142. (4) caricature                           bryos - young animals and plants          stratagem (N.) : a trick /plan
     caricature (N.) : a funny draw-          before birth                              that you use to gain an advan-
     ing/ picture of somebody that       147. (2) economical                            tage/to trick an opponent
     exaggerates some of his features         economical (Adj.) : providing             complicity (N.) : the act of tak-
     cartoon (N.) : an amusing draw-          good service/value in relation to         ing with another person in a
     ing about politics/events in the         the amount of time/money spent;           crime ; collusion
     news                                     using no more than is necessary;     152. (2) ineffable
     cacography (N.) : a poor hand            not spending more money than              ineffable (Adj.) : too great/beau-
     writing                                  is necessary, frugal                      tiful to describe in words
     cartography (N.) : the art of            punctual (Adj.) : not late ; hap-         miraculous (Adj.) : like a mira-
     drawing/making maps                      pening or doing at the arranged/          cle; completely unexpected and
143. (3) destitute                            correct time                              very lucky, extraordinary, phe-
     destitute (N.) : without money,          miserly (Adj.) : hating to spend          nomenal
     food and the other things neces-         money                                     stupendous (Adj.) : extremely
     sary for life                            calculative (Adj.) : used of per-         large or impressive
     dependant (N.) : a person, es-           sons– the most calculating and            appalling (Adj.) : shocking ; ex-
     pecially a child, who depends on         selfish men; shrewd                       tremely bad
     another person for a home, food,    148. (1) verbatim                         153. (2) iconoclast
     money, etc.                              verbatim (Adj.) : exactly as spo-         iconoclast (N.) : a person who
     complacent (Adj.) : too satisfied        ken/written ; word for word               criticizes popular belief or estab-
     with yourself or with a situation        verbose (Adj.) : using/contain-           lished customs and ideas
     omnipresent (Adj.) : present ev-         ing more words than are need-             philistine (N.) : a person who
     erywhere                                 ed; long-worded                           does not like/understand art, lit-
144. (2) irrevocable                          verbiage (N.) : the use of too            erature, music, etc.
     irrevocable (Adj.) : that cannot         many words or of more difficult           imposter (N.) : a person who
     be changed; final                        words than are needed to ex-              pretends to be somebody else in
     irresponsible (Adj.) : not show-         press an idea                             order to trick people
     ing a feeling of responsibility          verbalism (N.) : a phrase/sen-            cannibal (N.) : a person who
     irredeemable (Adj.) : too bad to         tence having little or no mean-           eats human flesh
     be corrected, improved or saved;         ing ; the way in which something     154. (4) internment
     hopeless                                 is said                                   interment (N.) : the act of bury-
     incalculable (Adj.) : very large    149. (2) ungrippable                           ing a dead person ; burial
     or very great; too great to calcu-       ungrippable (Adj.) : that can’t be        interruption (N.) : something
     late                                     captured                                  that temporarily stops an activ-
145. (3) itinerant                            impregnable (Adj.) : strong and           ity or a situation
     itinerant (N.) : travelling from         impossible to defeat/change ;             interrogation (N.) : formal sys-
     place to place, especially to find       invincible                                tematic questioning ; examina-
     work                                     unbreakable (Adj.) : that can’t           tion
     quack (N.) : a person who dis-           be entered by force                       internment (N.) : imprisonment;
     honestly claims to have medical          slippery (Adj.) : difficult to hold/      the act of confining someone in
     knowledge/skills                         stand/move in, because it is              a prison
     cannibal (N.) : a person who eats        smooth wet/polished                  155. (3) ethnology
     human flesh                         150. (3) transgressor                          ethnology (N.) : the scientific
     courier (N.) : a person/ compa-          transgressor (N.) : someone who           study and comparison of human
     ny whose job is to take packag-          violates a law or command                 races
     es/ important parcels some               aggressor (N.) : a person, coun-          genealogy (N.) : the study of
     where                                    try etc. that attacks first               family history, including the
146. (2) entomology                           politician (N.) : a person con-           study of who the ancestors of a
     entomology (N.) : the scientific         nected with politics.                     particular person were
     study of insects                         pedestrian (N.) : a person who            epistemology (N.) : the part of
     etymology (N.) : the study of the                                                  philosophy that deals with
                                              walks on a street rather than use
     origin and history of words and                                                    knowledge
                                              a vehicle.
     their meanings                                                                     sociology (N.) : the study and
                                         151. (2) manoeuvre
     ecology (N.) : the study of the                                                    classification of human societies
                                              manoeuvre (N.) : a clever plan/
     relation of plants and living crea-                                           156. (3) stowaway
                                              action or movement that is used
     tures to each other and to their                                                   stowaway (N.) : a person who
                                              for giving somebody an advan-
     environment                                                                        hides in a ship/plane before it
                                              tage; move
     embryology (N.) : the scientific                                                   leaves, in order to travel with-
                                              subterfuge (N.) : a secret, usu-
     study of the development of em-                                                    out paying or being seen
                                              ally dishonest, way of behaving