approve (V.) : to think that some-        suicide (N.) : the act of killing        citizen (N.) : a person who has
    body/something is acceptable/             yourself deliberately                    the legal right to belong to a par-
    suitable                              27. (1) gastronomy                           ticular country
22. (4) visionary                             gastronomy (N.) : the art and        32. (3) misanthrope
    visionary (N.) : original and             practice of cooking and eating           misanthrope (N.) : a person who
    showing the ability to think              good food                                hates and avoids other people
    about/plan the future with great          astronomy (N.) : the scientific          philanthropist (N.) : a rich per-
    imagination and intelligence              study of the sun, moon, stars,           son who helps the poor and
    dreamer (N.) : a person who has           planets, etc.                            those in need
    ideas/plans that are not practi-          vegetarianism (N.) : a diet ex-          terrorist (N.) : a person who
    cal/realistic                             cluding all meat and fish                takes part in terrorism (political
    seer (N.) : a person who claims           gourmet (N.) : a person who              violence)
    that he can see what is going to          knows a lot about good food and          misogynist (N.) : a man who
    happen in the future                      wines and who enjoys choosing,           hates women
    idealist (N.) : someone guided            eating and drinking them.            33. (2) universal
    more by ideals than by practical      28. (1) stoic                                universal (Adj.) : done by or in-
    considerations                            stoic (N.) : a person who is able        volving all the people in the world
23. (1) paediatrician                         to suffer pain or trouble without        or in a particular group
    paediatrician (N.) : a doctor who         complaining or showing what he           versatile (Adj.) : able to do many
    treats children                           is feeling
    pedagogue (N.) : a teacher                stylist (N.) : an artist who is a
                                                                                       cosmopolitan (Adj.) : a having
    pedestrian (N.) : a person walking        master of a particular style
                                                                                       experience of many different
    and not travelling in a vehicle           cynic (N.) : someone who is crit-        parts of the world
    paedophile (N.) : a person who            ical of the motives of others
                                                                                       secular (Adj.) : living among or-
    is sexually attracted to children         psychic (N.) : a person sensi-
                                                                                       dinary people rather than in a
24. (2) psephologist                          tive to things beyond the natural
                                                                                       religious community
    psephologist (N.) : a person (so-         range of understanding
                                                                                   34. (1) funambulist
    ciologist) who studies election       29. (2) momentary
                                                                                       funambulist (N.) : a person who
    trends                                    momentary (Adj.) : lasting for a
                                              very short time; brief                   performs on a tight rope or a
    entomologist (N.) : a zoologist
                                                                                       slack rope
    (person) who studies insects              momentous (Adj.) : very impor-
                                              tant or serious; historic                upholsterer (N.) : a person
    demagogue (N.) : a political leader
                                                                                       whose job is to upholster (to cover
    who tries to win support by using         trivial (Adj.) : not important or
                                                                                       a chair, etc. with a soft material
    arguments based on emotion                serious; not worth considering
    rather than reason                                                                 and cloth) furniture
                                              petty (Adj.) : small and unim-
    eugenist (N.) : a person who              portant; minor                           acrobat (N.) : an entertainer who
    studies methods of improving the                                                   performs difficult acts such as
                                          30. (3) hijack
    quality of the human race,                                                         balancing on high ropes
                                              hijack (V.) : to use violence or
    especially by selective breeding          threats to take control of a vehi-       aviator (N.) : a person who flies
25. (2) feminist                              cle, in order to force it to travel      an aircraft
    feminist (N.) : a person who              to a different place or to demand    35. (2) etymology
    supports the belief that women            something from a government              etymology (N.) : the study of the
    should have the same rights and           attack (V.) : try to hurt or kill        origin and history of words and
    opportunities as men                      somebody                                 their meanings
    male chauvinist (N.) : a man              contract (N.) : an official writ-        linguistics (N.) : the scientific
    who bel ieves men are mo re               ten agreement                            study of a language
    important, intelligent etc.               detour (V.) : to take a longer route     verbose (N.) : using or contain-
    fatalist (N.) : a person who believes     in order to avoid a problem or to        ing more words than are needed
    in fate/destiny                           visit a place                            anthology (N.) : a collection of
    futurist (N.) : a person who          31. (4) emigrant                             poems, stories, etc. That have
    predicts the future                       emigrant (N.) : a person who             been written by different people
26. (3) infanticide                           leaves his country to live in an-        and published together in a book
    infanticide (N.) : the crime of kill-     other                                36. (4) burglar
    ing a baby                                immigrant (N.) : a person who            burglar (N.) : a person who en-
    homicide (N.) : the crime of kill-        has come to a country to live in         ters a building illegally in order
    ing somebody deliberately; mur-           it permanently                           to steal
    der                                       alien (N.) : strange and fright-         poacher (N.) : a person who ille-
    genocide (N.) : the murder of a           ening; different from what you           gally hunts birds, animals or fish
    whole race or group of people             are used to; hostile                     on somebody else’s property