Ferocious (Adjective) = very               Rugged (Adjective) = having a          In val uab le ( Adj ect ive ) =
    aggressive or violent; very strong;        bro ken , rocky o r u neven            extremely useful; indispensable;
    savage.                                    surface; rough; irregular.             of inestimable worth; priceless.
    Look at the sentences :                    Look at the sentences :                Look at the sentences :
    He is a man driven by ferocious            The rugged coast path meanders         Mr. Crump says the help he has
    determination.                             among tall cliffs.                     received from Macmillan nurses
    It is safe to take a mild sedative.        She was taken in by the                is invaluable.
663. (3) Am iab le (Adj ect ive ) =            salesman’s smooth manner of            Joan had been deserted by a
     having or displaying a friendly           talking.                               worthless husband.
     and pleasant manner; amicable;      668. (3) prepared
                                                                                 673. (2) Unreflective (Adjective) =
     cordial; friendly.                       Impromptu (Adjective) = done            absent ; mi nded; c asual ;
     Irascible (Adjective) = irritable;       without preparation or planning;        cursory.
     short–tempered; showing a                improvised;          unprepared,
                                              unrehearsed.                            Contemplative (Adjective) =
     tendency to be easily angered;
                                                                                      exp ressi ng     or     inv ol ving
     easily provoked                          Look at the sentence :
                                                                                      prolonged thought; thoughtful;
     Look at the sentences :                  This makes us conveniently close
                                                                                      pensive; reflective.
     He has an irascible disposition.         enough for impromptu dinner
                                              party invitations.                      Look at the sentence :
     The amiable young man greeted
                                         669. (4) Confront (Verb) = come face         She re garded me wi th a
     me enthusiastically.
                                               to face with argu mentative            contemplative eye.
664. (1) Joyful (Adjective) = very
                                               intent; challenge; resist.             After an unreflective look she
     happ y; cheerful,         joyo us
                                               Evade (Verb) = escape or avoid         moved on.
                                               by guile or trickery; elud e;     674. (4) Fr uitf ul (Ad ject ive ) =
     Forlorn (Adjective) = appearing           escape; dodge.                         producing many useful results;
     lonely and unhappy; abandoned.
                                               Look at the sentences :                productive.
     Look at the sentences :
                                               His friends once helped him            Futile (Adjective) = having no
     She looked so forlorn, standing           evade capture.                         purpose because there is no
     there in the rain.
                                               The speaker evade the questions        chance of success; pointless.
     The news of the child’s safe              asked by the audience. 500             Look at the sentence :
     return made us all joyful.                policemen confronted an equal
665. (1) Docile (Adjective) = ready                                                   Their efforts to revive him were
                                               number of union supporters.
     to     acc ept      instru ction;                                                futile.
                                         670. (1) Cosmopolitan (Adjective) =
     submissive; dutiful; obedient;            containing people of different         His continuous efforts were
     compliant.                                types or from different countries      proved fruitful as he got a good
     Ob sti nat e ( Adj ect ive ) =            and influenced by their culture.       job.
     stubbornly refusing to change             Insular (Adjective) = onl y       675. (3) Permanent (Adjective) =
     one’s      opi ni ons;    w ilful ;       interested in your own country,        lasting or intended to last or
     unyielding; obdurate.                     ideas etc. and not in those from       remain unchanged indefinitely;
     Look at the sentences :                   outside; connected wi th an            perpetual.
     She nu rses an obs tinate                 island.                                In teri m (Adj ect ive ) = the
     determination to pursue a career          Look at the sentences :                interve ni ng time; in terval;
     in television.                            The British are often accused of       interlude; intended to last for
     This company has cheap and                being insular.                         only a short time until something
     docile workforce.                         The club has a cosmopolitan            mo re permane nt is fo und ;
                                               atmosphere.                            provisional
666. (3) Cowardice (Noun) = fear or
     lack of courage; ti mi dity;        671. (3) Courteous (Adjective) =             Look at the sentences :
     fearfulness.                             polite; respectful; well-mannered;      The vice–president took power
                                              considerate in manner.                  in the interim period before the
     Courage (Noun) = the ability to
     do something dangerous or to             Insolent (Adjective) = extremely        election.
     face pain or opposition without          rude and showing a lack of
                                                                                      There is a permanent ban on the
     showing fear; bravery.                   respect; impudent; ill- mannered.
                                                                                      dumping of radioactive waste at
                                              Look at the sentences :                 sea.
     Look at the sentences :
                                              She hated the insolent tone of his
     I haven’t yet plucked up the                                                676. (3) Loyalty (Noun) = allegiance;
                                              voice when she asked for help.
     courage to ask her.                                                              faithfulness; fidelity; obedience.
                                              She was courteous and obliging
     My cowardice got the better of                                                   Treachery (Noun) = betrayal of
                                              to all.
     me and I crept out of the room.                                                  trust; betrayal ; di sl oyal ty;
                                         672. (4) Worthless (Adjective) =
667. (3) Smooth (Adjective) = even;                                                   infidel ity     back–stabbi ng;
                                               having no real value or use; good
     not rough; regular; level; flat.                                                 faithlessness.
                                               for nothing.