retrench (Verb) : to spend less          capricious (Adjective) : show-           response (Noun) : a spoken/
     money ; to reduce costs ; to tell        ing sudden changes in attitude/          written answer
     somebody that he cannot contin-          behaviour ; changeable                   acceptance (Noun) : the act of
     ue working for you                       fanciful (Adjective) : based on          accepting/agreeing
     revamp (Verb) : to make chang-           imagination and not on facts/rea-        agreement (Noun) : the act of
     es to the form of something; to          son                                      agreeing
     improve its appearance                   intolerant (Adjective) : not will-  412. (1) laudatory (Adjective) : ex-
     belie (Verb) : to give a false im-       ing to accept ideas or ways of           pressing praise/admiration
     pression of somebody/some-               behaving that are different from         abusive (Adjective) : rude and
     thing; to show that something            your own                                 offensive
     cannot be true or correct                indifferent (Adjective) : having/        profuse (Adjective) : produced
     deviate (Verb) : to be different         showing no interest                      in large amounts
     from something ; to do something    407. (4) enthusiasm (Noun) : a                effensive (Adjective) : showing
     in a different way from what is          strong feeling of excitement and         much/too much emotion
     usual/expected                           interest in something and a de-          noble (Adjective) : having fine
403. (4) alleviate (Verb) : to make           sire to become involved in it.           personal qualities that people
     something less severe ; ease             lassitude (Noun) : a state of feel-      admire
     aggravate (Verb) : to worsen ; to        ing very tired in mind/body; lack   413. (2) definite (Adjective) : sure or
     irritate; to make an illness or a        of energy                                certain; unlikely to change; ob-
     bad or unpleasant situation              measure (Noun) : a particular            vious; clear
     worse; to annoy somebody de-             amount of something                      amorphous (Adjective) : having
     liberately                               lustrous (Adjective) : soft and          no definite shape, form or struc-
     depreciate (Verb) : to become            shining; glossy                          ture; shapeless
     less valuable over a period of time      lethargy (Noun) : the state of not       amoral (Adjective) : not follow-
     extinguish (Verb) : to put out ; to      having any energy/enthusiasm             ing any moral rules and not car-
     make a fire stop burning or a            for doing things                         ing about right and wrong
     light stop shining                  408. (3) increase (Verb) : to be large        perfect (Adjective) : having ev-
     subsidise (Verb) : to give money         in size                                  erything that is necessary
     to somebody/an organisation to           dwindle (Verb) : to become grad-         irregular (Adjective) : having no
     help pay for something                   ually less/smaller; decrease; di-        definite shape
404. (4) temporary (Adjective) : last-        minish                              414. (3) multiple (Adjective) : many
     ing for a short time; not perma-         diminish (Verb) : to become/             in number
     nent                                     make something become small-             unitary (Adjective) : single;
     indelible (Adjective) : perma-           er, weaker, etc.                         forming one unit
     nent ; impossible to forget/re-          shrink (Verb) : to become smaller        single (Adjective) : one in num-
     move                                     decrease (Verb) : to be less in          ber
     decorous (Adjective) : polite and        size                                     triple (Adjective) : three in num-
     appropriate in a particular social  409. (4) active (Adjective) : busy            ber
     situation ; not shocking ; proper        dormant (Adjective) : inactive           double (Adjective) : two in num-
                                              inactive (Adjective) : dormant           ber
     surprising (Adjective) : causing
                                              dorsal (Adjective) : on or con-     415. (1) purification (Noun) : clean-
                                              nected with the back of a fish/          ing by getting rid of impurities
     concerted (Adjective) : done in
                                              an animal                                adulteration (Noun) : being
     a planned and determined way,
                                                                                       mixed with unnecessary materi-
     by more than one person, gov-            domestic (Adjective) : of a coun-
                                              try; used in the home                    als
     ernment, country, etc.
                                                                                       normalization (Noun) : the im-
405. (1) musical (Adjective) : pleas-    410. (4) disturbance (Noun) : actions
                                                                                       posing of a standard
     ant to listen to                         that upset the normal state that
                                              something is in                          rejuvenation (Noun) : the phe-
     grating (Adjective) : unpleasant                                                  nomenon of vitality and fresh-
     to listen to ; hoarse ; harsh ;          tranquility (Noun) : peace; se-
                                                                                       ness being restored
     unmusical                                renity
                                                                                       consternation (Noun) : a wor-
     unmusical (Adjective) : not              quiet (Adjective) : peaceful
                                                                                       ried, sad feeling after you have
     pleasant                                 serenity (Noun) : peacefulness;          received an unpleasant surprise;
     hoarse (Adjective) : sounding            calmness; tranquillity to listen to      dismay
     rough and unpleasant                     peace (Noun) : quietude             416. (4) dissuade (Verb) : to persuade
     strident (Adjective) : having a     411. (1) success (Noun) : achieve-            not to do something
     loud, rough and unpleasant               ment                                     persuade (Verb) : to convince;
     sound                                    debacle (Noun) : an event or a           to make somebody do something
406. (2) reasonable (Adjective) : fair,       situation that is a complete fail-       by giving him good reasons for
     practical and sensible                   ure and causes embarrassment             doing it