view/a performance/an event           190. (1) flounder                             eg. cockroaches, rats, etc.
     that is very impressive and ex-            flounder (V.) : to struggle to      195. (1) glower
     citing to look at                          know/say/move in a difficult sit-        glower (V.) : to look in an angry,
185. (4) referendum                             uation                                   aggressive way : glare
     referendum (N.) : an occasion              founder (V.) : to fail because of        gnaw (V.) : to keep biting/chew-
     when all the people of a country           a particular problem/difficulty          ing hard till the thing disappears
     can vote on an important issue             fumble (V.) : to have difficulty         gnash (V.) : to grind together
     election (N.) : the process of choos-      speaking clearly/ finding the            (teeth)
     ing a person/a group of people             right words to say                       grind (V.) : break/ crush into
     for a position, especially a polit-        finger (V.) : to abuse somebody          very small pieces between two
     ical position, by voting                   of doing something illegal and tell      hard surfaces or using a special
     reference (N.) : the act of men-           the police about it.                     machine
     tioning/looking for information/      191. (3) sinecure                        196. (1) insolvent
     asking for help or advice
                                                sinecure (N.) : a job you are paid       insolvent (N.) : a person not hav-
     popularity (N.) : the state of be-                                                  ing enough to pay what he owes ;
                                                for even thought it involves little
     ing liked, enjoyed or supported                                                     bankrupt
     by a large number of people                or no work.
                                                director (N.) : a person in charge       poor (N.) : a person not having
186. (3) epitaph
                                                of a particular activity/depart-         enough money for basic needs
     epitaph (N.) : word written/ said
                                                ment in a company, a college, etc.       destitute (N.) : a person with-
     about a dead person, especially
                                                trustee (N.) : a member of a             out money, food and other things
     on a grave stone
                                                group of people that controls the        necessary for life
     espionage (N.) : spying
                                                financial affairs of a charity           pauper (N.) : a very poor person
     epilogue (N.) : a speech at the end
     of a play/book/film; conclusion            ombudsman (N.) : an official        197. (4) blasphemy
     elegy (N.) : a poem/song that              whose job is to examine and re-          blasphemy : behaviour/ lan-
     expresses sadness, especially for          port on complaints made by or-           guage that insults/shows a lack
     somebody who has died                      dinary people about companies,           of respect for God/ religion
187. (2) conscience                             the government, etc.                     amoral : not following any moral
                                           192. (2) fatal                                rules and not caring about right
     conscience (N.) : the fact of be-
                                                                                         and wrong
     having in a way that you feel is           fatal (Adj.) : causing or ending
     right even though this may cause           in death                                 philosophy : the study of the
     problems                                                                            nature and meaning of the uni-
                                                dangerous (Adj.) : likely to in-
     cleverness (N.) : intelligence                                                      verse and of human life
                                                jure or harm somebody ; likely
     consciousness (N.) : awareness;            to damage or destroy something           logic : sensible reasons for do-
     the state of being able to use your                                                 ing something
                                                brutal (Adj.) : violent and cruel
     senses and mental powers to                                                    198. (3) prevaricate
                                                horrible (Adj.) : very bad or un-
     understand what is happening                                                        prevaricate (V.) : to avoid giving
                                                pleasant ; terrible ; nasty
     fear (N.) : a feeling that you are                                                  a direct-answer to a question in
     in danger                             193. (1) calligrapher                         order to hide the truth ; beat
188. (1) parole                                 calligrapher (N.) : someone              about the bush
     parole (N.) : permission that is           skilled in penmanship (calligra-         quibble (V.) : to argue or com-
     given to a prisoner to leave pris-         phy - beautiful writing done with        plain about a small matter or an
     on before the end of his sentence          a special pen/brush)                     unimportant detail ; to evade the
     on condition that he behaves well          collier (N.) : a ship that carries       truth of a point or question by
     parley (N.) : a discussion be-             coal                                     raising irrelevant objections
     tween enemies or people who dis-           choreographer (N.) : someone             premedicate (V.) : consider be-
     agree in order to try and find a           who creates new dance forms              forehand
     way of solving a problem                   cartographer (N.) : a person who         prenominate (V.) : to mention be-
     pardon (N.) : the action of for-           draws or makes maps                      forehand
     giving                                194. (3) bovine                               preponderate (V.) : weigh more
     acquittal (N.) : an official deci-         bovine (Adj.) : connected with           heavily
     sion in court that a person is not         cows                                199. (2) lexicographer
     guilty of a crime                          canine (Adj.) : connected with           lexicographer (N.) : a person
189. (2) amnesia                                                                         who writes and edits dictionar-
     amnesia (N.) : loss of memory                                                       ies
                                                feline (Adj.) : connected with an
     ambrosia (N.) : something that                                                      geographer (N.) : an expert in
                                                animal of the cat family
     is very pleasant to eat                                                             geography
                                                verminous (Adj.) : covered with
     insomnia (N.) : lack of sleep                                                       lapidist (N.) : a skilled worker
                                                vermin- any of various small an-
     forgetting (V.) : not remember-                                                     who cuts and engraves precious
                                                imals/ insects that are pests :
     ing                                                                                 stones