compositor (N.) : a person who           museum (N.) : a building in               bohemian (N.) : a person who is
     arranges text on a page before           which objects of artistic, cultur-        involved with arts, who lives in
     printing                                 al, historical and scientific inter-      a very informal way without ac-
     stoker (N.) : a person whose job         est are kept and shown to the             cepted rules of behaviour
     is to add coal/other fuel to a           public                                    philanthropist (N.) : a rich per-
     fire, etc, especially on a ship or       zoo (N.) : a place where many             son who helps the poor and
     a steam train                            kinds of wild animals are kept            those in need, especially by giv-
     shipwright (N.) : a carpenter            for public to see and where they          ing money
     who helps build and launch               are studied, bred and protected           internationalist (N.) : a person
     wooden vessels, ship builder        161. (2) reflex                                who bel ieves that co untries
157. (1) circumstantial                       reflex (N.) : an action/a move-           should work together in a friendly
     circumstantial (Adj.) : contain-         ment of your body that happens            way
     ing information and details that         naturally in response to some-       166. (4) elope
     strongly suggest that something          thing and that you cannot con-            elope (V.) : to run away with
     is true but do not prove it              trol.                                     somebody in order to marry se-
     derivative (Adj.) : copied from          complex (Adj.) : complicated              cretly
     something else ; not having new          reflection (N.) : a sign that             deceive (V.) : to cheat/fool/
     or original ideas                        shows the state or nature of              trick/mislead
     inferential (Adj.) : relating to or      something; an image in a mirror
                                                                                        cheat (V.) : to deceive /fool/trick
     having the nature of inference           response (N.) : a spoken/writ-
                                                                                        escape (V.) : to get away from a
     suggestive (Adj.) : reminding/           ten answer; a reaction to some-
                                              thing that has happened or been
     making you think                                                              167. (2) genetics
158. (1) windfall                                                                       genetics (N.) : the scientific study
                                         162. (3) flux
     windfall : an amount of money                                                      of the ways in which different
                                              flux (N.) : continuous movement
     that is received unexpectedly.                                                     characteristics are passed from
                                              and change
     philanthropy : the practice of                                                     each generation of living things
                                              transformation (N.) : a complete
     helping the poor and those in                                                      to the next
     need, especially by giving money                                                   hereditary (Adj.) : given to a
                                              metamorphosis (N.) : a process
     benevolence : an inclination to                                                    child by its parents before it is
                                              in which somebody/something
     do kind or charitable acts                                                         born
                                              changes completely into some-
     turnstile : a gate at the entrance       thing different ; transformation          genesis (N.) : the beginning/or-
     to a public building, stadium,           dynamism (N.) : energy and en-            igin of something
     etc. that turns in a circle when         thusiasm to make new things               inheritance (N.) : the money,
     pushed, allowing one person to           happen or to make things succeed          property, etc. that you receive
     go through at a time                                                               from somebody when he dies
                                         163. (1) circumlocution
159. (3) perquisite                                                                168. (2) chronological
                                              circumlocution (N.) : using
     perquisite (N.) : perk, fringe ben-      more words than are necessary             chronological (Adj.) : arranged
     efit; an incidental benefit award-       circumspection (N.) : knowing             in the order in which they hap-
     ed for certain types of employ-          how to avoid distress                     pened (events)
     ment                                                                               timely (Adj.) : happening at ex-
                                              circumscription (N.) : the act of
     honorarium (N.) : a payment              restricting                               actly the right time
     made for somebody’s profession-
                                              circumvention (N.) : the act of           chronic (Adj.) : difficult to care
     al services; a fee paid for a nom-
                                              escaping by going around                  or get rid of; lasting for a long
     inally free service
                                         164. (3) rotunda                               time (disease)
     sinecure (N.) : a job that you are
                                              rotunda (N.) : a round building            temporal (Adj.) : limited by time
     paid for even though it involves
                                              or hall, especially one with a       169. (4) nocturnal
     little/no work
                                              curved roof                               nocturnal (Adj.) : active at night
     prerogative (N.) : a right/ ad-
                                              edifice (N.) : a large impressive         nightly (Adj.) : happening every
     vantage belonging to a particu-
                                              building                                  night
     lar person/group because of
                                              place (N.) : the official home of a       dark (Adj.) : with no or little light
     his/its importance/social posi-
                                              king, queen, president, etc.
     tion                                                                               neurotic (Adj.) : caused by or
                                              spire (N.) : a tall pointed struc-        suffering from a mental illness
160. (4) fauna
                                              ture on the top of a building es-
     fauna (N.) : all the animals living                                                with strong feelings of fear and
                                              pecially a church
     in an area or in a particular peri-                                                worry
                                         165. (2) cosmopolitan
     od of history                                                                 170. (3) diagnose
                                              cosmopolitan (N.) : a person
     flora (N.) : the plants of a par-                                                  diagnose (V.) : to say exactly
                                              who has the experience of many
     ticular area, type of environment                                                  what an illness or the cause of a
                                              different parts of the world
     or period of time                                                                  problem is