judge (N.) : a person in a court       polyphony (N.) : the combination          biography : the story of a per-
    who has the authority to decide        of several different patterns as          son’s life written by somebody
    how criminals should be pun-           of musical notes sung together            else
    ished or to make legal decisions;      to form a single piece of music           introduction : the first section
    a person who decides who has           polygyny (N.) : having more than          of a communication; the act of
    won a competition; a person who        one wife at a time; polygamy              beginning something new; for-
    has the necessary knowledge/       92. (3) omnivorous                            mally making a person known to
    skills to give his opinion about       omnivorous (Adj.) : eating all            another or to the public. a new
    the value or quality of somebody/      types of food, especially both            proposal
    something                                                                        sketch : a simple picture that is
                                           plants and meat
    (4) connoisseur (N.) : an expert                                                 drawn quickly and does not have
                                           carnivorous (Adj.) : animals that
    on matters involving the judge-                                                  many details
                                           eat meat
    ment of beauty, quality or skill                                             97. (3) pandemonium
    in art, food or music                  omnipotent (Adj.) : having total
                                           power; able to do anything                pandemonium (N.) : a situation
88. (3) narcissism                                                                   in which there is a lot of noise,
    narcissism (N.) : the habit of ad-     optimist (Adj.) : a person who
                                                                                     activity and confusion, because
    miring yourself too much, espe-        always expects good things to
                                                                                     people are angry/frightened;
    cially your appearance                 happen or things to be success-
    psychosis (N.) : a serious men-                                                  agitation (N.) : worry and anxi-
    tal illness that affects the whole 93. (3) iconoclast                            ety that you show by behaving
    personality                            iconoclast (N.) : a person who            in a nervous way
    neurosis (N.) : a mental illness       criticizes popular beliefs or es-         revolution (N.) : a great change
    in which a person suffers strong       tablished customs and ideas; im-          in conditions, ways of working,
    feelings of fear and worry             age breaker                               beliefs, etc. that affects a large
    paranoia (N.) : a mental illness       imagist (N.) : a poet who uses            number of people
    in which a person may wrongly          common speech in his verses               stir (N.) : to try to cause trouble
    believe that other people are try-     misanthropist (N.) : someone          98. (1) maidenspeech
    ing to harm him, that he is very       who dislikes people in general            maiden speech (N.) : the first
    important, etc.                        masochist (N.) : someone who              speech made by a person
89. (4) recant                             obtains pleasure from receiving           inaugural speech (N.) : an offi-
    recant (V.) : to say, often pub-       punishment; sadist                        cial speech marking the begin-
    licly, that you no longer have the 94. (3) sacrilege                             ning of something important
    same belief or opinion that you        sacrilege (N.) : an act of treating       trial speech (N.) : the speech
    had before                             a holy thing or place without re-         which is tried/tested/practised
    repent (V.) : to feel/show that        spect                                     before being delivered
    you are sorry for something bad/       pollution (N.) : the process of           marathon speech (N.) : a long
    wrong that you have done
                                           making air, water, soil, etc. dirty;      speech that needs prolonged ef-
    retrace (V.) : to go back along        harmful/annoying levels of noise,         fort and attention
    exactly the same path or route         or of artificial light at night       99. (1) bohemian
    that you have come along
                                           pilferage (N.) : the act of steal-        bohemian (N.) : a person who is
    refuse (V.) : to say that you will
                                           ing small amounts or small arti-          involved with the arts, who lives
    not do something that somebody
                                           cles                                      in a very informal way without
    has asked you to do
                                           pittance (N.) : a very small              following accepted rules of be-
90. (1) hutch
                                           amount of money that somebody             haviour
    hutch (N.) : a house for keeping
                                           receives, that is hardly enough           artisan (N.) : a person who does
    rabbits/other small animals
                                           to live on                                skilled work making things with
    lair (N.) : a place where a wild
                                       95. (4) convent                               his hands; craftsman
    animal sleeps/hides; den
                                           convent (N.) : a place where              partisan (N.) : a person who
    den (N.) : the hidden home of
                                           nuns live and work                        strongly supports a particular
    some types of wild animals - bear,
                                           church (N.) : a place of worship          leader, group or idea; follower
    lion, etc.
                                           of the Christians                         physician (N.) : a doctor, who is
    cage (N.) : a house in which an-
                                           school (N.) : a place where chil-         a specialist in general medicine
    imals/birds are kept
                                           dren go to be educated                    and not surgery; general practi-
91. (1) polyandry
                                           abode (N.) : a place where some-          tioner
    polyandry (N.) : the custom of
                                           body lives                           100. (3) juxtapose
    having more than one husband
    at the same time                   96. (2) profile                               juxtapose (V.) : to put people/
                                           profile : a description of some-          things together in order to show
    polygamy (N.) : the custom of
                                           body/something that gives use-            a contrast/ a new relationship
    having more than one wife at the
                                           ful information                           between them
    same time