                                                        disease
                                                makes somebody less likely to
     martyr (N.) : a person who suf-            do something                                purgative (N.) : a substance/
     fers very much or is killed be-       236. (2) ambidextrous                            medicine that causes your bow-
     cause of his religious/ political                                                      els to empty
                                                ambidextrous (N.) : able to use
     beliefs                                                                           241. (3) philanthropist
                                                both the hands equally well
     gladiator (N.) : a man trained to                                                      philanthropist (N.) : a rich per-
                                                ambivert (N.) : a person who is
     fight other men/animals in or-                                                         son who helps the poor and
                                                both an introvert and an extro-
     der to entertain public                                                                those in need
232. (4) A posthumous child                                                                 misanthrope (N.) : a person who
                                                ambivalent (N.) : having or
                                                                                            hates and avoids other people
     posthumous child (N.) : given              showing both good and bad feel-
     or happening after someone has             ings                                        anthropologist (N.) : a person
     died                                                                                   who studies about the human
                                                ambitious (N.) : determined to
                                                                                            race, its origin, developments,
     orphan (N.) : a child whose par-           be successful, rich, powerful,
                                                                                            customs and beliefs
     ents are dead                              etc.