522. (2) Gradual (Adjective) : hap-      530. (3) crude (Adjective) : offensive  539. (4) professional (Noun/Adjec-
     pening slowly over a long peri-          or rude; vulgar.                        tive) : competent, connected with
     od.                                      urbane (Adjective) : good at            a skillful job.
     abrupt (Adjective) : sudden and          knowing what to say and how to          amateur (Noun) : a person who
     unexpected.                              behave in social situations.            is not skilled; a person who
     obscure (Adj.) : not well-known     531. (1) timid (Adjective) : brave;          takes part in activites for enjoy-
     concrete (Adj.) : based on facts,        shy and nervous.                        ment not as job.
     not on ideas/guesses                     bold (Adjective) : brave and con-  540. (1) honesty (Noun) : the quali-
     rapid (Adj.) : happening in a            fident; not afraid                      ty of being honest/true. ques-
     short period of time                532. (2) false                               tions with her usual honesty.
523. (1) delay (Verb) : to make/ do           authentic (Adjective) : genuine;        deceit (Noun) : dishonest be-
     late                                     known to be real and not a copy.        haviour, deception.
     accelerate (Verb) : to happen       533. (4) stormy (Adjective) : full of   541. (2) malevolent (Adjective) :
     faster or earlier than expected.         strong feelings and angry argu-         having or showing a desire to
                                              ments ; strong winds and heavy          harm others, malicious, wicked.
524. (2) dependence (N.) : the state
     of needing the help and support          rain.                                   benevolent (Adjective) : kind,
     of somebody/something in order           placid (Adjective) : not easily         helpful and generous.
     to survive or be successful              excited or irritated ; calm and         malignant (Adj.) : that cannot
     autonomy (Noun) : freedom; in-           peaceful ; tranquil.                    be controlled and is likely to
     dependence ; the ability to act     534. (1) steadfastness (Noun) : firm-        cause death
     without being controlled by any-         ness ; not changing your attitudes 542. (4) humble (Adjective) : mod-
     one else.                                or aims.                                est; showing no self-importance.
     Slavery (Noun) : state of being          vacillation (Noun) : keep chang-        arrogant (Adjective) : behaving
     a slave.                                 ing your opinion or thoughts ; wa-      in a proud, unpleasant way.
     subordination (N.) : the act of          vering.                            543. (2) affluent (Adjective) : having
     treating somebody/something as           relief (Noun) : the feeling that        a lot of money; wealthy; prosper-
     less important than somebody/            comes when something burden             ous.
     something else                           some is removed/ reduced                impoverished (Adjective) :
     conformity (N.) : behaviour/ac-          inoculation (Noun) : vaccination ;      very poor; without money.
     tions that follow the accepted           immunization                       544. (4) deny (Verb) : to say that
     rules of society                         remorse (Noun) : a feeling of           something is not true.
525. (2) filthy (Adjective) : very dirty      deep regret (usually for some           affirm (Verb) : to state publicly
     and unpleasant.                          misdeed)                                that something is true; confirm.
     immaculate (Adjective) : flaw-      535. (3) manliness (Noun) : having      545. (2) discordant (Adjective) : not
     less; spotless; extremely clean          the qualities or physical features      in agreement
     and tidy; perfect.                       that are admired or expected in         harmon ious (Adjective) :
526. (3) freezing (Adj.) : extremely          a man.                                  friendly; peaceful and without
     cold                                     effeminacy (Noun) : looking, be-        any disagreement.
     sweltering (Adjective) : stifling;       having or sounding like a wom-     546. (3) strong
     very hot and uncomfortable.              an or a girl.                           fragile (Adjective) : easily bro-
     Cozy (Adjective) : warm, com-            boorishness (Noun) : the manner         ken or damaged; weak and un-
     fortable and safe; easy and con-         of a rude/ insensitive person           certain; easily destroyed or spoilt.
     venient.                            536. (3) modest (Adjective) : not talk- 547. (1) genuine (Adjective) : real; ex-
     clammy (Adj.) : damp in an un-           ing much about your own abili-          actly what it appears to be.
     pleasant way                             ties or possessions.                    superficial (Adjective) : appear-
527. (2) steady (Adjective) : not             arrogant (Adjective) : behaving         ing to be true, real or important;
     shaking or likely to fall down.          in a proud, unpleasant way ;            artificial; cursory.
     tremulous (Adjective) : shak-            showing little thought for other   548. (2) quietly (Adverb) : with very
     ing slightly because you are ner-        people.                                 little noise; peacefully.
     vous; trembling.                    537. (1) normal (Adjective) : typi-          noisily (Adverb) : extremely un-
528. (3) Genuine                              cal, usual or ordinary.                 pleasantly or offensively.
     fake (Adjective) : not genuine,          eccentric (Adjective) : irregular, 549. (2) contempt (Noun) : a feeling
     counterfeit.                             whimsical; to be strange or un-         that something is without value
                                              usual ; peculiar.                       and deserves no respect at all.
529. (2) joyous (Adjective) : a feel-
     ing of great happiness; very hap-   538. (1) nadir (Noun) : the worst mo-        admiration (Noun) : a feeling of
     py; delighted.                           ment of a particular situation          respect and liking for somebody/
     disconsolate (Adjective) : very          zenith (Noun) : the highest point;      something.
     unhappy and disappointed; de-            the time when something is stron-  550. (4) ugly (Adjective) : unpleasant
     jected.                                  gest and most successful; peak.         to look at; unattractive.