piety (N.) : the state of having/          evasive (Adj.) : not willing to give      diffident (Adj.) : not having
      showing a deep respect for                 clear answers to a question ;             much confidence in yourself; shy;
      somebody/something (God and                cagey.                                    no t wanting to tal k about
      religion)                            623. (2) yielding (Adj.) : willing to do        yourself.
615. (3) treacherous (Adj.) : that               what other people want; soft.        631. (3) surrender (V.) : to admit that
      cannot be trusted; deceitful.              relentless (Adj.) : not stopping          you have been defeated and want
      devout (Adj.) : believing strongly         or getting less strong; unrelenting;      to stop fighting; give in.
      in a particular religion and               refusing to give up; hard; harsh.         van quis h (V.) : to defeat
      obeying its laws and practices;                                                      somebody compl e tel y i n a
                                           624. (1) friendship
      honest; faithful.                                                                    competition, war etc.
                                                 hostility (N.) : unfriendly or       632. (1) conventional
616. (1) realness (N.) : the true                aggressive feelings or behaviour
     situation and the problems that                                                       nonconformist (Adj.) : the fact
                                           625. (3) adore (V.) : to love somebody          of not following normal ways of
     usually exist in life ; existing as
     fact ; actual rather than imaginary.       very much.                                 think i ng and beha ving ;
     apparition (N.) : a ghost or an            detest (V.) : to hate somebody/            unconventional.
     image of a person who is dead;             something very much; loathe.          633. (2) intractable (Adj.) : very
     appearance ; emergence.               626. (3) enlargement (N.) : made                difficult to deal with; obdurate;
                                                larger.                                    uncontrollable.
     perceptible (Adj.) : noticeable
                                                                                           malleable (Adj.) : easily
     illusion (N.) : a false idea/belief        epitome (N.) : a perfect exam-
                                                                                           influenced       or     ch anged;
     undetectable (Adj.) : impossible to        ple of something; embodiment;
     see/find                                   abstract; resume, summary.
                                                                                           pliable (Adj.) : able to be led/
617. (4) opulent (Adj.) : luxurious;            quintessence (N.) : the perfect            directed
     wealthy; extremely rich.                   example of something
                                                                                      634. (4) humility (N.) : the quality of
     penurious (Adj.) : very poor ;             paragon (N.) : an ideal instance            not thinking that you are better
     destitute ; penniless.                     incarnation (N.) : a period of life         than others; the quality of being
618. (1) disparage (V.) : belittle ; to         in a particular form                        humble.
     suggest that something is not         627. (2) stupidity (N.) : behaviour              vanity (N.) : the quality of being
     important or valuable.                     that sho ws a lack of good                  unimportant; too much pride in
     accentuate (V.) : to emphasize             judgement or thought.                       your own appearance; abilities
     somethi ng or mak e it more                                                            etc.
                                                gumption (N.) : courage and
     noticeable.                                                                      635. (3) commence (V.) : begin; come
                                                determination ; intelligence.
     enunciate (V.) : to express an                                                         into existence; get going.
                                                ingenuity (N.) : the ability to             terminate (V.) : to end; to make
     idea clearly and exactly
                                                invent things/solve problems in             something end.
     aggrandize (V.) : add details to           clever new ways
     exacerbate (V.) : make worse                                                     636. (1) distract (V.) : to take
                                                sagacity (N.) : good judgement              somebody’s attention away from
619. (3) honourable (Adj.) : deserving          and understanding                           what they are trying to do; divert.
     respect and admiration.
                                                acumen (N.) : the ability to                captivate (V.) : to keep
     debauched (Adj.) : immoral ;
                                                understand and decide things                somebody’s attention by being
     depraved, dissolute.                                                                   interesting, attractive etc.
                                                quickly and well
     dissipated (Adj.) : enjoy ing                                                    637. (4) unpleasant
                                           628. (2) vigour (N.) : energy, force
     activities that are harmful such
                                                 or enthusiasm; vitality                   congenial (Adj.) : pleasant to
     as drinking too much alcohol
                                                 inertia (N.) : lack of energy; lack       spend time with; suitable for
     depraved (Adj.) : morally bad                                                         something; pleasant because it
                                                 of desire or ability to move or
     unrestrained (Adj.) : not                                                             suits your character.
     controlled                                                                            accord (N.) : a formal agreement
620. (2) dissent (N.) : the fact of        629. (4) skimp (V.) : to try to spend
                                                                                           snug (Adj.) : cosy
      expressing opinions that are               less time, money on something
                                                                                      638. (4) ac qui re ( V.) : to gai n
      different from those that are              than is really needed.
                                                                                           something; to obtain something.
      accepted.                                  squander (V.) : to waste money,           abjure (V.) : to promise publicly
      assent (N.) : the official agreement       time etc. in a stupid way.                that you will give up or reject a
      to or approval of something.               slander (V.) : to make a false            belief; renounce.
621. (1) vice (N.) : evil or immoral             spoken statement about                    renounce (V.) : to state officially
      behaviour.                                 somebody that is intended to              that you are no longer going to
      virtue (N.) : behaviour or                 damage the good opinion that              keep a title, position, etc.
      attitudes that show high moral             people have of them                       relinquish (V.) : to stop having
      standards.                           630. (3) confident (Adj.) : feeling sure        something, especially when this
622. (4) categorical (Adj.) : expressed         about your own ability to do               happens unwillingly
      clearly ; definite.                       things and be successful.                  abnegate (V.) : renounce; reject