639. (1) mannerly (Adj.) : showing             theoretical (Adj.) : connected             frugality (N.) : using only as
      courtesy and good manners;               with the ideas and principles on           much money as is necessary
      genteel; gracious.                       which a particular subject is        657. (3) Relevant (Adjective) = close-
      insolent (Adj.) : extremely rude         based, rather than with practice          ly connected with the subject.
      and showing a lack of respect;           and experiment; conceptual;               Extraneous (Adjective) = not di-
      disrespectful; arrogant                  abstract.                                 rectly connected with the par-
      haughty (Adj.) : arrogant           649. (3) increase (V.) : enl arge;             ticular situation you are in ; ir-
      defiant (Adj.) : boldly resisting        expand; swell; become or make             relevant.
      authority/an opposing force              greater.                                  Look at the sentences :
640. (1) fertile (Adj.) : that plants          mitigate (V.) : to make something         We do not want any extraneous
     grow well in.                             less harmful, serious etc;                information on the page.
                                               alleviate; reduce; li ghten;              These comments are not direct-
     barren (Adj.) : not good enough
                                               assuage.                                  ly relevant to this inquiry.
     for plants to grow on it; infertile.
                                          650. (3) gracelessness (Adj.)         :   658. (3) Powerless (Adjecti ve) =
641. (1) unsociable (Adj.)
                                               lacking grace, elegance or charm;         helpl ess; without power to
     gregarious : liking to be with
                                               not pleasing or attractive                control.
     other people; sociable; living in
                                               elegance (N.) : the quality of            Invincible (Adjective) = too
                                               being graceful and stylish in             strong to be defeated or changed;
642. (2) fertile (Adj.) : that produces
                                               appearance          or    manner;         unconquerable impregnable.
      good results ; of land or soil that
                                               gracefulness; stylishness                 Look at the sentences :
      plants grow well in.
                                               vehemence (N.) : the quality of           The team seemed invincible.
      arid (Adj.) : having little or no
                                               showing very strong feelings
      rain ; very dry ; barren.                                                          When the enemy attacked, we
643. (2) concrete (Adj.) : based on                                                      were comp letely p owerless
                                               ostentatious (Adj.) : intended to         against them.
      facts, not on ideas ; real;
                                               attract notice and impress others    659. (3) Approval (Noun) = the feeling
      physical; tangible ; visible
                                          651. (1) squander (V.) : misuse; waste         that something is good or
      intangible (Adj.) : that exists but
                                               something especially money or             acceptable.
      that is difficult to describe ;
                                               time in a reckless manner;                Disavowal (Noun) = statement
      unable to be touched ; invisible ;
                                               accumulate (V.) : to gradually get        that you have no knowledge of
                                               more and more of something over           something or that you are not
644. (3) freedom (N.) : the state of
                                               a period of time; amass.                  responsible for something; denial;
     being able to do what you want
                                          652. (3) confident (Adj.) : feeling            disclaimer.
     or the state of no t bei ng a
                                               sure about your own ability to            Look at the sentences :
                                               do things, feeling certain.               The terrorists issued a disavowal
     captivity (N.) : the state of being
                                               diffident (Adj.) : not having             of responsibility for the attack.
     kept as a pri soner or i n a
                                               much confidence in yourself; shy          He desperately wanted to win his
     confined space
                                          653. (2) firm (Adj.) : not likely to           father’s approval.
645. (3) vice (N.) : immoral behaviour
                                               change; strongly fixed.              660. (4) Animated (Adjective) = full
     vi rtue (N. ) : behav i our or
                                               fickle (Adj.) : changing frequently,      of life orexcitment; lively.
     attitudes that show high moral
                                               especially as regards one’s               Quiescent (Adjective) = quiet;
                                               loyalties        or    affections;        not active; not develop ing;
646. (2) mild (Adj.) : not severe; not
                                               changeable; variable                      dormant.
      very cold and therefore pleasant.
                                               debilitating (V.) : to make               Look at the sentence :
      inclement (Adj.) : not pleasant;
                                               somebody’s body/mind weaker               The political situation was now
      cold, wet etc.
                                               repulsive (Adj.) : prossessing            relatively quiescent.
      radical (Adj.) : far beyond the
                                               the ability to repel                      Thee was an extremely animated
                                               yielding (Adj.) : tending to give         discussion on the subject.
      harsh (Adj.) : severe
                                               in/surrender/agree                   661. (1) strict
647. (1) realist (N.) : a person who
                                          654. (1) superfi cial (Adj.) : not             Lenient (Adjective) = not as
      accepts and deals with a
                                               serious ; shallow.                        strict as expected when punishing
      situation as it really is.
                                               profound (Adj.) : very great ;            somebody; merciful; tolerant.
      visionary (N.) : a person who
                                               very serious ; wise                       Look at the sentences :
      has the ability to think about or
                                          655. (4) taciturn (Adj.) : tending not         The judge was for too lenient with
      plan the future in a way that is
                                               to say very much.                         him.
      intelligent or shows imagination.
                                               garrulous (Adj.) : talkative ;            He left strict instructions that
648. (4) practical (Adj.) : connected
                                               talking a lot.                            she was not to be disturbed.
      with real situations rather than
      with theories; pragmatic, actual;   656. (2) generosity (N.) : more than      662. (1) Mi ld (Adjecti ve) = non-
      experimental.                            is necessary ; lavishness.                violent; not severe or strong.