62. (1) voracious                           God by means of meditation,              parricide (N.) : the crime of kill-
    voracious (Adj.) : greedy; eat-         prayer, etc.                             ing your father, mother or a close
    ing or wanting large amounts of         theism (N.) : belief in the exist-       relative
    food                                    ence of God                              matricide (N.) : the crime of kill-
    avaricious (Adj.) : extreme de-     67. (4) autopsy                              ing your mother
    sire for wealth                         autopsy (N.) : an offi cial          71. (3) secular
    carnivorous (Adj.) : animals that       examination of a dead body by a          secular (Adj.) : living among or-
    eat meat                                doctor in order to discover the          dinary people rather than in a
    omnivorous (Adj.) : eating all          cause of death; post-mortem              religious community
    types of food (plants and meat)         biopsy (N.) : the removal and ex-        communist (N.) : a person who
63. (2) dominion                            amination of tissue from the body        believes in or supports living to-
    dominion (N.) : an area of land         of somebody who is ill/sick, in          gether and sharing possessions
    controlled by one ruler                 order to find out more about his         and responsibilities
    colony (N.) : a country or an area      disease                                  socialist (N.) : a person who be-
    that is governed by people from         investigation (N.) : an official ex-     lieves in or supports the belief
    another, more powerful country          amination of the facts about a           that everyone has an equal right
                                            situation, crime, etc.                   to share a country’s wealth and
    country (N.) : an area of land
                                                                                     that the government should own
    that has or used to have its own        surgery (N.) : medical treatment
                                                                                     and control the main industries
    government and laws                     of inj uries or diseases that
                                                                                     capitalist (N.) : a person who
    municipality (N.) : a town, city        involves cutting, opening a
                                                                                     supports the fact that a coun-
    or district with its own local gov-     person’s body and often removing
                                                                                     try’s businesses and industry are
    ernment                                 or replacing some parts
                                                                                     controlled and run by private
64. (2) synagogue                       68. (4) novice                               owners rather than by the gov-
    synagogue (N.) : a building             novice (N.) : a person who is new        ernment
    where the Jews meet for reli-           and has little experience in a       72. (1) archive
    gious worship and teaching              skill, job or situation                  archive (N.) : a collection of his-
    cathedral (N.) : the main church        chaplain (N.) : a priest or other        torical documents or records of
    of a district, under the care of a      Christian mi nister who is               a government, a family, a place
    Bishop (a priest of high rank)          responsible for the religious            or an organization; the place
    chapel (N.) : a small building/         needs of people in a prison,             where records are stored
    room used for Christian worship         hospital etc. or in the armed            museum (N.) : a building in
    in a school, prison, large private      forces                                   which objects of artistic, cultur-
    house, etc.                             mason (N.) : a person who builds         al, historical or scientific inter-
    demagogue (N.) : a political lead-      using stone or works with stone          est are kept and shown to the
    er who tries to win support by          artisan (N.) : a person who does         public
    using argumbnents based on              skilled work, making things with         shelf (N.) : a flat board, made of
    emotion rather than reason              his hands; craftsman                     wood, metal, glass, etc. fixed to
65. (3) stoic                                                                        the wall or forming part of a cup-
                                        69. (4) truant
    stoic (N.) : a person who is able                                                board/closet, bookcase, etc. for
                                            truant (N.) : a child who stays
    to suffer pain or trouble without                                                things to be placed on
                                            away from school without per-
    complaining/showing what he is                                                   cellar (N.) : an underground room
    feeling                                                                          often used for storing things
                                            pedant (N.) : a person who is
    ascetic (N.) : not allowing your-                                            73. (4) concubinage
                                            too concerned with small details
    self physical pleasures, especial-
                                            or rules especially while learn-         concubinage (N.) : living togeth-
    ly for religious reasons
                                            ing or teaching                          er (as spouses) without being le-
    esoteric (N.) : likely to be un-                                                 gally married
    derstood or enjoyed by only a few       supplicant (N.) : a person who
                                            asks , especially God or a pow-          marriage (N.) : the legal relation-
    people with a special knowledge
                                            erful person for something in a          ship between a husband and
    or interest
                                            humble way                               wife
    sceptical (N.) : having doubts
                                            mendicant (N.) : living by ask-          equipage (N.) : equipment and
    that a claim or statement is true
                                            ing people for money and food            supplies of a military force
    or that something will happen
                                            (especially of members of reli-          lineage (N.) : the series of fami-
66. (3) theology
                                            gious groups)                            lies that somebody comes from
    theology (N.) : the study of reli-
                                        70. (4) genocide                             originally; ancestry
    gion and beliefs
                                            genocide (N.) : the murder of a      74. (2) red-tapism
    theocracy (N.) : government of
    a country by religious leaders          whole race or group of people            red-tapism (N.) : the system of
                                            patricide (N.) : the crime of kill-      strictly following official formali-
    theosophy (N.) : a religious sys-
                                            ing your father                          ties
    tem of thought that tries to know