sustain (V.) : to provide enough      503. (3) ruffled (Adjective) : dis-      513. (4) harmony (Noun) : a state of
     of what somebody/something                  turbed; flustered.                      peaceful existence and agree-
     needs in order to live/exist                serene (Adjective) : calm and           ment ; a pleasant sound.
494. (2) embark (Verb) : to get onto a           peaceful.                               cacophony (Noun) : noise ; a
     ship                                  504. (4) confine (Verb) : to keep in-         mixture of loud unpleasant
     alight (Verb) : to get out of a bus,       side the limits; restrict; to keep       sounds.
     a train or other vehicle                   a person/animal in a small space.   514. (3) fresh
     disembark (V.) : to leave a                release (Verb) : set free; stop           rancid (Adjective) : unpleasant
     vehicle, especially a ship/an              holding ; let go.                         taste ; stale ; not fresh ; sour.
     aircraft, at the end of a journey                                                    If a food containing fat is ran-
                                           505. (3) nebulous (Adjective) : not
     embalm (V.) : to prevent and               clear; vague.                             cid, it tastes/smells unpleasant
     preserve a dead body from                                                            because it is no longer fresh.
                                                clear (Adjective) : easy to under-
     decaying by treating it with                                                   515. (1) always (Adverb) : at all time ;
                                                stand; direct; obvious.
     special substances                                                                   on every occasion
                                                implicit (Adjective) : not clear;
     align (V.) : to arrange something                                                    seldom (Adverb) : not often ;
     in the correct position, or to be                                                    rarely
     in the correct position, in relation  506. (2) equality ( Noun) : the fact of
                                                                                    516. (4) deny (Verb) : to refuse to ad-
     to something else, especially in           being equal in rights, status etc.
                                                                                          mit or accept something.
     a straight line                            discrimination (Noun) : the prac-
                                                                                          provide (Verb) : supply ; to give
495. (1) eternity (N) : time without            tice of treating somebody or a par-
                                                                                          something to somebody or make
     limit especially life continuing           ticular group less fairly than oth-
                                                                                          it available ; stipulate
     without end after death.                   ers; partiality; bias.
                                                                                          defy (V.) : to refuse to obey/show
     transience (N) : continuing for       507. (1) protected (Adjective) : make          respect for somebody in author-
     a short time ; fleeting ; tempo-           sure that som ething is not               ity, a law, a rule, etc.
     rariness.                                  harmed, injured, damaged etc.
                                                                                    517. (3) decide
496. (4) ascent (N) : the act of mov-           endangered (Adjective) : putting
                                                                                          vacillate (Verb) : to keep chang-
     ing up ; an upward journey.                somebody/something in a situa-
                                                                                          ing your opinion or thoughts
     descent (N) : an action of com-            tion in which they could be
                                                                                          about something, waver.
     ing or going down.                         harmed or damaged.
                                                                                    518. (2) domineering (Adjective) :
497. (3) permanent (Adj.) : lasting for    508. (2) conventional
                                                                                          trying to control other people
     a long time ; existing all the time.       maverick (Adjective) : not think-         without considering their opin-
     interim (Adj.) : intended to last          ing like everyone ; having inde-          ions or feelings.
     for only a short time until some-          pendent, unusual opinions; un-            obsequious (Adjective) : trying
     body/something more perma-                 conventional.                             too hard to please somebody; ser-
     nent is found.                                                                       vile.
                                           509. (2) shallow (Adjective) : not
498. (1) defiant (Adjective) : openly                                               519. (1) condense (Verb) : reduce; to
                                                having much distance between
     refusing to obey somebody/                                                           put something into fewer words.
                                                the top and the bottom; superfi-
     something.                                                                           enlarge (Verb) : to make some-
     servile (Adjective) : Wanting too                                                    thing bigger; to become bigger;
                                                depth (Noun) : the distance from
     much to please somebody and                                                          augment.
                                                the top or surface to the bottom
     obey them, fawning.                                                            520. (3) conscientious (Adjective) :
                                                of something ; strength and pow-
499. (2) inept (Adjective) : acting or                                                    taking care to do things carefully
                                                er of feelings.
     done with no skill.                                                                  and correctly.
                                           510. (2) establish (Verb) : to start or
     adept (Adjective) : good at do-                                                      unscrupulous (Adjective) :
     ing something that is quite diffi-         create an organisation; set up.           without moral principles; not
     cult ; skilful.                            demolish (Verb) : to pull or knock        honest or fair.
500. (2) unknow                                 down a building ; to destroy some-        dedicated (Adj.) : working hard
                                                thing accidentally.                       at something because it is very
     famous (Adjective) : known
     about by many people.                 511. (3) purify (Verb) : to make some-         important to you ; committed
501. (3) aversion (Noun) : reluctance;          thing pure.                         521. (4) disturbed (Adjective) : un-
     dislike; a strong feeling of not lik-      taint (Verb) : to damage or spoil         happy and full of shocking ex-
     ing somebody/something.                    the quality of something.                 periences.
     predilection (Noun) : liking,                                                        tranquil (Adjective) : quiet and
                                           512. (1) undeserved (Adjective) : that
     preference.                                                                          peaceful; serene; unruffled.
                                                somebody does not deserve and
502. (2) humble (Adjective) : modest;                                                     unruffled (Adj.) : calm
                                                therefore unfair.
     no showing.                                                                          perpetual (Adj.) : continuous
                                                appropriate (Adjective) : suit-
     pompous (Adjective) : preten-              able, acceptable or correct for the       temporal (Adj.) : connected
     tious; showing; grandiose.                 particular circumstances.                 with/limited by time