585. (2) informal                         594. (2) controversial                   607. (1) determine (V.) : arrange
     formal (Adj.) : very correct and          contentious (Adj.) : controversial;      something; establish.
     suitable for official or important        likely to cause disagreement.            meander (V.) : ramble; to curve
     occasions.                           595. (4) guess                                a lot rather than being in a
586. (1) cursory (Adj.) : done quickly         conjecture (N.) : an opinion or          straight line; wander.
     and wi thout gi ving enough               idea that is not based on definite   608. (3) extinguish (V.) : to make a
     attention to details; bri ef;             knowledge ; guess.                        fire stop burning; put out.
     perfunctory.                              strife (N.) : bitter conflict; lack       ignite (V.) : to start to burn;
     thorough (Adjective) = done               of agreement/harmony                      rekindle.
     completely and wi th great           596. (3) shameless                             rekindle (V.) : to make
     attention to detail.                      brazen (Adj.) : shameless ; open          something become a ctive again
587. (2) pleasant (Adj.) : enjoyable or        and without shame.                   609. (1) gravity (N.) : seriousness;
     attractive.                          597. (3) summary                               extreme importance and a cause
     nasty (Adj.) : very bad or                                                          for worry.
                                               synopsis (N.) : a summary of a
     unpleasant; unkind; mean.                                                           levity (N.) : behaviour that
                                               piece of writing, a play etc.
588. (1) undermine (V.) : to make                                                        shows a lack of respect for
                                          598. (3) ignorant (Adj.) : lacking             something, serious and that
     something gradually weaker or             knowledge or information about            treats it in an amusing way;
     less effective.                           something ; not educated.                 frivolity.
     fortify (V.) : make somebody/             erudite (Adj.) : having or show-          jocularity (N.) : the quality of
     yourself feel stronger ; strengthen.      ing great knowledge ; learned             being humorous
589. (4) zealot (N.) : a person who is    599. (3) meagre/meager (Adj.) : small          bounce (N.) : a light, self-
     extremely enthusiastic about              in quantity and poor in quality ;         propelled movement upwards/
     something (religion/politics)             paltry                                    forwards
     misanthropist (N.) : a person             profuse (Adj.) : produced in        610. (3) concealed (Adj.) : hidden ;
     who hates and avoids other people.        large amounts                            secret.
     philanthropist (N.) : a rich person  600. (4) ecstasy (N.) : a feeling or          overt (Adj.) : done in an open
     who helps the poor and those in           state of very great happiness;           way and not secretly.
     need.                                     bliss                                    inexplicable (Adj.) : that cannot
     pedant (N.) : a person who is             agony (N.) : extreme physical or         be understood/explained
     too concerned with small details/         mental pain                              ambiguous (Adj.) : having more
     rules especially when learning/      601. (2) preceding (Adj.) : to happen         than one possible meaning
     teaching                                  before something/coming before           manifest (Adj.) : clearly revealed
     pragmatist (N.) : a person who            something in order.                      to the mind/the senses/judge-
     behaves in a practical and                subsequent (Adj.) : happening            ment
     sensible way rather than having           or coming after something else      611. (1) pernicious (Adj.) : having a
     fixed ideas/theories                 602. (2) concise (Adj.) : giving only         very harmful effect.
590. (2) indulge (V.) : to allow               the information that is necessary        innocuous (Adj.) : not intended
     yourself to have or do something          and important.                           to offend or upset anyone ;
     that you like ; to satisfy a              redundant (Adj.) : without a job ;       harmless.
     particular desire, interest etc.          not needed ; surplus ; wordy.       612. (2) uncomplaining
     abstain (V.) : to decide not to do   603. (1) rigid (Adj.) : very strict and       querulous (Adj.) : complaining ;
     or have something ; stay away.            difficult to change; inflexible.         showing that you are annoyed.
591. (4) patronize (V.) : to treat             pliable (Adj.) : easy to bend       613. (1) active
     somebody in a way that seems              without breaking; flexible; easy         quiescent (Adj.) : quiet ; not
     friendly.                                 to influence or control; pliant.         active ; dormant.
     ostracize (V.) : to refuse to meet   604. (2) indifference (N.) : a lack of   614. (3) pragmatist (N.) : a person
     somebody ; shun.                          interest.                                who sol ves probl ems i n a
592. (2) accessible                                                                     practical and sensible way;
                                               alacrity (N.) : great willingness
     unapproachable (Adj.) : un-               or enthusiasm.
     friendly and not easy to talk to ;                                                 visionary (Adj.) : original and
                                          605. (3) inexact (Adj.) : not accurate
     inaccessible.                                                                      showing the ability to think about
                                               or exact.
                                                                                        or plan the future with great
593. (4) spell                                 impeccable (Adj.) : without              imagination and intelligence ;
     jinx (N.) : bad luck ; spell ;            mistakes or faults; perfect.             relating to dreams.
     something that is thought to         606. (2) authentic (Adj.) : known to be       farsighted (Adj.) : having/
     bring bad luck mysteriously.              real and genuine and not a copy;         showing an understanding of the
     taunt (N.) : mocking/criticizing          true and accurate.                       effects in the future of actions
     juncture (N.) : an event that             spurious (Adj.) : false, although        that you take now, and being able
     occurs at a critical time                 seeming to be genuine                    to plan for them