irreparable (Adj.) : too bad/too         herculean (Adj.) : needing a lot          hysteria (N.) : a state of extreme
     serious to repair or put right           of strength, determination or effort      excitement, fear or anger in which
     irremediable (Adj.) : too bad to         grandiose (Adj.) : seeming very           a person, or a group of people,
     be corrected/cured                       impressive but too large, com-            loses control of his emotions and
128. (3) incredible                           plicated, expensive, etc. to be           starts to cry, laugh, etc.
     incredible (Adj.) : unbelievable;        practical or possible                     aphasia (N.) : the loss of the abil-
     impossible/very difficult to be-    133. (4) optimist                              ity to understand or produce
     lieve                                    optimist (N.) : a person who al-          speech because of brain damage
     inevitable (Adj.) : unavoidable;         ways expects good things to hap-          amnesia (N.) : a medical condi-
     that you cannot avoid/prevent            pen or things to be successful            tion in which somebody party/
                                              florist (N.) : a person who               completely loses his memory
     ineffable (Adj.) : too great/beau-
     tiful to describe in words               owns/works in a shop/store that      138. (2) epicurean
     ineluctable (Adj.) : unavoidable;        sells flowers and plants                  epicurean (Adj.) : devoted to
                                              artist (N.) : a person who cre-           pleasure and enjoy yourself
     that you cannot avoid
129. (2) mummy                                ates works of art-paintings/              terrestrial (Adj.) : living on the
                                              drawings                                  land/on the ground, rather than
     mummy (N.) : a body of a hu-
                                              theist (N.) : one who believes in         in water/on trees/ in the air
     man/an animal that has been
                                              the existence of God                      celestial (Adj.) : of the sky/
     preserved by treating it with spe-
                                         134. (4) cemetry                               heaven
     cial oils and wrapping it in cloth;
                                              cemetry (N.) : an area of land            pedestrian (N.) : a person walk-
                                              used for burying dead people, es-         ing in the street and not travel-
     corpse (N.) : a dead body (hu-
                                              pecially one that is not beside a         ling in a vehicle
                                              church                               139. (1) aquarium
     morgue (N.) : a building in which
                                              cave (N.) : a large hole in the           aquarium (N.) : a glass tank
     dead bodies are kept before they
                                              side of a hill/under the ground           where fish and water plants are
     are buried/burned
                                              church (N.) : place of worship of         kept
     mortuary (N.) : morgue
                                              the Christians                            sanatorium (N.) : a hospital for
130. (3) depraved
                                              synagogue (N.) : a building               recovery/for the treatment of se-
     depraved (Adj.) : morally bad;           where the Jews meet for religious         vere/chronic diseases
     wicked; evil                             worship and teaching                      nursery (N.) : a place where
     desultory (Adj.) : going from one   135. (4) conceited                             young plants/trees are grown for
     thing to another, without a defi-                                                  sale/for planting somewhere
                                              conceited (Adj.) : having too
     nite plan and without enthusiasm                                                   else
                                              much pride in yourself and what
     dilapidated (Adj.) : old and in          you do                                    aviary (N.) : a place where birds
     very bad condition (furniture and        exaggeration (N.) : a statement           are kept
     buildings); ramshackle                   or description that makes some-      140. (1) teetotaller
     dilatory (Adj.) : not acting quick-      thing seem larger, better, worse          teetotaller (N.) : a person who
     ly enough; causing delay                 or more important than it really          does not drink alcohol
131. (2) autocracy                            is                                        alcoholic (N.) : a person who reg-
     autocracy (N.) : a system of gov-        adulations (N.) : admiration and          ularly drinks too much alcohol
     ernment of a country in which            praise that is greater than is nec-       and cannot easily stop drinking
     one person has complete power            essary                                    addict (N.) : a person who is un-
     despotism (N.) : the rule of a           abundance (N.) : a large quanti-          able to stop taking harmful
     ruler with great power, one who          ty that is more than enough               drugs
     uses it in a cruel way              136. (4) feminist                              bagpiper (N.) : someone who
     monarchy (N.) : a system of gov-         feminist (N.) : a person who sup-         plays the bagpipe
     ernment by a king/queen                  ports the belief that women          141. (2) pantheism
     anarchy (N.) : a situation in a          should have the same rights and           pantheism (N.) : the belief that
     country, an organization, etc. in        opportunities as men                      God is present in all natural
     which there is no government,            fanatic (N.) : a person who is            things
     order/control                            extremely enthusiastic                    atheism (N.) : the belief that God
132. (2) momentous                            misogynist (N.) : a man who               does not exist
     momentous (Adj.) : very impor-           hates women                               scepticism (N.) : an attitude of
     tant/serious because there may           philanderer (N.) : a man who has          doubting that claims/statements
     be important results                     sexual relationships with many            that are true and that something
     exemplary (Adj.) : severe pun-           different women                           will happen
     ishment used as a warning to        137. (2) insomnia                              animism (N.) : the belief that
     others; providing a good exam-           insomnia (N.) : the condition of          plants, objects and natural
     ple for people to copy                   being unable to sleep                     things each have a living soul