213. (3) bilingual                         218. (3) amphibians                            bibliographer (N.) : someone
     bilingual (Adj.) : able to speak           amphibians (N.) : any animal              trained in compiling a list of
     two languages equally well ; writ-         that can live both an land and in         books/ articles
     ten in two languages                       water                                     bilingualist (N.) : a person who
     versatile (Adj.) : able to do many         anthropoids (N.) : Looking like           speaks more than one language
     different things                           a human                              224. (4) sporadic
     expert (Adj.) : having special             aquatics (N.) : growing or living         sporadic (N.) : happening only
     knowledge, skill or training               in, or near water                         occasionally or at intervals that
     knowledgeable (Adj.) : knowing             aquarians (N.) : a person born            are not regular ; intermittent
     a lot ; well-informed                      between 21 January and 19 Feb-            epidemic (N.) : a rapid increase
                                                ruary                                     in how often something bad hap-
214. (2) cannibal
                                           219. (3) gullible                              pens
     cannibal (N.) : one who eats hu-
                                                gullible (Adj.) : naive ; too will-       endemic (N.) : regularly found
     man flesh
                                                ing to believe or accept what oth-        in a particular place/ among a
     man-eater (N.) : a wild animal
                                                er people tell you and therefore          particular group of people and
     that attacks and eats humans                                                         difficult to get rid of
                                                easily tricked
     beast (N.) : a large/ dangerous/           insensible (Adj.) : unable to feel        temporal (N.) : connected with/
     unusual animal                             something or react to it ; un-            limited by time
     savage (N.) : aggressive and vio-          aware                                225. (3) commemorate
     lent ; causing great harm ; brutal         perceptible (Adj.) : noticeable ;         commemorate (V.) : to remind
215. (1) assertive                              great enough for you to notice it         people of an important person/
     assertive (Adj.) : expressing              indefensible (Adj.) : that cannot         event from the past with a special
     opinions/ desires strongly and             be defended/ excused because              action/ object
     with confidence, so that people            it is morally unacceptable                communicate (V.) : to exchange
     may take notice                       220. (2) hydrophobia                           information, news, ideas, etc.
     bossy (Adj.) : always telling peo-         hydrophobia (N.) : extreme fear           commensurate (V.) : to match
     ple what to do                             of water                                  something in size, importance,
                                                claustrophobia (N.) : an extreme          quality, etc.
     aggressive (Adj.) : angry, and
                                                fear of being in a small confined         commiserate (V.) : to show sym-
     behaving in a threatening way ;
                                                place                                     pathy when somebody is upset/
     ready to attack
                                                insomnia (N.) : Lack of sleep             disappointed
     lordy (Adj.) : an exclamation of
                                                obsession (N.) : the state in which  226. (1) investigation
     surprise and dismay (US and
                                                a person’s mind is completely             investigation (N.) : an inquiry
     Canada)                                    filled with the thoughts of one           into unfamiliar/ questionable ac-
216. (4) deprecate                              particular thing or a person in a         tivities
     deprecate (V.) : to feel and ex-           way that is not normal
                                                                                          interview (N.) : the questioning
     press strong disapproval              221. (2) assent
                                                                                          of a person by a journalist, for a
     declare (V.) : to say something            assent (V.) : to agree to a request/      job, for admission in school, col-
     officially/ publicly ; to state firm-      an idea/ a suggestion                     lege, etc.
     ly and clearly                             assure (V.) : to make yourself
                                                                                          examination (N.) : inspection,
     deprive (V.) : to prevent from             certain about something ; guar-
                                                                                          test, scrutiny
     having/ doing something impor-             antee
                                                                                          exploration (N.) : an examination
     tant                                       adapt (V.) : To adjust; to modify
                                                                                          of something to find out about it
     depreciate (V.) : to become less           adhere (V.) : to stick firmly
                                                                                     227. (4) tempest
     valuable over a period of time        222. (2) recluse
                                                                                          tempest (N.) : a violent storm
217. (4) illegible                              recluse : a person who lives
                                                                                          weather (N.) : the condition of
                                                alone and likes to avoid other
     illegible (Adj.) : difficult/ impos-                                                 the atmosphere at a particular
     sible to read                                                                        place and time (temperature,
                                                iconoclast : a person who crit-
     ineligible (Adj.) : not having nec-                                                  wind, rain, sun, etc.)
                                                icizes popular beliefs/ estab-
     essary qualifications to have/ do          lished customs and ideas                  breeze (N.) : a light mind
     something                                                                       228. (4) imposter/impostor
                                                sage : a very wise person
     decipher (Adj.) : to succeed in            priest : a person who performs            impostor (N.) : a person who pre-
     finding the meaning of something           religious ceremonies                      tends to be somebody else in
     of that is difficult to read/ un-     223. (2) bibliophile                           order to trick people
     derstand                                                                             imperialist (N.) : a person who
                                                bibliophile (N.) : a person who
     ugly (Adj.) : not good-looking/                                                      believes in a powerful country
                                                loves/ collects books
     beautiful, unpleasant to look at ;                                                   increasing its influence over oth-
                                                bibliomaniac (N.) : excessive
     unattractive, unpleasant or dan-                                                     er countries through business,
                                                fondness for acquiring and pos-
     gerous of an event/ a situation                                                      culture, etc.
                                                sessing books