bureaucracy (N.) : the system of        pesky (Adj.) : annoying                 well-educated and are interest-
    official rules and ways of doing        purloin (V.) : to steal something       ed in culture, politics, literature
    things that a government or an          or use it without permission            etc.
    organization has, especially        79. (2) impunity                            parasol (N.) : a large umbrella
    when these seem to be too com-                                                  that is used on beaches/outside
                                            impunity (N.) : exemption from
    plicated                                                                        restaurants to protect people
                                            punishment or loss
    nepotism (N.) : giving unfair ad-       impudent (Adj.) : rude; not             from the hot sun
    vantages to your own family if          showing respect for other peo-      84. (1) misanthrope
    you are in a position of power,         ple; impertinent                        misanthrope (N.) : a person who
    especially by giving them jobs                                                  hates and avoids other people
                                            inexorable (Adj.) : that cannot
    formalism (N.) : a style or meth-       be stopped or changed; relentless       misogynist (N.) : a man who
    od in art, music, literature, sci-                                              hates women
                                            imperturbable (Adj.) : not easily
    ence, etc. that pays more atten-                                                philanthropist (N.) : a rich per-
                                            upset or worried by a difficult
    tion to the rules and the correct                                               son who helps the poor and
    arrangement and appearance of                                                   those in need
    things than to inner meanings       80. (1) hypochondria
                                            hypochondria (N.) : a state in          misogamist (N.) : a person who
    and feelings
                                            which somebody worries all the          hates marriage
75. (3) drought
                                            time about his health and be-       85. (2) dipsomania
    drought (N.) : a long period of
                                            lieves that he is ill/sick when         dipsomania (N.) : an intense per-
    time when there is little or no
                                            there is nothing wrong with him         sistent desire to drink alcoholic
                                            malaise (N.) : a general feeling        beverages to excess; alcoholism
    draught (N.) : a flow of cool air
                                            of being ill/sick, unhappy or not       megalomania (N.) : a mental ill-
    in a room or other confined
                                            satisfied, without signs of any         ness/condition in which one has
                                            particular problem; unease              an exaggerated belief in one’s
    draft (N.) : a rough written ver-                                               own importance/power
                                            disaffected (Adj.) : no longer sat-
    sion of something that is not got
                                            isfied with your situation, organ-      kleptomania (N.) : a mental ill-
    in its final form
                                            isation, belief, etc. and therefore     ness in which one has a strong
    desert (N.) : large area of land        not loyal to it                         desire, which one cannot control,
    that has very little water and very                                             to steal things
                                            malinger (V.) : to pretend to be
    few plants growing
                                            ill/sick in order to avoid work         pyromania (N.) : a mental illness
76. (1) leer                                                                        that causes a strong desire to set
                                        81. (3) idolatry
    leer (N.) : an unpleasant look or                                               fire to things
                                            idolatry (N.) : the practice of
    smile at somebody that shows an                                             86. (3) renegade
                                            worshipping statues as gods
    evil/sexual interest in him
                                            atheism (N.) : the belief that God      renegade (N.) : a person who
    lore (N.) : knowledge and infor-                                                leaves one political, religious,
                                            does not exist
    mation related to a particular                                                  etc. group to join another that
    subject, especially when this is        theism (N.) : belief in the exist-
                                            ence of God                             has very different views
    not written down
                                            iconoclasm (N.) : the act of crit-      apostle (N.) : a person who
    lark (N.) : a thing that you do for                                             strongly believes in a policy or
                                            icizing popular belief or estab-
    fun or as a job                                                                 an idea and tries to make other
                                            lished customs/ideas
    littoral (N.) : the part of a coun-                                             people believe in it
                                        82. (2) toxic
    try that is near the coast                                                      proselyte (N.) : a person who
77. (3) wag                                 toxic (Adj.) : containing poison;
                                            poisonous                               has been converted to another
    wag (N.) : a person who enjoys                                                  religious or political belief
    making jokes; joker                     trivial (Adj.) : not important/se-
                                            rious; not worth considering            critic (N.) : a person who ex-
    wile (N.) : the use of tricks to                                                presses disapproval of some-
    deceive/cheat someone (usually          torpid (Adj.) : not active; with
                                                                                    body/something and talks about
                                            no energy/enthusiasm; lethargic
    to extract money from him)                                                      his bad qualities, especially pub-
    yokel (N.) : not very intelligent       tragic (Adj.) : making you feel         licly
                                            very sad because somebody has
    or interested in culture                                                    87. (2) intermediary
                                            died/suffered a lot
    aeon (N.) : a major division of                                                 intermediary (N) : a person or
                                        83. (2) panacea
    time, divided into Eras                                                         organisation that helps other
78. (2) pensive                             panacea (N.) : something that           people/organisations to make an
                                            will solve all the problems of a
    pensive (Adj.) : thinking deeply                                                agreement by a means of com-
                                            particular situation                    munication between them; me-
    about something because you are
                                            amnesia (N.) : a medical condi-         diator
                                            tion in which somebody partly/          neutral (Adj.) : not supporting/
    meditation (N.) : the practice of
                                            completely loses his memory
    thinking deeply in silence, for                                                 helping either side in a disagree-
    religious reasons or to make your       intelligentsia (N.) : the people        ment, competition, etc.; impar-
                                            in a country/society who are            tial; unbiased
    mind calm