impose (V.) : to introduce a new          philogymist (N.) : a person who          dialogue (N.) : conversations in
     law, rule, tax, etc.; to force to         esteems woman as the higher              a look, play or film/movie
     have a deal that is difficult or          type of humanity                         monologue (N.) : a long speech
     unpleasant                           105. (4) inheritance                          by one person during a conver-
     repose (V.) : to rest, sleep or feel      inheritance (N.) : the money,            sation that stops other people
     calm                                      property, etc. that you receive          from speaking or expressing an
     expose (V.) : to make known to            from somebody when he dies               opinion
     the public, information that was          legacy (N.) : money/property        110. (4) bibliophile
     previously known only to a few            that is given to you by somebody         bibliophile (N.) : a person who
     people or that was meant to be            when he dies; inheritance                loves or collects books
     kept a secret                             legend (N.) : a story from ancient       scholar (N.) : a person who
101. (3) ornithologist                         times about people and events,           knows a lot about a particular
     ornithologist (N.) : a person who         that may/may not be true; myth           subject because he has studied
     studies birds                             patrimony (N.) : property that           that in detail
     dermatologist (N.) : a doctor             is given to somebody when his            bibliographer (N.) : someone
     who studies and treats skin dis-          father dies; inheritance                 trained in compiling books/arti-
     eases                                106. (4) pacifism                             cles about a particular subject;
     zoologist (N.) : a scientist who          pacifism (N.) : the belief that war      author
     studies animals and their behav-          and violence are always wrong            teacher (N.) : a person who
     iour                                      neutralisation (N.) : action in-         teaches in a school
     astronaut (N.) : a person whose           tended to invalidate the effects    111. (2) bigot
     job involves travelling and work-         of some previous action                  bigot (N.) : a person who has
     ing in a spacecraft                       pessimism (N.) : a feeling that          very strong, unreasonable be-
102.(1) mortuary                               bad things will happen and that          liefs or opinions about race, reli-
     mortuary (N.) : a room/build-             something will not be success-           gion or politics and who will not
     ing in which dead bodies are kept         ful                                      listen to or accept the opinions
     before they are buried/cremat-            naturalisation (N.) : the quality        of anyone who disagrees
     ed                                        of being brought into conformity         theosophist (N.) : a believer in
     (2) monastery (N.) : a building           with Nature                              a religious system of thought that
     in which monks live together         107. (1) bevy                                 tries to know God by means of
     (3) sanatorium (N.) : a place like        bevy (N.) : a large group of peo-        meditation, prayer, etc.
     a hospital where patients who             ple/things of the same kind-             philosopher (N.) : a person who
     have a lasting illness/who are            girls/young women                        thinks deeply about things
     getting better after an illness are       covey (N.) : a small collection of       theologian (N.) : a person who
     treated                                   people                                   studies religion and beliefs
     (4) crematorium (N.) : a build-           troupe (N.) : a group of actors,    112. (1) knell
     ing in which the bodies of dead           singers, etc. who work together          knell (N.) : the sound of a bell
     people are burned                         coterie (N.) : a small group of          sung slowly to announce a
103. (1) hedonist                              people who have the same inter-          death/ a funeral/the end of
     (1) hedonist (N.) : a person who          ests and do things together but          something
     believes that pleasure is the most        do not like to include others            spell (N.) : a short period of time
     important thing in life              108. (1) fatal                                during which something lasts
     (2) pessimist (N.) : a person who         fatal (Adj.) : causing or ending         dong (N.) : sound made by a bell
     always expects bad things to              in death                                 ding-dong (N.) : sound made by
     happen                                    deadly (Adj.) : causing or likely        a bell
     (3) misanthrope (N.) : a person           to cause death; extreme; com-       113. (1) reveille
     who hates and avoids other peo-           plete
                                                                                        reveille (N.) : a tune that is
     ple                                       serious (Adj.) : bad/dangerous;          played to wake soldiers in the
     (4) philistine (N.) : a person who        not only for pleasure; important;        morning
     does not like/understand art, lit-        not silly; not joking
                                                                                        lullaby (N.) : a soft gentle song
     erature, music, etc.                      dangerous (Adj.) : likely to in-
                                                                                        sung to make a child go to sleep
104. (3) iconoclast                            jure/harm/damage/destroy
                                                                                        anthem (N.) : a song that has a
     iconoclast (N.) : a person who       109. (3) epilogue
                                                                                        special importance for a coun-
     criticizes popular beliefs or es-         epilogue (N.) : a speech at the          try, an organisation or a particu-
     tablished customs                         end of a play, book, or film/movie       lar group of people, and is sung
     fatalist (N.) : a person who be-          that comments on or acts as a            on special occasions
     lieves in fate/destiny                    conclusion to what has happened
                                                                                        soprano (N.) : a singing voice
     fanatic (N.) : a person who is            prologue (N.) : a speech at the
                                                                                        with the highest range for a wom-
     extremely enthusiastic; enthusi-          beginning of a play, book, or
                                                                                        an or boy
     ast; extremist                            film/movie that introduces it