association (N.) : an official          psychology (N.) : the scientific        patricide (N.) : the crime of kill-
    group of people who have joined         study of the mind and how it in-        ing your father
    together for a particular purpose       fluences behaviour                      matricide (N.) : the crime of kill-
    council (N.) : a group of people        virology (N.) : the scientific          ing your mother
    who are elected to govern an area       study of viruses and diseases           homicide (N.) : the crime of kill-
    such as a city or a district, etc.      caused by them                          ing somebody deliberately; mur-
    bar (N.) : the profession of a bar- 54. (4) eavesdropper                        der
    rister; a lawyer in a higher court      eavesdropper (N.) : a person        58. (2) gregarious
50. (3) stoicism                            who listens secretly to what oth-       gregarious (Adj.) : liking to be
    stoicism (N.) : the fact of not         er people are saying                    with other people; sociable; liv-
    complaining/showing what you            spy (N.) : a person who tries to        ing in groups (animals)
    are feeling when you are suffer-        get secret information about an-        sociable (Adj.) : enjoying spend-
    ing                                     other country, organization or          ing time with other people; gre-
    perseverance (N.) : the quality         person, especially somebody             garious
    of continuing to try to achieve a       who is employed by a government         carnivorous (Adj.) : animals that
    particular aim despite difficulties     or the police                           eat meat
    tolerance (N.) : the willingness        detective (N.) : a person, espe-        social (Adj.) : sociable; marked
    to accept somebody/something,           cially a police officer, whose job      by friendly companionship with
    especially opinions or behaviour        is to examine crimes and catch          others
    that you may not agree to, or           criminals
                                                                                59. (2) boulevard
    people who are not like you             emissary (N.) : a person who is
                                                                                    boulevard (N.) : a wide city
    reticence (N.) : the trait of being     sent to deliver an official mes-
                                                                                    street, often with trees on either
    uncommunicative                         sage from one country to anoth-
51. (1) epilogue                            er or to perform a special task;
                                                                                    boudoir (N.) : a woman’s small
    epilogue (N.) : a speech etc. at        envoy
                                                                                    private room or bedroom
    the end of a play, book or film/    55. (2) anarchist
                                                                                    avenue (N.) : a street in a town
    movie that comments on or acts          anarchist (N.) : a person who be-
                                                                                    or city
    as a conclusion to what has hap-        lieves that laws and governments
                                            are not necessary                       facade (N.) : the front of a build-
    bibliography (N.) : a list of           monarchist (N.) : a person who
                                            believes that a country should be   60. (3) sacrilege
    books or articles about a partic-
                                            ruled by a king/queen                   sacrilege (N.) : an act of treating
    ular subject or by a particular
                                            autocrat (N.) : a ruler who has         a holy thing or place without re-
                                            complete power                          spect
    sol iloquy (N.) : a dramatic
                                            naxalite (N.) : a member of a           profanity (N.) : behaviour that
    speech; monologue
                                            group who believes in political         shows a lack of respect for God
    episode (N.) : an event, a situa-                                               or holy things
    tion, or a period of time in some-      revolution in order to change the
                                            system of how land is owned             sedition (N.) : the use of words/
    body’s life, a novel, etc. that is
                                        56. (1) euphemism                           actions that are intended to en-
    important or interesting in some
                                            euphemism (N.) : an indirect            courage people to oppose a gov-
    way; incident
                                            word/phrase that people often           ernment; insurrection
52. (2) incorrigible
                                            use to refer to something embar-        slander (N.) : a false spoken
    incorrigible (Adj.) : having bad
                                            rassing or unpleasant                   statement intended to damage
    habits which cannot be changed
                                            truism (N.) : a statement that is       the good opinion people have of
    or improved; incurable                                                          somebody
    optimistic (Adj.) : expecting           clearly true and does not add
                                            anything interesting or important   61. (4) fungus
    good things to happen or some-
                                            to a discussion                         fungus (N.) : any plant without
    thing to be successful; positive
                                            favouritism (N.) : the act of un-       leaves, flowers or green colour-
    indefatigable (Adj.) : never giv-                                               ing, usually grown on other
                                            fairly treating one person better
    ing up or getting tired of doing                                                plants or on decaying matter
                                            than others because you like him
                                            better                                  bacteria (N.) : the simplest and
    notorious (Adj.) : well-known for
                                            altruism (N.) : the fact of caring      smallest forms of life
    being bad
                                            about the needs and happiness           amoeba (N.) : a very small living
53. (2) pathology                                                                   creature that consists of only one
                                            of other people more than your
    Pathology (N.) : the scientific         own                                     cell
    study of diseases
                                        57. (2) parricide                           virus (N.) : a living thing too small
    philology (N.) : the scientific                                                 to be seen without a microscope
                                            parricide (N.) : the crime of kill-
    study of the development of lan-        ing your father, mother or a close      that causes infectious diseases
    guage or of a particular language       relative                                in people, animals and plants