promote (Verb) : to encourage;          rouse (Verb) : to make some-        427. (3) spurious (Adjective) : false,
     to help something to happen/            body angry                               although seeming to be genuine.
     develop                            422. (3) attentive (Adjective) : listen-      genuine (Adj.) : authentic; real,
     pervade (Verb) : to spread              ing/watching carefully and with          not artificial.
     through                                 interest                            428. (1) extravagant : spending a lot
     dissolve (Verb) : to cause to go        indifferent (Adjective) : show-          more money.
     into a solution                         ing no interest; inattentive             stingy (Adj.) : mean; not
417. (3) jolly (Adjective) : happy and       restless (Adjective) : disturbed;        generous; not giving willingly.
     cheerful                                agitated                            429. (3) slow
     outrageous (Adjective) : very           inattentive (Adjective) : not at-        rapid (Adj.) : happening or done
     shocking and unacceptable;              tentive                                  quickly.
     scandalous                              reliable (Adjective) : dependable   430. (2) organised (Adjecti ve) :
     justifiable (Adjective) : existing 423. (4) cowardly (Adjective) : lack-         arranged or planned in the way
     or done for a good reason; legit-       ing courage ; having no courage          mentioned
     imate                                   indomitable (Adjective) : not            chaotic (Adjective) : in a state
     lusty (Adjective) : healthy and         willing to accept defeat, even in        of complete confusion and lack
     strong; vigorous                        a difficult situation; very brave        of order.
     wicked (Adjective) : cruel              and determined                           haphazard (Adj.) : with no
                                             adamant (Adjective) : deter-             particular order/plan
418. (2) ineffective (Adjective) : not
     achieving what you want to              mined not to change your mind            charismatic (Adj.) : charming
     achieve                                 certain (Adjective) : that you      431. (3) bondage (N) : the state of
     efficacious (Adjective) : effec-        can rely on; happening to be true        being a sl ave or p risoner;
     tive; producing the result that         arrogant (Adjective) : behaving          slavery.
     was wanted or intended                  in a proud, unpleasant way               liberty (N) : freedom, liberation.
     productive (Adjective) : doing     424. (2) sorrow (Noun) : sadness         432. (4) reckless (Adj.) : showing a
     or achieving a lot; fruitful            felicity (Noun) : great happin-          lack of care about danger and
                                             cess ; the quality of being well–        the possible results of your
     improper (Adjective) : not proper
                                             chosen or suitable                       actions; rash.
     urgent (Adjective) : that needs
                                             innocence (Noun) : lack of               cautious (Adj.) : being careful
     to be dealt with or happens im-
                                             knowledge and experience of the          about what you say or do.
                                             world                               433. (1) oppose (V.) : to disagree.
419. (1) continue (Verb) : to keep ex-
                                             mimicry (Noun) : the action or           encourage (V.) : to give support
     isting or happening without stop-
                                             skill of being able to copy the     434.(4) implement (Verb) : to make
                                             voice of others                          something that has been officially
     relinquish (Verb) : to stop hav-
                                             infidelity (Noun) : unfaithful-          decided to start, to happen or
     ing something; give up                                                           be used; carry out
                                             ness; the act of not being faith-
     vanish (Verb) : disappear               ful to your partner                      revoke (Verb) : to officially cancel
     quench (Verb) : to drink so that   425. (1) static (Adjective) : not mov-        something so that it is no longer
     you no longer feel thirsty              ing, changing or developing              valid; invalidate
     relish (Verb) : to enjoy; to get        dynamic (Adjective) : always             negate (V.) : to stop something
     great pleasure from something           changing; producing movement             from having any effect ; nullify
420. (4) tasty (Adjective) : delicious       stupid (Adjective) : foolish             annul (V.) : to state officially that
     insipid (Adjective) : having al-        strange (Adjective) : unusual            something is no longer legally
     most no taste/flavour; flavour-                                                  valid
                                             stout (Adjective) : plump; fat;
     less; dull                              strong and thick; brave and de-          invalidate (V.) : to prove that an
     colourful (Adjective) : bright          termined                                 idea, a story, an argument, etc.
     colourless (Adjective) : dull                                                    is wrong
                                        426. (4) inconsistency (Noun) : vari-
     dull (Adjective) : not bright           ation; not matching; not staying    435. (1) naive (Adj.) : l ack i ng
                                             the same                                 experience of life, knowledge;
421. (3) pacify (Verb) : to make some-
                                                                                      innocent or simple; artless.
     body who is angry or upset be-          stability (Noun) : the state of
                                             being steady and not changing            calculative (Adj.) : carefully
     come calm and quiet
                                             or being disturbed in any way            planned to get what you want.
     agitate (Verb) : to argue strong-
                                             opposition (Noun) : the act of           docile : quiet and easy to control.
     ly; to make somebody feel an-
     gry; to rouse                           strongly disagreeing                436. (4) condemn (V) : to express
                                             carelessness (Noun) : inatten-           strong disapproval; to sentence.
     please (Verb) : to make some-
                                             tion                                     acquit (V) : to decide and state
     one happy
                                             disparity (Noun) : a difference          officially in court that somebody
     disturb (Verb) : to interrupt                                                    is not guilty of a crime.
     someone                                 (unfair treatment)