beautiful (Adjective) : having       563. (3) innocent (Adjective) : not      574. (3) yield (Verb) : to stop resist-
     beauty; very good.                         guilty of a crime.                      ing; give way; surrender.
551. (4) superficial (Adjective) : not          guilty (Adjective) : having done        resist (Verb) : oppose; to refuse
     studying deeply; not concerned             something illegal; being respon-        to accept something; to fight
     with anything serious; shallow.            sible for something bad.                back when attacked; to use
     profound (Adjective) : very          564. (4) exculpation (Noun) : stating         force.
     great ; showing great knowledge            officially that somebody is not    575. (4) disagree
     or understanding                           guilty.                                 concur (Verb) : to agree
552. (3) massive : very large, heavy            accusation (Noun) : to say some-   576. (1) disperse (Verb) : to spread;
     and solid.                                 one guilty of doing something           scatter; to move apart.
     minuscule (Adjective) : ex-                wrong.                                  accumulate (Verb) : to gradual-
     tremely small.                       565. (1) dismiss (Verb) : to officially       ly increase in number; collect;
553. (3) careless                               remove somebody from job ; fire;        amass; build up.
     wary (Adjective) : watchful;               sack.                              577. (2) complex (Adjective) : com-
     careful when dealing with some-            appoint (Verb) : to choose some-        plicated; difficult to understand.
     body, cautious.                            body for a job or position of re-       elementary (Adjective) : very
                                                sponsibility.                           simple and easy; basic; prima-
554. (3) purify (Verb) : to make some-
                                          566. (2) descend (Verb) : to come or          ry.
     thing pure by removing dirty or
                                               go down from a higher to a lower         compound (Adjective) : formed
     harmful things.
                                               level.                                   of two or more parts.
     defile (Verb) : to make something
                                                                                   578. (2) understate (Verb) : to state
     dirty or no longer pure.                  ascend (Verb) : to rise; to go up;
                                                                                        that something is smaller, less
555. (1) fertile                               to climb up.
                                                                                        important than it really is.
     sterile (Adjective) : infertile; not 567. (3) patriot (Noun) : a person who        exaggerate (Verb) : to make
     able to produce children; not good        loves their country and is ready         something seem larger, better,
     enough to pruduce crops.                  to defend against an enemy.              worse or more important than it
556. (2) continue                              traitor (Noun) : a person who            really is.
     desist (Verb) : to stop doing             gives away secrets about their      579. (4) smooth (Adjective) : com-
     something ; discontinue.                  country; one who betrays; rene-          pletely flat and even, without any
                                               gade; back-stabber.                      lumps, holes or rough areas.
557. (4) careless
                                          568. (3) adore (Verb) : to love some-         abrupt (Adjective) : sudden and
     prudent (Adjective) : sensible
                                               body very much.                          unexpected, often in an unpleas-
     and careful ; avoiding unnecessary
                                                                                        ant way; rude
     risks                                     detest (Verb) : to hate something
                                               very much; loathe.                  580. (2) Informal
558. (2) defective (Adjective) : not per-
                                                                                        formal (Adjective) : very correct
     fect; having a fault.                569. (3) attract (Verb) : If you are at-
                                                                                        and suitable for official or impor-
     flawless (Adjective) : without            tracted by something; it interests       tant occasions.
     defect or fault ; perfect.                you; arouse interest.
                                                                                   581. (1) cursory (Adjective) : done
559. (1) distinct (Adjective) : easily         repel (Verb) : to push, drive, keep      quickl y and without giving
     or clearly seen, heard, felt etc;         something away.                          enough attention to details; brief;
     clear; definite.                     570. (3) legal                                perfunctory.
     obscure (Adjective) : difficult to         illicit (Adjective) : not allowed       thorough (Adjective) : done
     understand ; unknown; not                  by the law; illegal ; not approved      completely; with great attention
     clear.                                     of the normal rules of society.         to detail.
560. (3) transient (Adjective) : con-     571. (2) supply (Noun) : an amount       582. (2) Pleasant (Adjective) : enjoy-
     tinuing for a short time; fleeting;        of something that is provided or        able or attractive.
     temporary.                                 available to be used.                   nasty (Adjective) : very bad or
                                                demand (Noun) : a very firm             unpleasant; unkind; mean.
     enduring (Adjective) : lasting for
                                                request for something.             583. (2) understate (V.) : to state that
     a long time
                                                                                        something is smaller, less
561. (3) rejoice (Verb) : to express      572. (4) re put ed (Adj ect ive ) :
                                                                                        important than it really is.
     great happiness about some-                known; generally thought to be
                                                                                        exaggerate (V.) : to make some-
     thing.                                     something.
                                                                                        thing seem larger, better, worse
     grieve (Verb) : to feel very sad           notorious (Adjective) : well            or more important than it really
     because somebody has died;                 known for being bad ; infamous.         is.
     pain.                                573. (3) ascent (Noun) : the act of      584. (4) smooth (Adj.) : happening/
562. (3) ordinary (Adjective) : not             climbing or moving up ; an up-          continuing without any problems
     unusual.                                   ward journey.                           abrupt (Adj.) : sudden and
     bizarre (Adjective) : very strange         descent (Noun) : an action of           unexpected, o ften i n an
     or unusual; weird.                         coming or going down.                   unpleasant way; rude