bandit (N.) : a member of an            stadium (N.) : a large sports           vigour (N.) : energy, force or en-
    armed group of thieves who at-          ground surrounded by rows of            thusiasm; vitality
    tack travellers                         seats and other buildings               attempt (N.) : an act of trying to
    intruder (N.) : a person who en-    41. (2) transitory                          do something difficult, often with
    ters an area illegally                  transitory (Adj.) : continuing for      no success
37. (1) cartography                         only a short time; temporary        46. (2) numismatist
    cartography (N.) : the art or pro-      regular (Adj.) : done or happen-        numismatist (N.) : a person who
    cess of drawing or making maps          ing often                               collects or studies coins or med-
    geography (N.) : the scientific         rotatory (Adj.) : of or relating to     als
    study of the earth’s surface,           or causing rotation                     archaeologist (N.) : a person who
    physical features, divisions,           repository (Adj.) : a place where       studies cultures of the past, and
    products, population, etc.              something is stored in large            of periods of history by examin-
    geology (N.) : the scientific study     quantities                              ing the remains of buildings and
    of the earth                        42. (3) credulous                           objects found in the ground
    atlas (N.) : a book of maps             credulous (Adj.) : too ready to         philatelist (N.) : a person who
38. (1) ligaments                           believe things                          collects or studies stamps
    ligaments (N.) : a strong band          credible (Adj.) : that can be be-       connoisseur (N.) : an expert on
    of tissues in the body that con-        lieved or trusted                       matters involving the judgement
    nects bones and supports organs                                                 of beauty, quality or skill in art,
                                            incredible (Adj.) : unbelievable
    and keeps them in position                                                      food or music
                                            incredulous (Adj.) : not willing
    endoderm (N.) : the inner germ                                              47. (3) totalitarianism
                                            or not able to believe
    layer that develops into the di-
                                        43. (2) quadruped                           totalitarianism (N.) : a form of
    gestive and respiratory systems
                                            quadruped (N.) : any creature           government in which there is only
    muscles (N.) : a piece of body
                                            with four feet                          one political party that has com-
    tissue that you contract and re-
                                            tetrapod (N.) : any vertebrate          plete power and control over the
    lax in order to move a particular
    part of the body                        that has four limbs/descended           people
    fibre (N.) : the part of food that      from four-limbed ancestors, eg.         oligarchy (N.) : a form of gov-
    helps to keep a person healthy          snake, whale, etc.                      ernment in which only a small
    by keeping bowels working and           polyped (N.) : something having         group of people hold all the power
    moving other food quickly               many legs                               dictatorship (N.) : a form of gov-
    through the body; roughage          44. (4) pacifist                            ernment by a ruler who has com-
39. (1) prototype                           pacifist (N.) : a person who be-        plete power over a country, es-
    prototype (N.) : the first design       lieves that war and violence are        pecially one who has gained it
    of something from which other           always wrong                            using military force
    forms are copied or developed           socialist (N.) : a person who be-       theocracy (N.) : a form of gov-
    sculpture (N.) : a work of art          lieves in or supports the belief        ernment run by religious lead-
    that is a solid figure or object        that everyone has an equal right        ers
    made by carving/shaping wood,           to a share of a country’s wealth    48. (1) mores
    stone, clay, metal, etc.                and that the government should          mores (N.) : the customs and
    icon (N.) : a small symbol on a         own and control the main indus-         behaviour that are considered
    computer screen that represents         tries                                   typical of a particular social
    a program/file ; a famous per-          communist (N.) : a person who           group or community; conventions
    son/ thing that people admire           believes in or supports living to-      traditions (N.) : beliefs, customs
    and see as a symbol of a partic-        gether and sharing possessions          or way of doing something that
    ular idea (a way of life, etc)          and responsibilities                    has existed for a long time among
    photograph (N.) : a picture that        fascist (N.) : a person who sup-        a particular group of people
    is made by using a camera that          ports an extreme political system
    has a film sensitive to light in-                                               rites (N.) : ceremonies per -
                                            or attitude which is in favour of       formed by a particular group of
    side it                                 strong central government and
40. (3) auditorium                                                                  people, for religious purposes
                                            which does not allow any oppo-
    auditorium (N.) : the area of a                                                 rituals (N.) : series of actions
    theatre or concert hall where the                                               that are always performed in the
                                        45. (4) perseverance                        same way as a part of religious
    audience sits
                                            perseverance (N.) : the quality         ceremonies
    aquarium (N.) : a large glass con-
                                            of continuing to try to achieve a   49. (4) jury
    tainer in which fish and other
                                            particular aim despite difficulties
    water creatures and plants are                                                  jury (N.) : a group of members
    kept                                    patience (N.) : the ability to stay
                                                                                    of the public who listen to the
                                            calm and accept a delay or some-
    gymnasium (N.) : athletic facili-                                               facts of a case in a court and
                                            thing annoying without complain-
    ty equipped for sports or physi-                                                decide whether or not somebody
    cal training                                                                    is guilty of a crime