Look at the sentences :                Demure (Adjective) = reserved,         Barren (Adjective) = of land too
      Any threat to this peace must          meek, modest; mild; shy; quiet         poor to produce much or any veg-
      be treated as an act of treachery      and well behaved                       etation; infertile; sterile; show-
      – a traitor’s action.                  Look at the sentences :                ing no result; unable to produce
      My loyalties to my family come         The newspaper made the bold            plants or fruit.
      before anything else.                  move of publishing the names of        Look at the sentence :
677. (1) Strong (Adjective) : power-         the men involved.                      We drove through a barren, rock-
      ful; having the power to perfom        She gave him a demure smile.           ly landscape.
      physically demanding tasks.            She is a demure little wife who        There is an abundance of fertile
      Infirm (Adjective) = ill/sick and      sits at home minding the house.        soil and magnificent grazing land
                                                                                    in the Gangetic plain.
      weak; not physically or mental-   682. (1) Uncivilized (Adjective) = not
      ly strong; trail.                      suitable for a well developed,    687. (4) Superficial (Adjective) = ex-
                                             peaceful society.                      isting or occurring at or on the
      Look at the sentences :
                                                                                    surface; exterior; peripheral;
      Those who were old or infirm           Genteel (Adjective) = typical of
                                                                                    slight; not serious
      were given government aid af-          a hi gh soci al cl ass; pol i te;
                                                                                    Profound (Adjective) = very
      ter the flood.                         civilized.
                                                                                    great or intense; keen; sincere;
      She cut through the water with         Look at the sentences :                having or showing great knowl-
      her strong arms.                       The mansion had an atmosphere          edge or insight; deep
678. (4) Discourage (Verb) : cause to        of genteel elegance and decay.         Look at the sentence :
     lose confidence or enthusiasm;          He described the punishment as         His mother"s death when he was
     dishearten; disappoint.                 barbaric and uncivilized.              aged six had a very profound
     Reassure (Verb) = to say or do     683. (3) unready                            effect on him.
     something to remove the doubts          Prime (Verb) = to make ready           He"s fun to be with, but he"s very
     and fear of someone; encourage,         for use or action ; prepare some-      superficial.
     hearten.                                one for a situation, typically by 688. (1) Earnest (Adjective) = show-
     Look at the sentences :                 supplying them with relevant in-       ing sincere and intense convic-
     He understood her feelings and          formation.                             tion; serious and determined.
     tried to reassure her.                  Look at the sentence :                 Flippant (Adjective) = not show-
     The thought of how much work            The sentries had been primed to        ing a serious or respectful atti-
     she had to do discouraged her.          admit him without challenge            tude ; frivolous ; thoughtless
679. (2) Pedestrian (Adjective) =            Hence, the antonym of primed           Look at the sentences :
     lacking        inspiration      or      is unready.                            Gandhi was a very earnest fighter.
     excitement; dull; uninspired;      684. (4) police                             My flippant response earned me
     uncreative.                             Pilferer (Noun) = a thief who          an angry glance from my instructor.
     Ingenious (Adjective) = very            steals without using violence ;   689. (1) Daring (Adjective) = adven-
     suitable for a particular purpose;      snitcher ; burglar ; stealer.          turous; audacious; bold ; brave
     creative; resourceful, insightful;      Look at the sentence :                 and taking risks.
                                             Certain types of goods are pre-        Cautious (Adjective) = careful
     Look at the sentences :                 ferred by pilferers.                   to avoid risks.
     He was ingenious enough to         685. (2) Stingy (Adjective) = Mean,         Look at the sentence :
     overcome the limited budget.            ungenerous; miserly; mean; un-         He is a cautious driver.
     He li ve d a ped estria n life,         willing to spend money.                This is a dari ng new film
     working at the paper mill and           Generous (Adjective) = willing         = (one willing to risk criticism)
     living in his trailer.                  to give money, help, kindness          by one of our most original mod-
680. (3) Tiny (Adjective) = very/            etc. especially more than is usu-      ern directors.
     extremely small.                        al or expected; larger or more    690. (2) Harmless (Adjective) = (not
     Im men se        (Adj ect ive )  =      plentiful than is usual or neces-      likely to cause harm ; innocuous)
     extremely large or great; huge;         sary.                                  Lethal (Adjective) = (able to
     vast; massi v e, enormous;              Look at the sentence :                 cause death ; extremely danger-
     gigantic.                               It was generous of you to lend         ous)
     Look at the sentences :                 me the money.                          Look at the sentences :
     The cost of restoration of the Taj      The landlords are so stingy– they      Three minutes after the fire start-
     Mahal has been immense.                 refused to pay for new carpets.        ed, the house was full of lethal
     The gl a ss shattered into a       686. (4) Fertile (Adjective) = of soil      fumes.
     thousand tiny pieces.                   or land, producing abundant veg-       He might look a bit fierce, but
681. (2) Bold (Adjective) = confident        etation or crops; fecund; yield-       actually he is fairly harmless.
      and courageous; brave                  ing; able to conceive                                               ppp