437. (4) agreement                             alleviate (V.) : to make something         manifestation (N.) : the act of
     dissent (Noun) : disagreement             less severe                                appearing as a si gn that
     discord (N.) : disagreement ;             obstinacy (N.) : a refusal to              something exists or is happening
     arguing                                   change your opinions, way of          459. (4) resisting
438. (2) individual (N) : A person con-        behaving, etc. when other people           yield (V) : give way ; to stop re-
     sidered separately rather than as         try to persuade you to ;                   sisting somebody/something.
     part of group.                            stubbornness                          460. (2) generally (Adverb) : in most
     group (N) : a number of people       449. (2) serene (Adj.) : calm and               cases
     or things together.                       peaceful                                   particularly        (Adverb)       :
     solitary (Adj.) : living alone.           distraught (Adj.) : extremely              especially ; more than usual
                                               upset and anxious so that you              compreh ensively (Adv. ) :
439. (2) prodigality
                                               cannot think clearly; distressed.          completely ; thoroughly
     frugality (Noun) : using as much
                                          450. (2) plentiful                         461. (1) reveal (V) : to make some-
     mo ney as is necessary;
     meagreness                                ample (Adj.) : enough; plenty of.          thing known; disclose.
     gaiety (N.) : the state of being          meagre (Adj.) : small in quanti-           suppress (V) : crush; abolish,
     cheerful and full of fun                  ty and poor in quality.                    keep secret; to prevent some-
                                          451. (2) attractive                             thing from being published or
     captivity (N.) : the state of being
                                                                                          made known.
     kept as a prisoner/in a confined          repulsive (Adj.) : causing some-
                                               body move away; causing dislike;      462. (4) silent (Adjective) : not
                                               disgusting.                                talkative; not speaking; quiet
440. (1) unkind
                                          452. (2) civilized (Adj.) : wel l -             vocal (Adjective) : talkative;
      humane (Adj.) : showing kind-                                                       protesti ng l ou dl y and wi th
     ness towards people and animals.          organized socially with a very
                                               developed culture and way of life
441. (2) happy                                                                            voluble (Adj.) : talking a lot, and
                                               barbarous (Adjective) : coarse;
     miserable (Adj.) : very unhap-                                                       with enthusiasm, about a subject
                                               extremely cruel and shocking;
     py or uncomfortable; depress-                                                   463. (2) exonerate (Verb) : to free
                                               uncivilized; showing a lack of
     ing.                                                                                 from blame or charges
                                               education and good manners
442. (2) insecure (Adj.) : unsafe or                                                      indict (Verb) : to officially charge
                                               savage (Adj.) : aggressive and
     not protected.                                                                       somebody with a crime; accuse
                                               violent ; causing great harm
     safe (Adj.) : secure, protected                                                      incriminate (V.) : to make it seem
                                          453. (2) decrease (V) : to make or be-
     from harm.                                                                           as if somebody has done
                                               come smaller.
443. (4) required                                                                         something wrong/illegal
                                               heighten (V) : make stronger;              impeach (V.) : to charge an
     redundant (Adjecti ve) :
                                               strengthen; intensify; increase.           important public figure with a
     unnecessary ; not needed/useful
                                          454. (4) certain (Adjective) : having           serious crime
444. (2) unjust (Adj.) : not deserved
                                               no doubts                             464. (4) praise (V) : compliment ; to
     or fair.
                                               dubious (Adjective) : doubtful;            express your app roval or
     fair (Adj.) : just; impartial;
                                               uncertain; uncertain                       admiration.
                                               delirious (Adj.) : extremely               denounce (V) : to strongly
445.(2) calm (Adjective) : not excited;
                                               excited and happy                          criticise somebody/something.
     nervous/ upset
                                               laconic (Adj.) : using only a few     465. (2) initiate (Verb) : to make
     boisterous (Adjective) : violent;
                                               words to say something                     something begin; set in motion
     noisy and full of life and energy;
                                          455. (2) vice (N) : evil or immoral be-         cease (Verb) : to stop happen-
                                               haviour.                                   ing/ existing
     serenity (N.) : the quality of being
                                               virtue (N) : high moral attitude;          confront (V.) : to appear and
     calm and peaceful
                                               good quality.                              need to be dealt with by some-
446. (1) flimsy (Adj.) : difficult to                                                     body (of problems/a difficult situ-
     believe; fragile; thin; rickety;     456. (2) rigid (Adj.) : inflexible, diffi-
     meagre; not strong                        cult to change; very strict.
                                                                                          confiscate (V.) : to officially take
     substantial (Adj.) : not illusory;        flexible (Adj.) : able to bend; able       something away from somebody,
     important; large in amount;               to change.                                 especially as a punishment
     considerable; strong                 457. (1) clear                             466. (2) pure (Adjective) : morally
447. (3) extraordinary (Adj.) : not            obscure (Adj.) : not well known;           good ; complete; clean.
     normal or ordinary.                       not clear; difficult to understand.        seamy (Adj.) : unpleasant and
     mundane (Adj.) : not interest-       458. (3) veneration (Noun) : having             immoral ; sordid.
     ing; dull; ordinary.                      and showing a lot of respect for           sincere (Adj.) : genuine, honest.
448. (1) preserve (Verb) : save; to keep       something                             467. (3) friendly
     a particular quality                      desecration (Noun) : damaging              hostile (Adj.) : very unfriendly
     eradicate (Verb) : to destroy/ get        a holy thing/ place/ treating it           or aggressive and ready to ar-
     rid of something; wipe out                without respect                            gue or fight ; opposed to.