468. (4) manly                            475. (1) prosperity (Noun) : the state    486. (2) saving : an amount of some-
      effemi nate (Adjective) :                of being successful; affluence            thing such as time or money that
      behaving/ soundi ng li ke a              adversity (Noun) : a difficult/           you do not need to spend.
      woman/ girl                              unpleasant situation                      squandering (N) : wastage of
      androgynous (Adj.) : having both         animosity (N.) : a strong feeling         money, time etc. in a stupid or
      male and female characteristics          of opposition, anger/hatred               careless way.
469. (2) praise (Verb) : to express       476. (4)              willing (Adj.) :    487. (4) careless
      your approval or admiration for          ready; having no reason for not           prudent (Adjective) : sensible
      compliment                               doing something                           and careful when you make
      reprimand (Verb) : to tel l              reluctant (Adj.) : hesitating be-         judg ement and decisi ons ;
      somebody officially that you do          fore doing some thing.                    avoiding unnecesary risks.
      not approve of them/ their          477. (4) temporary (Adj.) : lasting for        dunce (N.) : a person, especially
      actions                                  a short time; not permanent.              a child at school, who is stupid/
      rebuked (V.) : to speak severely         immortal (Adj.) : that lives or           slow to learn
      to somebody because he has               lasts for ever; eternal; perma-      488. (3) unusual (Adj.) : different
      done something wrong                     nent.                                     from what is usual or normal; un-
      admon ished (V.) : to tel l         478. (2) disperse (V) = to spread over         common; exceptional.
      somebody firmly that you do not          a wide area; scatter.                     traditional (Adj.) : convention-
      approve of something that he has                                                   al; following older methods and
                                               focus (V.) : to give attention,
      done                                                                               ideas.
                                               effort to one particular subject
470.(2) imbalan ce (Noun) : no                 etc; link.                                the avant-garde (N) :new and
    balance or equilibrium                                                               very modern ideas that are
                                          479. (3) novice (N) : a person who is
    equilibrium (Noun) : a state of            new and has little experience in          sometimes surprising or shock-
    balance, especi ally between               a job.                                    ing.
    opposing forces/ influences; a
                                               veteran (N) : a person who has       489. (3) calm (Adj.) : not upset; not
    calm state of mind and a balance
                                               a lot of experience in a particu-         excited or nervous.
    of emotions
                                               lar area.                                 turbulent (Adj.) : unruly; chang-
    composure (N.) : the state of
                                          480. (4) superfluous (Adj.) : unnece-          ing direction suddenly and violent-
    being calm and in control of your          ssary; more than you need or
    feelings/behaviour                                                                   ly; a situation in which there is a
                                               want ; excess.                            lot of sudden change, confusion,
471. (3) plethora (Noun) : an amount           essential (Adj.) : necessary, vital.      disagreement etc.
     that is greater than is needed;
                                          481. (3) Necessary
     excess                                                                         490. (1) sparse (Adj.) : only present
                                               imbalance (N) : no same treat-
     paucity (Noun) : a small amount                                                     in small amounts or numbers.
                                               ment with two or more things;
     of something ; less than enough                                                     profuse (Adj.) : produced in
                                               no equilibrium.
     of something                                                                        large amounts.
                                               equilibrium (N) : a state of bal-
     paragon (N.) : a person who is            ance; a calm state of mind.          491. (2) enhance (Verb) : to increase/
     perfect or who is a perfect example                                                 further improve
                                          482. (2) opaque (Adj.) : not clear
     of a particular good quality                                                        mi tigate (Verb) : to mak e
                                               enough to see through or allow
472. (3) banal (Adj.) : very ordinary          light through; not clear.                 something less harmful, serious,
     and containing nothing that is in-                                                  etc.; alleviate; allay
                                               transparent (Adj.) : allowing you
     teresting or important.                                                             appease (V.) : to make somebody
                                               to see through; obvious.
     novel (Adj.) : different form any-                                                  calmer/less angry by giving him
                                          483. (2) dissent (Noun) : expressing
     thing known before; new; inter-           opinions different from accepted          what he wants
     esting seeming slightly strange.                                                    allay (V.) : to make something,
                                               consent (Noun) : agreement
473.(4) in articulate (Adjective) : not        about something                           especially a feeling, less strong
    able to express ideas/ feelings                                                 492. (3) undisputed (Adj.) : irrefut-
                                               resent (V.) : to feel bitter/angry
    clearly                                                                              able that can’t be questioned or
                                               about something, especially
    eloquent (Adjective) : able to             because you feel it is unfair             disputed.
    express a feeling; able to use        484. (2) spiritual (Adj.) : connected          controversial (Adj.) : causing a
    langu age and express well;                with the human spirit, rather             lot of angry public discussion and
    articulate                                 than the body or physical things.         disagreement.
    lucid (Adj.) : clearly expressed ;         carnal (Adj.) : connected with the   493. (1) starve (Verb) : to suffer/ die
    easy to understand                         body or with sex.                         becuase you do not have enough
474. (2) halting (Adj.) : stopping and    485. (1) placid (Adj.) : not easily ex-        food to eat
      starting often; hesitant.                cited or irritated; calm and peace-       nourish (Verb) : to keep a
      fluent (Adj.) : able to speak, read      ful.                                      person/ plant alive and healthy
      or write a language easily and           turbulent (Adj) : unruly; dis-            with food
      well; done smoothly and skilful-         turbed; noisy and/or difficult to         foster (V.) : to enco urage
      ly.                                      control.                                  something to develop