114. (3) entomology                           transferred epithet (N.) : the re-      ing and criticizing somebody/
     entomology (N.) : the scientific         versal of the usual relationship        something
     study of insects                         between two words                       diaspora (N.) : the movement of
     ecology (N.) : the study of the          oxymoron (N.) : a phrase that           people from any nation or group
     relation of plants and living crea-      combines two words that seem            away from their own country
     tures to each other and to their         to be the opposite of each other        diadem (N.) : a crown worn as a
     environment                         119. (2) ophthalmologist                     sign of royal power
     embryology (N.) : the study of           ophthalmologist : a doctor who     124. (3) physiotherapy
     the development of animals/              studies and treats the diseases         physiotherapy (N.) : the treat-
     plants before birth                      of the eye                              ment of disease/injury/weak-
     biology (N.) : the scientific study      optician : a person whose job is        ness in the joints or muscles by
     of the life and structure of plants      to examine people’s eyes and to         exercises, massage and the use
     and animals                              recommend and sell glasses              of light and heat
115. (2) septuagenarian                       ichthyologist : a zoologist who         chemotherapy (N.) : the treat-
     septuagenarian (N.) : a person           studies fish                            ment of disease (cancer) with the
     between the ages of 70 and 79            neurologist : a doctor who stud-        use of chemical substances
     sexagenarian (N.) : a person be-         ies and treats diseases of nerves       hydrotherapy (N.) : the treat-
     tween the ages of 60 and 69         120. (3) dyke                                ment of disease/injury by doing
     centurion (N.) : an army officer         dyke (N.) : a long thick wall that      physical exercises in water
     who commanded a 100 soldiers             is built to stop water flooding         psychotherapy (N.) : the treat-
     (in ancient Rome)                        onto a low area of land                 ment of mental illness by dis-
     patriarch (N.) : the male head of        dam (N.) : a barrier that is built      cussing somebody’s problems
     a family or community                    across a river in order to stop         with him rather than by giving
                                              the water from flowing                  him drugs
116. (4) bureaucracy
                                              mound (N.) : a large pile of earth 125. (3) desertion
     bureaucracy (N.) : a system of
                                              or stones; heap                         desertion (N.) : abandonment;
     government in which there are a
                                              embankment (N.) : a wall of             defection
     large number of state officials
                                              stone/earth made to keep water          defection (N.) : withdrawing sup-
     who are not elected
                                              back or to carry a road or rail-        port or help despite continued
     oligarchy (N.) : a form of gov-
                                              way/railroad over low ground            support for a political party, re-
     ernment in which only a small
                                         121. (3) prejudiced                          ligion, ruler, etc.
     group of people hold all the power
                                              prejudiced (Adj.) : having an un-       disloyalty (N.) : the quality of
     aristocracy (N.) : nobility; the
                                              reasonable dislike of/preference        being unfaithful to your friends,
     most powerful members of a so-
                                              for somebody/something                  family, country, etc.
                                              partial (Adj.) : not complete/          migration (N.) : the movement
     plutocracy (N.) : government by          whole; showing or feeling too           of a large number of people,
     the richest people of a country          much support for one person,            birds/animals from one place to
117. (3) somnambulist                         team, idea, etc; biased                 another
     somnambulist (N.) : someone              objective (Adj.) : unbiased; not   126. (3) aviary
     who walks about in sleep                 influenced by personal feelings/        aviary (N.) : a large cage/build-
     somniloquist (N.) : someone              opinions                                ing for keeping birds in
     who talks while asleep                   predestined (Adj.) : already de-        aquarium (N.) : a large glass con-
     egoist (N.) : a person who thinks        cided or planned by God or by           tainer in which fish and other
     he/she is better than other peo-         Fate                                    water creatures and plants are
     ple and who thinks and talks too    122. (1) gesture                             kept
     much about himself/herself               gesture (N.) : a movement that          den (N.) : the hidden home of
     altruist (N.) : someone who              you make with your hands your           some types of wild animals-bear,
     makes charitable donations in-           head or your face to show a par-        lion, etc.
     tended to increase human well-           ticular meaning                         sanctuary (N.) : an area where
     being                                    grin (N.) : to smile widely             wild birds/animals are protected
118. (2) alliteration                         gestation (N.) : the time that the      and encouraged to breed; reserve
     alliteration (N.) : the use of the       young of a person/animal devel-    127. (4) infallible
     same letter/sound at the begin-          ops inside its mother’s body un-        infallible (Adj.) : never wrong ;
     ning of words that are close to-         til it is born                          never making mistakes; that
     gether                                   grimace (N.) : an ugly expres-          never fails; always doing what it
     pun (N.) : the clever or humor-          sion with your face to show pain,       is supposed to do
     ous use of a word that has more          disgust, etc.                           unflinching (Adj.) : remaining
     than one meaning, or of words       123. (4) diatribe                            strong and determined, even in
     that have different meanings but         diatribe (N.) : a long and angry        a difficult/dangerous situation;
     sound the same                           speech or piece of writing attack-      not shrinking from danger