linguist (N.) : a person who              pilferage (N.) : the act of steal-        cynic (N.) : a person who be-
     knows several foreign languag-            ing small amounts/ small articles         lieves that people only do things
     es well ; a person who studies       204. (4) entomology                            to help themselves, rather than
     languages                                 entomology (N.) : the scientific          for good or sincere reasons
200. (1) biopsy                                study of insects                          slanderer (N.) : one who attacks
     biopsy (N.) : the removal of tis-         anthropology (N.) : the study of          the reputation of another by
     sue from the body of somebody             human race, especially of its or-         speaking falsely about him ;
     who is ill and its examination in         igin, development, customs and            defamer ; backbiter ; maligner
     order to find out more about the          beliefs                              209. (3) imposter
     disease                                   zoology (N.) : the scientific study       imposter (N.) : a person who pre-
     autopsy (N.) : post-mortem ; an           of animals and their behaviour            tends to be somebody else in or-
     official examination of a dead            etymology (N.) : the study of the         der to trick people
     body by a doctor in order to dis-         original and history of words and         explorer (N.) : a person who trav-
     cover the cause of death                  their meanings                            els to an unknown place in or-
     operation (N.) : the process of                                                     der to find out more about it
                                          205. (2) agenda
     cutting open a part of a person’s                                                   prompter (N.) : a person who
                                               agenda (N.) : a list of items to be
     body in order to remove or re-                                                      reminds the actors what the
                                               discussed at a meeting
     pair a damaged part                                                                 words are if they forget their
                                               schedule (N.) : a plan that lists
     ampluation (N.) : a surgical re-                                                    lines (in a play)
                                               all the work that you have to do
     moval of all or a part of a limb                                                    divider (N.) : someone who
                                               and when you must do each
201. (4) velocity                                                                        claims to discover hidden knowl-
                                               thing ; a time table
                                                                                         edge with the aid of supernatu-
     velocity (N.) : the speed of some-        time-table (N.) : schedule show-          ral powers
     thing in a particular direction           ing the times at which particular
     pace (N.) : the speed at which                                                 210. (3) ghastly
                                               events will happen
     somebody/something walks,                                                           ghastly (Adv.) : horrible, terrible;
                                               plan (N.) : something that you            very frightening and unpleasant,
     runs or moves                             intend to do/ achieve                     because it involves pain, death,
     tempo (N.) : the speed of any        206. (3) diagnosis                             etc.
     movement/ activity ; pace
                                               diagnosis (N.) : identifying the          ominously (Adv.) : in a manner
     velodrome (N.) : track/ build-            nature or cause of some phenom-           that suggests that something bad
     ing used for cycle racing                 ena                                       is going to happen in the future
202. (3) archives                              test (N.) : an examination con-           sprightly (Adv.) : full of life and
     archives (N.) : the place where           ducted for diagnostic purpose;            energy ; lively (for older people)
     historical document/ records of           a set of questions/ exercises             terribly (Adv.) : very much ;
     a government, a family are stored         perusal (N.) : reading carefully          very badly
     coffer (N.) : a large strong box,         with intent to remember              211. (4) miser
     used in the past for storing mon-
                                               operation (N.) : surgery                  miser (N.) : a person who loves
     ey/ valuable objects
                                          207. (1) illegible                             money and hates spending it
     pantry (N.) : a cupboard/closed/                                                    curmudgeon (N.) : a bad-tem-
                                               illegible (Adj.) : difficult/ impos-
     small room in a house, used for                                                     pered person, often an old one
                                               sible to read
     storing food ; larder
                                               incomprehensible (Adj.) : im-             money-grabber (N.) : a person
     scullery (N.) : a small room next                                                   who tries to get a lot of money
                                               possible to understand ; unin-
     to the kitchen in an old house,                                                     scrimp (V.) : to spend very little
     originally used for washing                                                         money on the things that you
     dishes, etc.                              unreadable (Adj.) : too dull/ dif-
                                               ficult to be worth reading ; illeg-       need to live, so that you may save
203. (1) plagiarism                                                                      it to spend on something else
     plagiarism (N.) : an act of copy-                                              212. (2) consternation
     ing another person’s i deas,              unintelligible (Adj.) : impossible
                                               to understand ; incomprehensible          consternation (N.) : worried, sad
     words or work and pretend that                                                      feeling after you have received
     they are your own                    208. (1) critic
                                                                                         an unpleasant surprise ; fear
     burglary (N.) : the crime of en-          critic (N.) : a person who ex-
                                                                                         resulting from the awareness of
     tering building illegally and steal-      presses opinions about the good
                                                                                         danger ; dismay
     ing things from it ; house break-         and bad qualities of books, music,
                                                                                         constriction (N.) : a narrowing
     ing                                       etc. ; one who makes harsh and
                                                                                         that reduces the flow through a
                                               unfair judgements                         channel ; bottleneck
     piracy (N.) : the crime of attack-
     ing ships at sea in order to steal        satirist (N.) : a person who              concentration (N.) : the ability
     from them; the act of making il-          criticizes a person, an idea or an        to direct all your effort and at-
     legal copies of DVD’s, computer           institution in which you use              tention on one thing
     programs, books, etc. in order            humour to show his faults or              contraction (N.) : the process
     to sell them                              weaknesses.                               of becoming smaller